The Power of Love to Heal – Fact or Fiction?

Scientific studies go head-to-head with long-standing cultural beliefs that love has real healing powers.

Maybe love could make you feel better – much better…

The song, ‘The Power of Love’ is a favourite of mine and always takes me back to the 80s when I grew up. Over the years, as an integrative doctor, I have often studied, pondered and wondered about the power of love – to heal.

Does Love really heal?

 Can it make a difference to a person’s physical health – and not just their mental and emotional wellbeing?

 Could my sick patients benefit from more ‘love’ in their lives to help them in their healing journey?

These and other questions have prompted our BGH Newsletter this week. To help answer these questions, I haven’t turned to ancient wisdom or cultural beliefs spanning thousands of years. Instead, I’ve turned to modern scientific study.

love-healing-beyondgoodhealthWhat is love?

Love, from a healing perspective, is a particular beneficial frequency emitted from an individual and is detectable by aural photography. In normal life, as we all know, love is that special, positive feeling we have towards another person, or people that inspires us to greatness, encourages us to protect others, and makes us place our own needs second to another’s.

Love Scientifically…

Science has long sought to identify and quantify ‘love’. While love as a scientific element has proved elusive, its effects, however, can be easily identified physiologically. An increase in body temperature, changes in skin moisture and electrical activity (as calibrated by Galvanic Skin Response Meters) as well as alterations in heart rate and breathing all accompany the emotional sensation of ‘love’. But, to examine love as a modem of healing, we need to look further afield to studies involving plants, animals, water, and humans.

Love and its Effect on Plants

During the 1960s, a CIA interrogator named Backster conducted a number of experiments on plants to determine the presence or absence of emotions – including love. Using EEGs and lie detectors, he was able to confirm that plants respond to both love (positive emotions) and hate (negative emotions). Other scientists have shown that plants exposed to different music (heavy metal VS classical) display quite profound changes in growth and health. Similarly, when plants are habitually exposed to either loving words or hateful ones, their growth and nutritional status are altered accordingly. So, it seems that plants do respond to love – so if you’ve got a pesky indoor plant that’s looking a little worse for wear – why not try giving it some extra love and see what happens – it could make all the difference!

 love-water-beyondgoodhealthWater and the Power of Love

Professor Emoto, a Japanese scientist, studied the effect of emotions on the crystalline structure of water. He found that our emotions could be relayed through water and affect its construct – the greater the love that was projected, the more uniform and structured the water crystals. Anger, hate and other negative emotions had a destabilising effect on the water crystals. So, next time you have a drink, take a moment to ‘send’ love vibrations into your water so that it’s optimally structured to heal you.

Animals and Love

Most pet owners know anecdotally that loving their animals keeps them happy and well. From 2002 to 2012, Danish researchers tracked the health and wellbeing of over 2000 animals – from farm pets, to city animals, and also abandoned and caged animals. The results were overwhelming – the more love, care and attention an animal received, the healthier and long-lived it was. This was true for birds, cats, dogs and even horses. So, why not give Spot or Ginger a scratch or a pat – they’ll benefit from it – and I’m sure that they’ll give some ‘love’ right back to you too.

But What About Us?

Humans need love. We crave it. We cannot live without it. But can it make us well when we’re sick? Absolutely!

Some of us may know about the post World War II orphanages in the USA and how physically healthy babies turned their faces to the wall and died. No physical cause could be identified – but it kept happening – one baby after another after another. A psychologist proposed that the babies needed love and attention – so all babies were giventime and love and cuddles. The effect? They simply stopped dying. This same phenomenon has even been seen in Eastern European orphanages in recent years. We all need love to literally survive – from babies to the elderly…

A study completed by Cornell University in the United States examined longevity and health among seniors. They found that being in a loving relationship or having loved ones visit at least weekly was the greatest predictor of longevity AND wellness among seniors over 70 years of age – more so than even diet or activity levels. The Power of Love to Heal reaches out across the decades – even into our later years.


In 2006, Colombia University Teaching Hospital implemented a program of extra care for their cancer patients to examine the effect on their health. They prescribed liberal doses of hugs, group chats, positive encouragement and support. After each of these ‘love experiences’ they measured stress hormone levels, inflammatory markers and white blood cell counts. What they found amazed even them – stress hormones dropped precipitously, heart rates slowed, blood pressure dropped and white blood cell counts rebounded more quickly after chemotherapy. It was clear to them that love really had the power to heal…

But What About You?

You too can benefit from the power of love to heal – and you don’t even need to be sick to do so. Numerous studies have shown that when a person sends out ‘love vibrations’ to another person – both people benefit. The giver and receiver both have improved inflammatory and stress markers. So – if you know someone who’s sick – take time to send them love – in person, on the phone, via email, or via letter – they all make a difference.

And if you’re sick – take time to attract more love into your life. Stop and look around you – what do you see that’s amazing, beautiful and wonderful? Be thankful for all of that. Then take time to share your love with all those around you – compliment people, write a nice note, make a phone call – as you step out of yourself and give of your love, you’ll find that you will benefit too. And as a result, your health will improve – I promise you.

To all my patients…

I want you all to know that I love you and care about you. My team and I know that you’re going through difficult challenges, and we want to support and assist you. I hope that you feel our love for you in our clinic appointments, our treatment sessions and through all the ways we interact with you. Thank you for working hard for you health – and thank you for choosing us to support you.

If you’d like to make an appointment to see me to take your health to the next level, please call 1300 853 006 to make an appointment. Together we can work to improve your health and give you back the life you want – and deserve.

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