Thailand Charity Bike Ride Day 1 – The Beginning

Charity Bike Ride Day 1 Preparation

Having just arrived at the luxuriously appointed Four Point Sheraton Hotel for the first night of the Charity Bike Ride Challenge (and recovering from the flight in the wonderful spa bath in my room) I am preparing myself mentally now for the gruelling second part of the journey.

Tips for Long Plane Travel
– Electromagnetic field (EMF) and Food detox salts – critical to surviving awful plane foods and EMF slogging environment
– Essential oil blends – I use D’oterra oils to keep my immune system strong and protect my energy fields
– Liquid oxygen drops – in my water to keep my blood oxygenated and bug free
– Get aisle seats and walk up and down. I usually like to do leg squats whilst I am waiting at the lavatory.
– Avoid alcohol and ask for water often. Hydration is key.

EMF Safety: Protect Yourself Against Electromagnetic Field Radiation during Travel

Sleeping in Wi-Fi rich and electronically charged hotel rooms usually gives me very restless troublesome sleep as my body (accustomed to sleeping in Electromagnetic field radiation -free environments) feels the assault of radio-frequency waves to my cellular DNA and muscles. Normally, I would bring my grounding sheet or mat with me to offset this. But as I had been instructed to keep my luggage very, very light for the charity bike ride journey, I only took the bare essentials with me as I only had 2 nights in a hotel room…the rest will be roughing it out in the villages.

The Solution? I installed and downloaded holographic energetic shields around my body and instructed it to run for the next 24 hours whilst I sleep. The result was that I awoke at 5:30am refreshed without the usual muscle stiffness and tension usually associated with electromagnetic field loaded environment.

I have been playing with energetic downloads and holographic tools for a while now and find that they are extremely powerful and very effective. How they work will be the subject of another topic for another time, but just let me just say that as your beliefs about your reality and your world shifts and opens up to one of flexibility, possibility and miracles…you can create so much more in your life with more ease and grace than you could possibly imagine.

Challenging the Field of Infinite Potential : No Hotel Reservation for Me?

On the plane, I decided to set myself a series of experiments for this trip…just for fun.
Experiment 1: I challenged the universe (the field of Infinite Potential) to show me a blessing…as a confirmation of how my intention clearly expressed into the field could create matter…and gave it a deadline – 48 hours. I am going to have a sign from this universe within this time frame.

And guess what? When I arrived at the hotel last night at midnight, I found that there was no reservation for me. After extensive searching through their database, the staff found that I was booked for 1 month later on the 15th March, instead of February! So, they kindly upgraded me to a luxurious suite with king size bed at the same price with breakfast. A coincidence or a blessing? I prefer to see it as a sign of my intention at work in the field of infinite potential in delightful, mysterious ways…my blessing from the universe confirmed within the space of 4 hours.

I discovered that one of the secrets to enjoying my life is to notice what is different, not what is always the same. And, to actively use your mind to create more miracles in your life. To gently set intentions in a playful manner, not out of desperation (because this pushes your goal away), not being attached to the outcome, and then look for what shows up in your life.

Life would be very boring indeed if everything panned out the way you think you wanted all time. Think back on how many wonderful moments or opportunities that have been created in your life that happened by accident or synchronously, and not by your careful planning. We spend far too much time planning or worrying about the future or the past (often beating ourselves up about what should have happened or should happen). We miss out on what is available in the here and now. We miss out savouring the moments. That is why life feels like it is passing by so fast. I watched the movie, “It is about Time” on the plane which illustrates this quite well. I recommend taking time to savour and enjoy, notice what is different in each moment and be available to the unexpected surprises in the present is the key to a rich life.

Until next time….stay tuned as more updates will come about my charity bike ride activity!

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