The 7 Pillars of Health

Watch the video below to learn Dr Price’s 7 Pillars For True Health and Happiness.

This pillar is actually awareness. So you need to be aware of what is going on in your body, and a lot of people are not even connected to the body so they’re not aware of what their body needs, what their body wants because they’re running either from their mind and they are not in connection with what their body truly needs and desires. So they tend to just override, they push the override button a lot.

So awareness is a pillar and that’s self-awareness. I call that a pillar of fundamentals because that determines what you do physically for yourself. Whether you exercise, whether you eat the right food, whether you look after your health with enough self-care practices that support you with strong foundations for moving forward in your life. Whether you actually think good thought, whether you have emotional issues, whether you’re aware of your emotional reactive patterns that might be holding you back. So self-awareness and awareness is like one of the key foundational probably precursors to the practices that will be fundamental to looking after yourself that we talked about including nutrition and diet and you know the right approaches physically.

Then the next level you are probably looking at what you want to let go, to have the awareness then to know what you need to let go. What are the practices that no longer serve you, it might be that you’re eating too much, it might be the toxins in your life, might be the toxic products in your bathroom cabinet. The foods that no longer serve you. It might be the people that no longer actually that you’re aligned with that may be sucking you dry. So you have to then take the next step is to let go. Now what lifestyle, what habits, what thoughts, what are the practices, what are the people that no longer serve you on your path anymore and be willing to step into freedom. So you need to move, let go of physical, mental, emotional factors that no longer serve you. You can step into freedom so that the next level of the foundation is energy.

So then you get more energy. But then what are the practices that fuel more energy? How do you harness more energy from your food? How do you harness energy from the environment? How do you harness energy from the place you’re living in because it’s clean, it’s spacious, it has good energy. So knowing how you interact with a tribal community, people who are like-minded and gives you energy rather than sucking you dry like a vampire. So that’s another level of energy that we want to be looking at as well. So we want to fine-tune the energy paradigm. And then when you do that, then you’re moving to that kind of different level then now you’re ready for your purpose.

Now you can then start to be aware of what your purpose is here on earth. What’s your mission? What is it you love to do? What sparks your joy? So then you’re not running from your programming or conditioning, you’re actually now tuned into who are the people you need to serve? What are the kinds of environments you need to be stepping into so that you feel so you see that it’s fun and engaging? And it’s actually just like where you’re meant to be. You know, that you belonged here. So when you can understand and have awareness, and this is what we do here, we help people elicit their purpose, their passion, their joy.

So then the next level, which is the next pillar, is the influence. So now you become a role model for others because you can influence more because you’ve cleared your baggage, you’ve actually cleared all the garbage that was holding you back. You’ve done the work to actually elevate your level of consciousness so that you’re influencing your family, your community in a different way. So you become a powerful influencer, but you’re also being influenced and you choose who you want to be influenced by. You’re more discerning about the influence factor. That means who influences you, and who you choose to influence in a more positive and powerful way.

And the next level is intuition. So then you are now wanting to cultivate your intuition, your ability to be your own GPS, to have your own inner wisdom on tap rather than running, thinking that you need some guru to tell you what to do or to have other authorities that are telling you how to live your life. You can tune in to see if that actually fits with where you are at. So you run on your own GPS and that’s when you’re harnessing your own amazing intuitive capacities which we all have available. But most of us have denied that because we’ve got too much programming on board.

And lastly, then the last step is then you can become better creators. When you clear all your garbage, your programming, your past traumas, you conditioning the toxic food that you’ve been imbibing, the kind of toxic people you’ve been hanging out and kind of toxins that you’re just in general being exposed to, you’re able to then free yourself of all of that and you become clearer and you become more, enabled, more confident, more assertive, and you’ll become a much better creator. So you step into being a powerful creator and manifester that you’re meant to be.

So they’re the seven levels. It’s actually not the kind of fundamental pillars that most people talk about, but they’re my pillars.

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