Two Small Glands, Many Big Health Problems

Learn what you need to do to get your Adrenals and Thyroid functioning properly again.

As an integrative doctor of nearly thirty years’ experience, it’s a rare week indeed when I don’t treat someone who’s suffering from symptoms associated with the Adrenals or Thyroid.  Maybe you’ve been one of them…

This is because modern-day living – stress, poor quality nutrition and environmental toxins – impact heavily on these two essential glands that form part of the Endocrine System.  And when problems in the Adrenals and Thyroid occur, sickness follows.

Common Signs and Symptoms of Adrenal and Thyroid Stress

If you suspect you’ve got problems with your Adrenals or Thyroid, have a look at the common signs and symptoms associated with these two glands:

  • Poor stress response: inability to cope with stress, anxiety, depression, desire to avoid situations where you will feel stressed
  • Skin, hair and nails: dry skin and nails, cracking nails, split ends and lack-lustre hair
  • Sleep and Energy: inability to fall asleep, waking throughout the night, fatigue in the morning even after a full night’s sleep, weakness in the morning, serious fatigue in the mid-to-late afternoon, poor energy generally
  • Moods: being moody or reacting angrily quickly and out of character, depression, anxiety, wanting to run away
  • Weight: increase in weight (especially around the tummy); difficulty losing weight

What Do Your Adrenals and Thyroid Do?adrenals-thyroid-diagram-beyondgoodhealth

Your Adrenals and Thyroid form part of the Endocrine System – a body system that produces essential hormones (special chemicals produced by the body that direct a range of metabolic functions).

The Adrenals sit on top of each kidney.  They produce a range of really important hormones – principally Adrenaline and Cortisol (but also other hormones such as DHEA, Testosterone and others).  Adrenaline is the ‘fight/flight’ hormone that causes your heart to race and your blood pressure to rise in the event of acute stress.  Cortisol counteracts the effects of Adrenaline and is anti-inflammatory (but it can create conditions that promote inflammation if it constantly being produced by the body).

Your Thyroid is a gland that is in your neck.  It works in conjunction with the Adrenals and other Endocrine System elements and organs to regulate your metabolism (how quickly you burn fat and process nutrients).

Think of the Adrenals as telling your body whether there is a ‘fire’ to run your metabolism, while the Thyroid tells the body how hot that ‘flame’ will run.

What Can Go Wrong With Your Adrenals and Thyroid?

The 21st Century’s silent epidemic is ‘Adrenal Burnout’.  This occurs when chronic stress wears out the function of the Adrenal Gland or the cells of the body are no longer as responsive to the hormones produced by it (Adrenaline, Cortisol and others).  When this happens, the capacity of the body to handle stress reduces and other organs (such as the Liver) are negatively affected.  This compromises cellular metabolism and general health.  The result?  Poor stress response, weight gain, weak liver function, weakness, and fatigue.

Thyroid issues are very common among women.  When Thyroid hormone production is too low, weight gain, poor skin and hair and depression can result.

How Do The Adrenals and Thyroid Get Sick?

Poor diet; excessive or constant stress; and insufficient key nutrients all play important roles in sick Adrenals and Thyroids.

BUT – a little known truth is that Emotions, Self-Beliefs and even other energetic influences (those unseen aspects of our lives that impact on us – such as relationships, trauma in early childhood, difficult life experiences, and even our upbringing) also have a powerful role in affecting the health of these two sets of essential glands.

Thousands of years ago, Ancient Chinese Doctors mapped emotions against body systems and organs.  They discovered that certain emotions were closely related to specific organs.  This meant that people who had similar illnesses presented with similar emotional and self-belief states.  Even in Modern Times, this same concept has been confirmed over and again through the well-regarded theory of Mind-Body Syndrome.  It is now abundantly clear – certain beliefs and negative emotions directly affect specific organs – and this is true of the Adrenals and Thyroid.

Adrenals: All About Self-Love and Self-Care

Energetically – your Adrenals are related to emotions and beliefs surrounding self-love and self-care.  If you sacrifice yourself for others, always putting them first and yourself and your needs second – then you will eventually have Adrenal problems.

Thyroid: Self-Expression

Do you take time to do what you love, or do you put the desires and wants of others first?  Are you fulfilling your dreams?  Do you share with others your ‘truth’ (what you feel, think and want in life) – or do you just put others first over yourself and your desires?  If you don’t express yourself, your desires and wants – then you will get problems with your Thyroid because the Thyroid is all about ‘speaking your truth’, being ‘genuine, honest and truthful’ and fulfilling your heart’s desires.self-love-woman-painting-beyondgoodhealth

How To Get Your Adrenals and Thyroid Well Again

Over the past nearly three decades of work as an integrative doctor, I’ve helped hundreds of patients recover from Adrenal Fatigue and Low Thyroid Functioning.  Targeted nutritional therapy, special diets and other lifestyle measures are all very helpful.

BUT – when I treat the energetic aspects that actually underly their health conditions (such as lack of self-love, negative self-beliefs, and other physical and metabolic issues) my patients’ improvement is so much faster than I could ever think possible.

Let’s read what one of my patients has said about this approach:


“I was diagnosed with Graves’ Disease when I was 14 years old.  Blood tests showed that I was producing too much Thyroid Hormone.  Over the next two or three years, I followed conventional doctors’ advice – but kept getting sicker.  I would cycle between Graves’ Disease (too much Thyroid Hormone) and Hashimoto’s (too little Thyroid Hormone) – I was tired, cold, weak and with poor quality hair and skin.  I was miserable.  I saw an Holistic Doctor, and we changed my diet and added some supplements. I improved, but, over time, I got sicker and sicker again.  Then I heard about Dr Price.  She worked on me using energy healing techniques.  She addressed my emotions and beliefs about myself and also other things (e.g. I was born prematurely and this gave me subconscious stress).  My health is so different now – I don’t even feel like the same person.  And even though Dr Price worked mostly with my emotions, beliefs and other stuff – my Thyroid blood tests have all normalised – it really amazes me!  Thanks Dr Price.”

Adrenals and Thyroid Workshop – Saturday 26 May

The result shared by Niki is one that I often see when I work with people’s health problems from an energetic perspective.  Once we address the underlying energetic issues, then their body is free to heal on the physical level.

If you know that you’re suffering from Adrenal Burnout or Low Thyroid functioning – or you have some of the symptoms listed above – then you could benefit from healing at the energetic level.

To help people get targeted attention to heal their Adrenals and Thyroid, I’m running my first-ever ‘Adrenals and Thyroid: Revive and Thrive’ workshop on Saturday 26 May.  A full day of treatment and ‘clearing’ of subconscious blocks that are preventing your Adrenals and Thyroid from functioning properly at the energetic level – the workshop will have you feeling changed and healed – from the inside out.

I’ll be joined with acclaimed Energy Healer and Inventor, Mr Helio Matahari, to give you two world experts on energetic and physical healing.  7 full hours of personalised attention, in a small-group healing atmosphere to focus exclusively on making your Adrenals and Thyroid healthy and well again.

If you’d like to join me on the 26th, please contact BGH on 1300 853 006 to book your place.

To learn more about the ‘Adrenals and Thyroid: Revive and Thrive’ Workshop, please click HERE.

I hope that you will make the decision to put yourself and your health first by joining Helio and me on the 26th for a powerful day of healing transformation.  It could be the best decision you’ve made in a long time…

Yours in health

dr. dzung price

Dr Zung Vu (Price)
Integrative Doctor, Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist

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