You Are What You Eat

What is the role of food in your life? There’s no doubt we not only eat to fuel our bodies but food is also an integral part of our social life. Food welcomes, entertains and puts us emotionally at ease. The big question from this article is, is there a way to enjoy all the comfort of eating, and still keep your weight under control?

A Heartbreaking Story from one of my Favourite Patients

I leaned in as one of my all-time favourite patients told me that she wanted to lose weight but had an unhealthy relationship with food.  This beautiful, funny and intelligent woman was successful in her work, her home and her relationships – but – she had no control over food.  She had stashes of chocolates which she kept from her husband and family and co-workers, and she’d snack hurriedly on them when no one was around.  I feel guilty and ashamed and sad and helpless – all at the same time!  What can I do?  Can you help me?’ she pleaded desperately.

My heart ached for her because I had heard much the same words from hundreds of women over the years.  As tears came to both our eyes, I comforted her and said, ‘Of course I’ll help you.  There is an answer to your problem, and I can help you become your own self-healer when it comes to your relationship with food’.eating-weightloss-beyondgoodhealth

Over the next few weeks and months I worked with her – educating her about the influence that emotions have with our food – and helping her to emotionally, mentally, and energetically disconnect from the emotions that were driving her to eat uncontrollably.

Stress, feelings of not being good enough, negative thoughts, and the words of her mother telling her that she needed to lose weight were all contributors to her uncontrolled and unhealthy relationship with food.

Using powerful yet simple energetic clearing tools, we first identified and then unblocked those underlying, unseen, unhelpful emotions, beliefs, values and blocked energies.  When we did so, she felt much better about herself.  I feel that I can now choose foods that will be healthier for me.  I can now choose to throw out my chocolate stash.  I can choose to have delicious food – but food that is also healthy for me.  I love being back in the driver’s seat of my life!

As we applied further tools in her life, she lost weight, started to exercise, and began educating herself on healthy food choices.  But – apart from the wonderful physical changes she was experiencing, she also started to feel better about herself – as a person, and as a woman.  She bought new clothes and started up a hobby that she had wanted to do for years but didn’t have the confidence to do so. The changes in her life were remarkable.

After about six months, we sat together and reflected on just how far she’d come.  And she told me that she never realised just how powerfully our connection to food is – and just how powerfully making changes to this relationship can impact on other areas of our lives.

She was right because Food is Feelings and Feelings are Food

One Simple Technique To Disconnect You From Food

I’d like to share with you

 one simple activity that I asked my patient to do every single time she felt the urge to eat.  It made a big difference to her success, enabling her to ‘rewrite’ the story of her relationship with food.  I call it the Food-Emotion Rewrite, and this is what you do…

The Food-Emotion Rewrite

Food connects us to life and to others and, as such, it has powerful emotional links deep within us.  And like a story which is read to us each day, our link to food becomes deeply ingrained in our lives.  But, we can rewrite the story of our relationship with food, and this activity helps us to do just that…

When you feel a strong urge to eat something that you know you shouldn’t, then follow these simple steps to rewrite the food-emotion story…

Step One: Identify and Feel the Emotion that is Connected to the Food


Different foods create different emotions for us.  Perhaps a Snickers Bar reminds you of your first boyfriend, or maybe Neapolitan ice cream reminds you of hot summer days with friends.  So, when faced with something tempting, stop for a moment and ‘feel’ into it – and ask yourself, ‘What emotion am I feeling that’s connected with this food?’ As you do this, allow yourself to really feel that emotion.

Step Two: Find Another Way to Feel that Emotion

Now that you’re feeling that emotion connected to the food, ask yourself, ‘How else can I feel this emotion?  Maybe the emotion you’re feeling is ‘connection’ and you can get the feeling of connection by ringing up a friend and chatting.  If the emotion is ‘comfort’, then perhaps you can get that same feeling by having a nice bath or getting a hug from a loved one. 

Do this simple activity whenever you feel the urge to eat something that isn’t good for you.  This will help you to connect with what is really driving your eating – your emotions – and it will help you to rewrite the story of your emotions by looking for non-food alternatives to feeling that desired state.

Dr Josh Axe, popular alternative health doctor also writes about the impact of emotions on our eating and provides some practical suggestions for how to stop binge eating.  To read this informative article, just click here:

Clearing Blocked Emotions

Some emotions are very deep, and they can be powerful and difficult to both clearly identify and meet.  These may be feelings like ‘loss’, ‘disempowerment’, ‘being not good enough’, and ‘loneliness’.  These and other emotions may be deeply ingrained in your psyche and body.  If so, you may need help to ‘clear’ these blocked emotions first – before you can look for alternative ways to meet those needs.  To do this, I use a range of powerful techniques and technology that focus on ‘energy healing’ – tools that enable you to ‘energetically release’ a trapped emotion and become free of it – allowing you to choose a new and empowering one instead.

‘Burn Belly Fat’ Workshop – 24 November

On Saturday 24 November, I’m running a full-day workshop that will do just that – clearly identify and then powerfully unblock the trapped emotions, beliefs and energies that underly people’s unhealthy relationships with food.

At our ‘Burn Belly Fat’ Workshop, we’ll:

    • teach you why you have an uncontrolled relationship with food
    • tell you where these beliefs, values and emotions that are sabotaging your eating and weight come from
  • use powerful energy releasing techniques and tools to ‘clear’ these blocked energies, emotions and beliefs so that you can ‘rewrite’ your relationship with food

When you come away from the workshop, you’ll:

    • have cleared the basic, underlying emotions, beliefs and values that are sabotaging your weight loss
    • be free to re-establish a new and empowering relationship with food
    • have tools to use on a daily basis to keep you progressing along your weight loss and healthy food path 
  • be more connected to your own emotions and energies, which will have a positive impact in all areas of your life

Is this Workshop Right for You?

If you are having trouble losing weight and controlling your eating – then our ‘Burn Belly Fat’ Workshop is important for you to attend.  To learn more about this life-changing event, please CLICK HERE…

I hope that you will make the decision to join me on the 24th for a life-changing workshop.  It could be the best decision you’ve made in a long time…

Yours in health

dr. dzung price

Dr Zung Vu (Price)
Integrative Doctor, Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist

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