Three Easy and Effective Techniques to Speed Up Yours and Others’ Healing Using the ‘Power of Love’

Three Quick and Powerful Techniques to Make the Silly Season a Time of Powerful Healing…

A close friend of mine recently told me of an experience he had. His daughter had a school friend whose father died when she was 15 years old. A difficult relationship with her mother saw this young teen feeling abandoned and alone in life. Unhelpful and destructive behaviour ensued and grew – and grew. Depression and strong negative thoughts, as well as rebellion, were core characteristics of this young person. My friend and his daughter made a pact together to support and care for this troubled teen – no matter what. And that’s what they did – over quite a few years.

Today was this young person’s birthday and, as usual, my friend contacted her to tell her that he was proud of her, loved her, and thought the world of her. In response, the girl wrote back a lengthy text explaining that she really appreciated that through the years my friend had always told her that he loved her and that she was important to him, and that she could rely on him – no matter what. She further said that this support and love meant so much to her that she felt that she ‘wouldn’t be here’ without it.

This troubled young person, full of depression, troubles with the police, drug addiction, and crime – now is finishing a degree in nursing and looks forward to a career of caring for and loving others.

What was it that helped this young person change? What made the real difference? No doubt a large portion of it was the young girl herself – but the actions of my friend and his daughter over many years of simple messages and loving support also played a part. They made her feel that she was worthwhile, valuable, and special. It was this continued expression of ‘love’ that helped ‘heal’ her of her destructive behaviour.


Love Heals…
When spiritual healers place their hands on a person, the healing ‘energy’ comes through their heart (the energetic centre of the heart – known as the heart chakra) and into their hands.

Love Heals…
When you say or do something that’s kind or loving, you ‘send’ that healing ‘love energy’ to another person – and that affects them and their health positively.

Love Heals…
When you think loving thoughts – to yourself – about others or even just about general loving concepts – it sends out a ‘field’ of ‘loving energy’ that influences all around you.

In all these ways, Love Heals…

We are now getting very close to the Holiday Season. It may be Christmas for you, or Hanaka, or simply the December holidays. But whatever it is to you, I’m sure that each year you feel a little ‘different’ at Christmas time. A greater sense of gratitude, love for family, patience, etc. are all reported by people during surveys over this time of year. This is the power of Christmas – because it is the power of love. And love has the power to heal.

If you are part of the larger BGH family, you’ve seen one of our amazing practitioners because you, or someone you care for, is sick.

If you’d like them (or yourself) to feel an improved sense of wellness, then why not try ‘love’ as a healing technique. Here are three easy-but-powerful strategies to increase the healing energy field of love in your life and those around you:healing-do-love-beyondgoodhealth


    Each day take just a few moments to think about things that give you loving feelings. Maybe it’s looking through your family photo album, thinking of your kids, or thinking about something that inspires you. Whatever it is, if it gives you feelings of love, think about it and your ‘love energy field’ will expand and help heal – yourself and those around you.


    Pick someone today – right now – who you think could benefit from a little extra love. And then call them, write to them, text them, or email them a message of love. Then, as you do this, feel what difference it makes to you. I bet you’ll feel more loving – and more healed yourself.

  3. DO LOVE.

    Pick someone today and do something for them that’s loving. This could be as easy as making them a cup of coffee, or helping them with a project, or spending time with them. Whatever you think will make them feel loved. Then, watch what happens. You’ll probably feel somehow different – healed maybe…love-mother-daughter-beyondgoodhealth

I wonder what would happen if we all got together – us as a whole BGH family – and committed to doing these three simple things each day between now and Christmas… Maybe something profound would happen – maybe people would be healed, or at least feel much better. Would you join me in doing these three simple, easy and quick things each day between now and Christmas?

If so, maybe I won’t see you in the New Year because you’ll be feeling so much more healthy, whole and well. Nothing would make me happier…

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