10 Highly Popular Weight Loss Apps for Free

Year after year, losing weight often tops our list of New Year’s resolution. But excess weight and obesity still remain prevalent in Australia according to this survey from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

If you are one of those people who constantly use your mobile phone for snapping pictures, texting and Internet surfing, why not use it to help you lose weight? Tons of fitness and weight loss apps that are available for iPad, iPhone and Android help make it easy to monitor your calorie intake and remain on a healthy diet plan.

Of course, losing weight requires hard work, so any weight loss apps that can make it less difficult is worth a look.


Below are the 10 highly-rated weight loss apps that are all free to download

#1 Noom Weight
Available on the Apps Store and Google Play Store

noom_weight loss apps

Noom Weight Loss Coach is currently the Editors’ choice when it comes to free weight loss apps. Boasting a robust diet tracker, built-in fitness programme and a friendly coaching system, Noom offers you all the guidance and tools necessary so you can attain your weight loss goals or keep your desired weight stable.

1. Instant Feedback – Noom provides feedback on each food item to help you improve every time you use Noom.
2. Seamless food search algorithm – the food search is improved and updated to show you the exact food you are looking for.
3. Calorie Tracker – Noom’s calorie tracking will help you budget your calories so you can make smarter food choices all day.
4. Sharing – meet fellow Noomers from different parts of the world and share you weight loss tips and tricks and your meals. Encourage others and stay motivated.

Download here for iPhone
Download here for Android

#2 Diet Assistant
Available on the Apps Store and Google Play Store

diet assistant

Diet Assistant is one of the highest rated weight loss apps for Android. You can easily add your own natural weight loss diet and let Diet Assistant help you with meal plans. This app presents a number of meal options too, whether you have a protein diet, vegetarian, pescatarian along with many more.

1. Diet Plans – you can choose a set plan on the Diet Plan menu. Review it and choose the date you want to start. You can also replace the meals.
2. Weight Tracker – a tool for controlling your weight progress. Unlike other weight loss apps, it includes extra features such as a BMI calculator, Progress report and Notes.
3. Shopping List – once you picked a diet plan, there’s will be a shopping list prepared for you. This Grocery List boasts some cool features such as export capability, reminders and sorting list.
4. Customization – the best part about this feature is that you can integrate your Natural Weight Loss program into this app by creating your own diet. You can also add meals by typing the food on the Search Bar.Download here for Android

#3 Diet Point
Available on the Apps Store and Google Play Store

diet point weight loss

Diet Point is an effective weight loss manager that boasts a large mobile selection of meal plans and diets, along with comprehensive shopping list and innovative meal reminders. Available for both Android and iPhone, you can take the guesswork out when it comes to dieting by simply looking up plans and meals.

1. Diet Plans – includes more than 130 diet plans in different categories, including 20+ free plans
2. Shopping list – for every plan, there’s a shopping list ready which makes grocery shopping easy and convenient
3. Meal reminders – this notification feature will pop up to remind you of your next meal.

Download here for iPhone
Download here for Android

BMI Calculator

#4 BMI Calculator
Available on Google Play Store only

There are plenty of weight loss apps that feature BMI (Body Mass Index) calculation. But what sets BMI Calculator apart is that it also calculates your Calorie Consumption, Body fat Percentage and Waist to Height Ratio so you can determine your ideal weight.

Download here for Android

#5 Effective Weight Loss Guide
Available on Google Play Store

effective weight loss guide menu

Most weight loss apps focus on tracking calories and meal plans. However, some people don’t need super intelligent applications but only some helpful, easy-to-understand information about the dos and don’ts of losing weight. If you are looking for simple weight loss tips, Effective Weight Loss Guide might be the perfect tool you’re searching for.

This app provides a large collection of tips for weight loss, calories chart and BMI calculator. Weight loss tips include simple home remedies for burning fat, foods that should and should not be eaten, easy-to-follow exercises and more.
1. Weight loss tips
2. Weight loss recipes
3. Weight loss charts
4. Fat calculator
5. Diet Plan chart
6. Fat burn yoga

Download here for Android

#6 Monitor Your Weight
Available on the Apps Store and Google Play Store

monitor your weight app

One of the best weight loss apps today, Monitor Your Weight is a tool that will motivate you to follow an exercise program or a diet to achieve your weight loss goal within a certain period.

1. Multi-user Profiles and Flexibility – you can easily store your settings in feet or meters, kilos or pounds. Also, it allows you to create multiple profiles, so you can monitor your parents, kids or spouse’s weight loss progress.
2. Ideal Weight based on your Stats– you can compute your ideal weight and the target date you will reach it based on your current height, weight, age, gender and body frame.
3. Security – PIN lock and data export features
4. Supports more than 15 languages

Download here for iPhone
Download here for Android

#7 MyFitnessPal
Available on the Apps Store and Google Play Store

myfitnesspal app

MyFitnessPal is one of the most highly rated weight loss apps today for both iPhone and Android. With more than 3 million foods in its calorie counter database, it will help you lose those extra pounds and keep them off. Easy to use, simple interface and absolutely FREE.

1. Comprehensive food database – with more than 3 million foods and still growing everyday.
2. Full synchronization – fully syncs online so you can log from your phone or your computer.
3. Extra features – includes progress reports, custom exercises and foods, recipe calculator, calorie tracker and more.
4. Barcode scanner
5. Exercise – with more than 350 exercises
6. Social network – you can connect with friend, track their progress and motivate each other.

Download here for iPhone
Download here for Android

#8 My Fitness Calculator
Available in Google Play Store only

my fitness calculator weight loss apps

My Fitness Calculator is a simple tool for your daily calorie and nutrition requirement. Fast and easy to use, this all-in-one fitness app provides a BMR calculator and TDEE calculator, necessary for calculating the amount of calories you need.

1. TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) Calculator – determine how many calories you need each day
2. Body Mass Index Calculator
3. Macros Nutrients Calculator – determine the amount of carbohydrates, protein and fats (in grams) you should be eating every meal.
4. BMR (Basal Metabolic rate) Calculator
5. Water Consumption Calculator
6. Max Heart Calculator

More info:

– Body mass index is a measurement of body fat based on your weight and height and applies for both men and women.

– TDEE is the caloric amount that you body burn within 24 hours and this includes working, sleeping, playing and even digesting your food.

-Basal metabolic rate represents the amount of calories you body burns while at rest

Download here for Android

#9 My Diet Diary
Available on the Apps Store and Google Play Store

my diet diary weight loss app

My Diet Diary is a well-featured weight loss app that boasts seamless and simple user interface. With this application, you can track your food, weight, your daily exercises and more to determine whether you are on track with your weight loss goals.

1. Calorie tracker – tracks your food and water intake, which is also an important part of weight loss
2. Daily health tips – read practical tips to help you lead a healthy lifestyle
3. Progress chart – see your progress and if you’re on track with your weight loss goals
4. Exercise tracking – record your workout to determine the amount of calories you burned
5. Forums – get support from the MedHelp community or ask questions and quickly get answer.

Download here for iPhone
Download here for Android

#10 Lose It!
Available on Apps Store and Google Play Store

lose it! app

One of the highest rated weight loss apps, Lose It! can help you set your caloric budget and track your exercise and food. Lose It! tracks calories while having peer support for a healthy and sustainable weight loss. You can connect with other people, your family and friends. You can customize your plan too to fit in your life.

1. Achieve different goals, not only weight loss – you can set goals for your blood pressure, your nutrition, sleep, body fat, hydration, exercise, body measurements and more.
2. Get Support– you can access your support network using social network, join public groups and control privacy.

Download here for iPhone
Download here for Android

They often say, ‘Use what you have to get what you want’ – so why not use what you always carry in your pocket? Handy and convenient, installing weight loss apps installed on your smartphone can be a great help in keeping track of your food intake. What’s best about these weight loss apps is that they are all free and available on most popular mobile phone platforms (i.e. Android and iOS).

In addition, because our phones emit significant amount of electromagnetic radiation, I highly advise using EMF Protectors to protect your own energy field from the harmful effects of electronic radiation. Visit our shop for our EMF Pro Tags.

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