Using QiGong to Release Your Body’s Own Medicine

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Did you know that PubMed now lists well over 500 published articles on QiGong alone?

Most people know QiGong as exercises including stretching, breathing techniques, slow movements, healing postures, self-massage and meditation. But there is far more to this than exercise or relaxation. QiGong is a wholistic practical system to promote self-healing. It specializes in subtle energy work improving the functioning of your body systems and has both, preventative and curative effects.

Countless medical reports coming out of China’s hospitals and research institutions from all over the world have de-mystified the mystery of how Qigong can produce more impressive clinical efficacy than medicine alone.

According to Chinese medical theory, health means a full and flowing supply of qi (chi). Qi or Chi can be defined as life force or energy, and has parallels in other cultures, like prana in India, or Qi in Japan. It is presumed when Qi does not flow or it is very low (low energy) it has the same effects like stagnant water, which lacks of oxygen and breeds disease. Too much Qi (Energy) has the opposite effect. In our analogy with water, it represents a dam, holding back the river from flowing and if a dam is overflowing, the water energy can be very destructive. Therefore, an energy blockage in the body is causing discomfort, pain and inflammation. The main role of QiGong is to regulate the flow of Qi in the body, to send excessive Qi into distressed and depleted areas of the body, and sedate excessive Qi. This process can be seen very similar to Acupuncture.

Healing Benefits of Qi Gong

Here are some of the few findings from thousands of studies showing the astonishing healing effects of QiGong.

Qigong strengthens a persons heart muscles and increases the stroke volume. It effectively lowers high blood pressure.

Because Qigong increases the volume of blood flowing through the brain, it improves brain functioning significantly. With improved blood circulation and in combination of better choices in diet and lifestyle, hemorrhoids often disappear.

In numerous clinical studies it is documented that Qigong improves the digestive system, the biochemical aspects of digestion, supporting the breakdown of food into nutrients and promoting detoxification. As most digestive problems have an effect on our emotions, most students reportedly felt less confused, angry frustrated and fearful.

QiGong breathing in combination with very specific abdomen movements, increases vitality and decreases stress. It also improves the respiratory system and asthma. There is evidence that Qigong practitioners breathe easier and feel more energetic.

The most compelling evidence of QiGong’s ability to enhance a person’s immune system is found in cancer research. Therefore, in China Qigong is usually prescribed as a complementary therapy to chemotherapy and radiation.

According to Chinese research QiGong can improve peoples’ biomarkers of ageing, including hormone levels, kidney function, vision, hearing, bone density and physical strength.

I often get asked if everyone can learn and practice QiGong. The answer is definitely yes, as some exercises and techniques are very easy to learn, some are complex and require deeper training with a Teacher. Nevertheless, its fun and it’s a very rewarding journey leading to higher levels of health, energy and body awareness.

My first contact with QiGong was in 1982, where I was introduced to QiGong breathing by my first Karate teacher. Then later I learned the 8 Brokate system, and in the 90’s I came across Master Mantak Chia’s books. This was my entry into Energy Medicine, without knowing at the time that the work with subtle energies of the body would lead me to study Naturopathy and practice Energy Medicine for over a decade.

Based on my personal experience, Qigong is a very effective, powerful self-healing, prevention and anti-ageing system. I highly recommend you search for a local QiGong teacher or group and start your journey to optimal health and happiness.

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There are more than 900 testimonies in Master Chia’s website. Many of these people have recovered from so called ‘incurable’ diseases from practicing Universal Healing Tao Qi Gong. It is evident that the Universal Healing System produces observable and verifiable changes for health, energy and a shift in consciousness.

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