Why it’s Important to Follow Your Intuition

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Most people connect the words ‘intuition’ or ‘sixth-sense’ with the sub-conscious, which is sending us feelings, thoughts and information, we would not have perceived in our normal wake state. And often we can’t explain our intuitive ideas or flashes immediately. These flashes of pictures of ideas arise sometimes out of the blue or get triggered in specific situations.

Each of us experience this sense in one or another way. For example, it’s the moment when you meet a person for the first time. Then for a very short time, 1-2 seconds, your intuition is feeding you with certain feelings, images or associations about the person. Often we disregard these first feelings, but only to find out our first impression was correct. Perhaps you know the saying: the first impression is always the best. 

The word Intuition comes from the Latin verb intueri translated as ‘consider’ or ‘looking at’. It describes the capability to quickly analyze a situation or a person without the interference of the analyzing mind. Intuition also often refers to having a feeling in the belly. Definitely every person can experience this sense, as this is an inborn ability, which can gradually be improved.

Now, the goal of this video is to make you aware of this sense, and to help you to improve to use your intuition in all different situations in your daily life.

So, how can intuition help you practically? While your success will always depend, to some degree, on trial and error, with the more effective use of your intuition, you will be able to skip over a LOT of trial and error. In other words, the more effective you are integrating your intuition into your daily decision-making process, the higher your success rate will be. Because your intuition is the greatest source of wisdom you’ll ever have access to. It’s what some people refer to as “listening to your heart” as opposed to “listening to reason.” While there is, and always will be, some value in listening to your reasoning factor, your ability to move beyond reasoning and to rely on your intuition will always set the standard for your ability to excel beyond your current capabilities.

Isn’t it obvious that we don’t know everything that there is to know? This is why any decision we make will always, at least to some degree, be made with a lack of knowledge. The only exception to this is when we simply repeat the same “decisions” over and over.

However, the problem is that when we do this, we also repeat the same results and the same experiences over and over and over. And some people live their entire lives this way, and that’s the danger of relying only on prior knowledge and on the analytical mind to make our decisions.

You might have heard this quote before:

“Insanity is doing the same thing the same way and expecting different results.”

Now, the good news is that your intuition, as you’ll soon learn, has the power to “see” beyond your current 5-senses reality, beyond your current knowledge and your past experience.

How to Improve Your Intuition?

Improving your intuitive power is something which takes place from the inside out. This is always the case, because the power and energy of intuition flows from within you. As long as you go in search of intuition by means of an outside source, you’ll never develop your intuition. In fact, the more you attempt to draw on outside sources, like other people’s opinions, when you should be consulting you intuition, the more “lazy” your “intuition muscle” becomes.

Have you ever heard someone claim that they were “more intuitive” than the regular person? If so, you might have thought that they were that way by nature and therefore you dismissed the idea that you too are capable to learn how to effectively use your intuition. In my experience, intuition can be systematically developed by specific exercises and consistent use.

It’s just like getting into the gym and exercising a muscle. In other words, you must constantly use your intuition, or it will become weak…sometimes to the point where it almost seems non-existent. So, keep this in mind, consistent exercise and use of your intuition is the key to success.

Now, this does NOT mean that you abandon your reasoning mind. Your reasoning mind is something, which you use to analyze your results and re-adjust your future actions according to your past results.

Here are some ideas and tips to improve your intuition:

  • Never test or train your intuition when you are stressed. Stress and intuition don’t go well together. Remember, intuition is a subtle feeling, which can be blocked easily with our mind.
  • Practice awareness exercises as often as possible. Train your awareness wherever you are. One good way is to observe all the details around you. For example, look at a flower and take the time to look at the amazing details.
  • Be in the NOW as often as possible. Yes this can be trained in any kind of meditation, however, the goal is to be in the now as often as possible.
  • Try to remember your dreams and write them down. This is very helpful to understand the symbolic language of your subconscious mind. Even though you may not understand your dreams initially, however, after a while you’ll start seeing repetitive pattern.
  • Breathing practices are helping you in many ways. Correct breathing is crucial for optimal health and developing your body-mind awareness. At the same time it relieves anxiety, stress and tension in the body.

Putting it Into Practice

I hope these ideas will help you and I want to encourage you to start listening more to your inner voice, and you’ll experience immediate changes in your life. It can be applied in all areas, even at your workplace. It is well known, that many successful entrepreneurs don’t rely only on the facts and numbers. The final decision is often based on their gut feeling or intuition. However, this only works if you trust your gut feeling, and if you are able to disconnect from your analytical decision making process. As a warning here, this process does not work, if you made up your mind already and use your intuition only to confirm your next step. Be aware that your inner voice is very subtle and often simply confirms what you wanted to do anyway.

Therefore, the biggest challenge is to relax, be in the moment and open up for new possibilities beyond what you are used to doing.

I suggest that you start doing the following exercise: the next time you have a decision to make, relax and get in harmony with yourself, and imagine vividly how you would like to be, do and feel by choosing option A.

Next, imagine the possibility of choice B and do the same process. You will realize that there is far more to it than any logic can express. The key here is to find out what really resonates with you, or what feels right.

After going through this process several times, you start trusting your intuition more and more. Of course, this simple exercise is getting more powerful if you combine it with regular mediation sessions.

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