Would You Like To Learn The Skills of Ancient Healers?

Learn how to use the Dowsing Rod and the Pendulum so that you can intuitively uncover the truth about your health and the health of others…

When patients come to see me for the first time, they are often blown away with my capacity to uncover the truth about the root causes of their illnesses and symptoms.

As I go through my diagnostic and testing regime, and I explain to them things that I have found, I commonly hear, ‘That’s exactly right’; ‘How did you know that?’ and ‘You’re right about that!’

If you’re reading this article and you haven’t yet seen me in clinic, perhaps you think that I use some powerful MRI machine, or a CT scan, or have access to some special, cutting-edge technology.

But you’d be wrong…

Even though I am a licensed and practising general practitioner doctor, I have spent more than the last decade exploring and gaining advanced skills in energy testing and healing.

This is because I find that energetic tools make a powerful difference in my ability to diagnose and treat my patients.

Health Empowerment – Your Birthright And My Gift To You

When my patients experience super fast changes in their health as a result of the energy medicine techniques and tools I use, they ‘get it’.  They see the value and effectiveness of this approach and most embrace it with great enthusiasm.

In fact, the most common question I get asked by patients after they experience for themselves the powerful effect that energy medicine has on them is…

Where Can I Learn To Do This Myself?’

I love it when patients ask me this – because I know that they want for themselves exactly what I want for them – self empowerment to heal…

You see, I believe that health empowerment – the ability to uncover truth about our health and the health of those around us – is our birthright.

We’ve just lost touch with our own innate intuitive capabilities – as a society and as individuals.

I take it upon myself to share my skills in this area so that everyone who sees me can become empowered to be their own healer.

That is why every month this year I’ve conducted a Conscious Health Workshop – to help educate and empower people to transform their health – and transform their lives…

Dowsing Rods and Pendulums – Energetic Tools For Uncovering Health Truth

To help people become empowered and uncover the truth of their health, I utilise a number of tools.

Key among them are:beyondgoodhealth

  • Muscle Testing
  • Dowsing Rod
  • Pendulum

These tools enable us to connect, in an intuitive way, with the subconscious minds of those we are looking to help and determine truth in a way that is objectively demonstrated.

In an holistic sense, everything can be broken down into two concepts – truth and not-truth.  Truth is that which is correct for an individual, while not-truth is that which isn’t correct for an individual.

For example, for me a truth is ‘My name is Zung Price’ but a not-truth is ‘My name is John Price’.  The truth is correct for me, but the not-truth isn’t.

And when it comes to truth and not-truth, a universal principle is that truth has a strengthening power, while not-truth doesn’t.

When we apply this principle, we can use the body, or a pendulum, or a dowsing rod, or something else as the responder to whatever truth or not-truth we want to test.

We can then say a statement and check the response.  If it exhibits a ‘weakening’ response, we know that it’s a not-truth statement for the person we are helping.  If it demonstrates a ‘strengthening’ response, we know that it’s a true statement for that person.

How Would Your Life Be Different If You Could Determine Truth?

Imagine for a moment that you could test yourself or a loved one for truth relating to a specific statement – e.g. ‘This nutritional supplement is needed for you to get well’.  How would your life change as a result?  What would you do differently if you had the power to work out the root causes of your illnesses and the illnesses of those around you?  What would it mean to you if you could accurately and consistently test supplements and healing strategies to see if they were beneficial to you and those around you?

How would you feel if you had these skills?

Would you feel more confident, empowered and more connected to your true intuitive capabilities?

Every person I have ever trained in energetic testing tools has come away feeling more confident, empowered and relaxed about the future – because they finally have a way to cut through the confusion and arrive at truth…

Learn These Techniques For Yourself

If you are feeling a little excited at the prospect of being able to be in charge of your own health, then I recommend you join me on Saturday 29 September for my ‘Empower Your Intuition’ Workshop. 

I will be joined by highly-experienced energy healing experts – including Mr Bojan Zimmerman, Medical Intuitive and Energy Healer – and together we’ll deliver a power-packed, practical, focussed and skill-enhancing workshop that will equip you with the basic skills to ‘energetically’ test people using the Dowsing Rod, the Pendulum and other tools.

I’d love to see you there.

So, if you would like to learn the skills of ancient healers and empower yourself with your health, and you’d like to learn more about this fantastic event, just CLICK HERE…

I hope that you will make the decision to put yourself and your health first by joining me on the 29th for a powerful day of learning, skill development and transformation.  It could be the best decision you’ve made in a long time…

Yours in health

dr. dzung price

Dr Zung Vu (Price)
Integrative Doctor, Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist

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