Your Emotions Control Your Hormones – Not The Other Way Around

Emotions and Hormones – Which Is the Chicken And Which Is the Egg?

I read a fascinating article the other month about research into how a woman’s emotions, self-beliefs and thoughts affect the production and regulation of her hormones. 

I thought it interesting because I used to believe that it was our hormones that affected our emotions – I reasoned to myself that’s why I feel ‘out-of-sorts’ each month.

But, the research shone a completely different light on the issue of Emotions and Hormones.  This is the crux of what the researchers did and found out:

One group of women watched videos of nurturing activities and women working together – such as babies being fed, and mothers in rural Africa forming a cooperative market together.  Their blood was monitored throughout for hormonal changes.women-emotions-hormones-beyondgoodhealth

The results showed a marked decrease in Cortisol – demonstrating a lessened stress response.  In addition, the protective health benefits of Oestrogen were evident as blood levels increased.  Heart rate slowed, blood pressure dropped, and inflammatory markers reduced.

Then, this same group of women were exposed to videos of women working in a corporate environment where competition and individual performance were highlighted.  Blood results now showed the opposite – a drop in Oestrogen and an increase in Cortisol and inflammatory markers…

Interesting isn’t it – place women in environments where their feminine natures come to the fore – cooperating, collaborating, supporting, nurturing and using their innate intuition – and their health improves.  Place them in an opposite environment and see the negative health impacts increase over time…

Well, that was interesting enough – but the researchers took the study one step further.  They had the group of women complete a questionnaire which examined their personal self-beliefs, emotions and thoughts. 

And what they found was very illuminating – the less positively a woman thought and felt about herself and the world around her – the lower her Oestrogen base level and the higher her Cortisol and inflammatory markers!

So, the researchers concluded that it wasn’t the brain that primarily directed hormone production and regulation – it was emotion, self-belief and thought processes!

What do you think about that?

What The Mind Believes, The Body Conceives

Do you have negative self-beliefs, unhelpful emotions and thoughts that put yourself down?

Do you say:

  • I’m not attractive enough any more
  • I don’t like myself
  • I don’t feel like sex any more
  • I’m not happy with myself or my life any more

If so, your emotions, beliefs and thoughts are sending powerful messages to your brain – which – in turn – cause it to send out messages to your hormones to down-regulate your healthy hormones and up-regulate damaging hormones and other chemicals. 

woman-hormones-control-emotions-beyondgoodhealthThe result is weight gain, sagging skin, dry skin and hair, and loss of libido.

But – if you address those negative self-beliefs, unhelpful emotions and thoughts, you can reduce the neurological Brain Stress that lies at the heart of your problem.

As you may well know, I have been finding remarkable success when I apply energetic techniques and technology to clearing the neurological stress that underpins many emotional and physical health conditions.  When the stress is reduced and the brain ‘re-sets’, it can start sending powerfully positive messages to the body – messages like ‘balance oestrogen’, ‘decrease cortisol’ and ‘limit inflammation’.  When it does this, you will feel – and look – differently. 

You’ll have a new-found sense of freedom as a woman.  You’ll no longer dislike your body; you’ll no longer wish to be someone else.  Instead, you’ll love your body – and yourself.  And let’s face it – what is greater than learning to accept and love ourselves?

A Workshop With A Powerful Difference

On Saturday 25 August I’m running a full-day workshop called ‘Happy Hormones’ to help women clear the negative self-beliefs, unhelpful emotions and destructive thoughts that are influencing the production and regulation of their hormones.  I’d love to see you there.

So, if you think that this workshop could help you or a family member or friend, and you’d like to join me on the 25th, to learn more about this fantastic event, just CLICK HERE…

I hope that you will make the decision to put yourself and your health first by joining me on the 25th for a powerful day of healing transformation.  It could be the best decision you’ve made in a long time…

Yours in health

dr. dzung price

Dr Zung Vu (Price)
Integrative Doctor, Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist

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