Three Easy Steps To Becoming Truly ‘Wealthy’

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Have you ever asked yourself what true wealth really means for you?

Is being wealthy really all about financial assets or physical possessions? Or is there something else that gets you up every morning feeling happy and excited about all the things the new day will bring?

Over the years, I talked with many of my patients about this topic, and when it was about their health, I always got the same answer:

‘Money is no object – no expense is too great – I just want to be well again – I’ll do anything, and I’ll pay anything – just get me better’. And each one of them, when asked offers the same insight: ‘The First True and Greatest Wealth in Life is Health’.

Let’s delve into this important topic a little deeper so that we can unpack some valuable learning from it.

 Health is Wealth because it brings Love

love-healing-beyondgoodhealthWhen we’re healthy, we’re able to feel and express love in a way that we simply can’t do when we’re sick. Remember the last time you were sick? Did you feel like running through the streets singing how much you loved life? Did you feel like having a deep and meaningful with your partner? Likely not… When we’re healthy, we are not just healthy physically – we are healthy emotionally, energetically, and even spiritually. We can feel love for others, and we can share that love around. So, we really need health to give and receive love – and since love is the most beautiful emotion that there is – we all need to be healthy to really feel it…

Health is Wealth because it brings Joy

I’m sorry to take you back there again – but have a think about the last time you were really sick. Did the world look vibrant and full of colour – or did it look dull and grey? Did you feel like helping others, or did you just want to lie down and feel sorry for yourself? When we’re healthy, we can see the world through positive, happy eyes. The birds sing beautifully, the world looks amazing and we can experience joy. Since joy is the most powerful perceptive emotion for experiences outside ourselves, being healthy allows us to feel it more powerfully. So, we need to be healthy to feel true joy…

Health is Wealth because it brings Empowerment

When we’re healthy and have boundless energy, we are motivated, committed and driven. We create, we contribute, we give, and we serve. We make the world a better place just by being here. So, if you want to have the power to create the sort of life that you really want – you need to be healthy…

But what can you do about it?

Perhaps you’re sick right now. Maybe you’ve been suffering from a debilitating illness or chronic condition that’s made your life miserable for a long time. How can you experience health again? How can you get this Greatest and Most Important Wealth in life? I know that it’s not easy, but here are my suggestions:

Suggestion One: Get Committed

If you’ve been in a tough health situation for a long time, you may feel unmotivated, or despondent, or depressed. This can make you not want to do what’s needed to get well and healthy again. All I ask is that you emotionally commit yourself to making a change – turn the direction of your life from where it’s pointed now – to ‘illness’ – and just ‘tweak the dial’ and turn it to – ‘getting healthy’…

Suggestion Two: Small Steps

One of my Bucket List items is to walk the El Camino trail. It’s a month-long full day walk each and every day. Tough… But when I do actually do it, I’ll get it done – one step at a time – and I only take small steps, so I’ll be at it for a long time. But, that’s how everything is done in life – one step at a time. As the famous Chinese Proverb says, ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step’. So, pick just one small thing you can do today that will make a difference to your health – and just do it. Once you’ve done that you’ve not only turned your direction of travel around towards health – you’ve actually taken a step – well done you!

Suggestion Three: Get Help

wealth-lion-beyondgoodhealthWhen I take my El Camino Trail walk, I’ll need help. I’ll need a map so I’ve got directions, I’ll need the advice of experienced guides and the support of people walking on the trail to help me. It’s the same with your health journey – you’ll need experienced guides, a proper map and the support of people who are also walking the same path with you.

That’s where BGH comes in…

We have expert health guides (our amazing Naturopaths and Kinesiologists), fantastic maps (Individual Treatment Plans and a range of Health Programs), and we have a BGH ‘Tribe’ that you can connect with and receive support from.

In the coming weeks and months, you’ll see amazing developments in this area to further help you: A BGH Membership Program, regular Coaching and Support Sessions, Live Events, Online Education opportunities, as well as new Treatment Programs, Facebook posts and videos, and Website information. These are all being purposefully designed to help you get well and make sure that you feel supported and loved as you walk down your own El Camino trail of health.

As you take these three important steps of:

  1. Commit
  2. Small Steps
  3. Get Help

I want you to know that BGH is here to support you. If you need us, we’ll be there to coach, guide, support and educate you. It’s our only hope that you’ll soon reach the end of your El Camino Health Journey and be able to bask in the sunlight of a beautiful new day with vibrant health!

If you’d like to make an appointment to see me to get your health journey started (or reinvigorated), please call (07)5522 8902 to make an appointment. Together we can work to improve your health and give you back the life you want – and deserve.

Facebook Videos and Posts

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Dr Price

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