Rekindle the Real Essence of Unconditional Love – A Valentine’s Day Reminder

Are You Busy Preparing Valentine’s Day Presents?

Oh my… it’s February! It seems like days are chasing each other.

Just a few days back, I remember dropping by at the mall, buying gifts and groceries for Christmas and then New Year. And now, I’m feeling the romantic ambiance of Valentine’s Day!

The Valentine’s Day displays in local shops, even in online stores, give us various Valentines Day ideas. For sure, you’re scratching your head this time, thinking how many Valentines Day cards, roses, chocolates, wine or any other Valentine’s Day presents in your mind would you need to send out for your friends, family, colleagues or special someone. And you might be getting confused as to which fancy restaurant would you call in for reservation. What else did you miss?

Stressful isn’t it?

I understand that we all wanted the best for our loved ones. We want to make them feel special on the most romantic day of the year, the Valentine’s Day. Of course, our generosity will be highly appreciated. Besides, this day comes just once a year!

However, I want you to reflect somehow. What motivates you to exert an all out effort on this one special day? Why are we celebrating Valentine’s Day?

Unconditional Love – The Reason Behind Valentine’s Day Celebration?

Love is a wonderful feeling. It brings happiness and allays tension. It’s a universal language that every being understands. It is how we create intimate connection with the people around us.

If preparing for Valentine’s Day is causing us too much stress, let us reset our hearts and minds. Get reminded that it’s a day to celebrate “Love.” Yes, we are celebrating Valentine’s Day to commemorate the essence of love. And when I said, “love”… what I meant is “unconditional love.”

Unconditional love is beyond superficial. It is “affection without expectation.” It’s the love expressed through our emotions without demanding for something in return. It’s a present coming from within our souls, which is not available in any local store. It is the gift of self. It is like how the sand stays in the shore no matter how many times the wave forcefully splashes on it. It’s a constant love…

Unconditional love brings us peace. It cleanses the impurities in our soul and it liberates us from anger. It takes us to the paradigm of inner peace. It empowers our senses and whole being.

Unconditional love holds the real meaning of relationship. This is about how we live harmoniously with other individuals. It is practicing the principle of “doing good and not causing harm ” to others. It is caring without aiming for personal gains. It allows us to learn the words “sacrifice.” It orients us with the words “we” and “us.” It lessens the use of “me and I” in a relationship because love is a mutual feeling and is ought to be shared.

Unconditional love is the type of love that won’t bring you disappointment because it is benevolent and unreserved. Remember that disappointment comes when our expectations are not satisfied. If we take “expectation” out from the picture of love, love will surely flourish into all our senses, into our whole being.

Also, unconditional love needs to be practiced every day. As the classical saying goes “practice makes perfect.” Let’s break the norm of celebrating love just on Valentine’s Day. Let’s love unconditionally every day.

Again, drop down your expectation and practice unconditional love.

Kindly, leave a comment as to how you celebrate Valentine’s Day and what Valentine’s Day presents have you sent out to your loved ones. I would love to hear diversity of ways to express love.

I hope my Valentines Day ideas nourished your heart and souls this Love Month. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Stay passionate and share that unconditional love within you.

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