Our 12-Weeks Program offers a comprehensive, sustainable approach to weight loss & detox.

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Welcome to our revolutionary 12-Weeks Weight Loss and Detox Program

Losing weight can be a daunting and frustrating journey for many individuals.

Our program is designed to make it a seamless, effortless, and sustainable process. We understand that emotional eating, lack of accountability, slow metabolism, nutritional deficiencies, unhealthy gut, and toxic buildup are common triggers that can hamper your weight loss journey.

Personalized Support
and Guidance

Losing weight is more than just diet and exercise. It is important to understand the role of hormones and also our mindset.

Our program provides personalized support and guidance to help you overcome emotional eating habits, stay accountable, and motivated. We believe in a comprehensive approach that takes into account your unique needs and health concerns. Our team of experts will work with you to create a customized weight loss plan that fits your lifestyle and goals.

Cutting-Edge Treatments
to Boost Metabolism and
Improve Gut Health

We offer cutting-edge treatments at our clinic to accelerate your results. It is designed to increase your metabolism, and improve gut health, including healing the gut and reducing inflammation. Additionally, our program includes treatments to support liver function and detoxify the body, leading to weight loss, more energy and better sleep quality.

Sustainable Weight Loss
with No Hunger Pangs
or Fatigue

Our ultimate goal is to help you achieve your desired results without experiencing hunger pangs, fatigue, or difficulty sustaining your weight loss. Our program provides ongoing support, guidance, and treatments to help you achieve your weight loss goals in a sustainable way.

Start Your Journey Today

Are you ready to embark on a life-changing journey towards a happier, healthier you? Join our 12-Week Weight Loss Program today and take the first step towards a better life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This program is designed for those who have persistently struggled to achieve and maintain their ideal weight and who also are looking to lose at least 12 kg.

It is designed for those who can commit to come into the clinic fortnightly for treatment with devices and inhouse treatment to accelerate the process.

If you cannot attend for the treatments, we would recommend that you stay in contact for the launch of our online program that does not have the added device treatments in clinic.

The program is designed to support our clients who are not able or not recommended to initiate rigorous exercise. We also understand that a lot of people can initially struggle to find the energy and motivation to exercise.

We will guide you through simple strategies to dramatically accelerate your body’s ability to self heal, increase metabolism and natural detoxification process that does not involve excessive effort or strain on your body and putting you at risk of injury.

We recommend that you discuss with your doctor for support and guidance on whether the program is suitable for your situation. Our integrated health coach is able to provide guidance on the risks and benefits of the program and help you determine the suitability of the program as well.

Because the program is personalised, these factors will be taken into consideration and monitored throughout the process.

There are new prescription medications that have come onto the market and have shown significant weight loss in trials. However, there are some clients who do not tolerate the nausea and abdominal discomfort due to delayed gastric emptying. We would recommend that you seek independent medical advice to see if they are suitable for you.

While it has a role to play, this program is designed to help you to take control of your health journey not only to achieve sustainable ideal weight but also to maintain it for the long term. Also the added outcome is to help you understand how to support your body to detox, have more energy, better sleep and ultimately healthier from inside out.

No. To be seeking our help, you would have heard this advice many times and probably tried it successfully but you are here because you were not able to sustain it or keep it off.

Every diet will work and the key to success is to keep it up. However, this is often not practical, fun or risky.

What we offer is to build on your understanding of diet and exercise, mindset, and homeostasis mechanisms that the body operates from; as well as showing you how to implement and make it sustainable. In the clinic we can help to accelerate the process by supporting and restoring the body’s self healing capacity.

There is no ideal diet that will work for everyone. Someone will report that they respond well to a vegan or vegetarian diet, while someone else will swear that the paleo or carnivore diet is the best.

A lot of you would have also tried the ketogenic diet or intermittent fasting.

A lot of research has been looking into what is the healthiest diet for lower cancers, less chronic diseases and longevity and the results does show that mainly unprocessed plant based diet is generally better. The limit of these research is that they provide only a population level results that are not personalised to the individual’s personal circumstances and needs. But there is a missing key component that goes beyond the macronutrients.

There is emerging evidence that there are risks associated with long term intermittent fasting and ketogenic diet.

At the Wellness Sanctuary we respect that you know your body best and with the right guidance you can still enjoy foods that nourishes you. We aim to help you provide your body with the right nutrition, eat regular meals to create sustained energy and stabilise blood sugar levels and minimise hunger pangs and thereby cravings.

We help you to understand the roles of hormones like insulin and leptin resistance that have been keeping you from effectively losing weight.

We will hold your hand and work with you on how to keep it simple, healthy and sustainable.