Is Supercharging Your Blood The Answer For A Quicker Health Recovery?

What if I told you that I have finally encountered the medical technology designed to speed up health recovery by super-saturating your blood with life-giving and health-healing oxygen? I’ve personally experienced the benefits of this technology, which supercharges the blood to get better… quicker!

After my personal experience, I have thought about how this new medical technology can help my patients who are struggling with chronic health conditions involving inflammation and infection, as well as those who want to boost their immune and brain function.

To have a full grasp on how supercharging your blood can help in your recovery, let me walk you through first on the significance of pressurised oxygen.

What’s the Significance of Pressurised Oxygen in Speeding Up Your Health Recovery?

I hope you’re enjoying your health journey with us at Beyond Good Health and seeing amazing results because that’s our passion – helping you maximise your wellness. Today, I wanted to take some time with you to talk about something that could be really important in helping your health – supercharging your blood…

If you were from the Planet Krypton, like Superman, you wouldn’t need supercharged blood – you’d be free from illness and injury. But, like me, you’re a mere Earthling, and we all face the challenges of maintaining health and recovering when we’re sick. But what if you could actually supercharge your blood so that it quickly and powerfully delivered health-enhancing oxygen to wherever it was needed most? What if your white blood cells could be powered by extra oxygen, maximising their bacteria-killing strength – would you be interested?

Well, when I first heard about Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and how it supersaturates all the body’s fluids (red blood cells, plasma, lymph, and spinal fluid) with very high levels of oxygen, I knew that this could be a real game changer for many of my patients – and perhaps you’re one of them. You see, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (is it ok with you if we call it HBOT for short?) delivers three amazing benefits:hbot-health-benefits-alternative-medicine-practitioner-brisbane

  • Firstly, you heal quicker and better from acute and chronic tissue injury, inflammatory conditions and chronic illnesses.
  • Secondly, it’s fast – you’ll feel really different – better – after even just one session.
  • Thirdly, it’s so simple – just lie down and relax in our HBOT chamber and breathe highly pressurised, pure oxygen.

Besides, the significance of using pressurised, pure oxygen lies in the facts that…

  • sick and damaged tissue is low in oxygen
  • oxygen is required to help body tissues get better
  • oxygen is not only life-giving, it’s also a powerful germ killer
  • when you supercharge your blood with high levels of oxygen, wounds heal quicker, inflammation goes down fast, and infections resolve rapidly

So, now you understand some of the benefits of HBOT, let’s delve a little deeper into the science behind it.

Why is HBOT Effective in Supercharging Your Blood?

The Science Behind HBOT

We all know everyone needs oxygen to live – just hold your breath and see how long you can last without it! But, many of us also know that increasing our oxygen intake increases our alertness, makes us feel more relaxed, and makes us feel ‘more alive’. Just take three slow, deep breaths and tell me you don’t feel much better… Well, imagine for a minute that we could get your body to absorb up to 15 times more oxygen than it does in a normal breath – and now you’re starting to see the real power of HBOT.

You see, tissues need an adequate supply of oxygen to function. Every single cell in the body needs it to survive – it helps transport nutrients, supports the powerhouses of each cell and even maximises immune function (some specialised white blood cells can’t function at all without good levels of oxygen). When cells and body tissue are sick or damaged through injury, infection or other medical condition, they usually have lowered levels of oxygen. This can make it harder for them to heal.

Breathing near-pure oxygen under pressure results in very high concentrations of oxygen in the blood, other body fluids, and body tissue (cells) – and this helps reduce inflammation, heal injuries and fight infections. Essentially, HBOT helps the wound heal from the inside out. Not a bad outcome for just breathing eh?

In normal breathing, oxygen is usually transported throughout the body only by red blood cells. With HBOT, oxygen is dissolved into all of the body’s fluids: the plasma, the central nervous system fluids, and the lymph – thus enabling the oxygen to be carried effectively to areas where circulation is diminished or blocked. In this way, HBOT can help reduce swelling, fight infection and build new blood vessels – ultimately producing healthier tissue.

It is proven to speed up wound healing; reduce infection by killing bacteria directly and by increasing white blood cell concentration; enhance the effectiveness of some antibiotics; and even reduce swelling and inflammation.

People who’ve tried it often find that their concentration and memory improve, they feel more energetic, and they feel more relaxed. HBOT is medically approved as an adjunct treatment for specific conditions such as diabetes or vascular ulcers, bone fractures that aren’t healing properly, and burns. Other chronic health conditions have also seen benefit in research studies – such as: pain syndromes, chronic fatigue, inflammatory conditions, immune disorders, and stroke.

How Does HBOT Work?

HBOT involves breathing up to 100% pure oxygen in a specially-designed chamber where the atmospheric pressure is raised up to three times higher than normal. This allows the lungs to absorb up to fifteen times more oxygen than normal. These high concentrations of oxygen are used by damaged cells, the immune system and organs to speed up healing and win the war against infection.

Inside the HBOT chamber

When you start your HBOT treatments soon, you’ll relax comfortably inside our very own HBOT chamber – which will immediately start to inflate and pressurise. At first, it’ll feel like you’ve just taken off in an aeroplane – and the increased pressure will tell you it’s time to ‘pop’ your ears. You’ll place on a clear face mask so that we can pump all that near-pure oxygen into your lungs and then you just relax for the 60 or 90 minute duration of your session. It’s best to wear comfy clothes and take in something to read – a book or tablet. Once you’re finished, you will likely feel really refreshed, relaxed and able to think more clearly. This will be the power of your supercharged blood helping to maximise your health.

Inflated HBOT chamber

It’s important to note that the power of HBOT increases with repeated treatments. If you’ve got an acute condition (e.g. a sports injury), then doing five or more sessions in quick succession is best. If you’re suffering from a chronic condition, then you’ll need 10 or more sessions to achieve lasting results, completed on a regular basis.

Is it safe?

HBOT is safe for everyone, but if you’re not sure, please talk to your Beyond Good Health practitioner.

My own experience with HBOT

I never introduce a therapy, service, supplement or protocol without first testing it out – on myself and others – so I know it works. So, let me tell you my experience. Over the last few months, I’ve had some really heavy business stress, and I could feel myself getting run down. So, when the HBOT arrived at our Ashgrove clinic, I was the first to get in and try it. After my first 60-minute session, I felt measurably better. I was more alert and felt stronger. Most days I’ve worked at Ashgrove since the HBOT arrived, I’ve done a session after finishing work for the day – and I can tell you – I don’t think I would have survived the last little while without it. I could feel myself getting sick, and then I’d do a HBOT session and improve – every time. So, I know from personal experience that this technology really works.

A patient’s experience with HBOT

I also asked one of my patients to try the HBOT out – let’s hear what he had to say…

Hi – I’m Mike Newman, a long-time patient of Dr. Price, and she asked me to use the HBOT and give her my feedback. Before I did, I read up on the system and learned what potential benefits it could give me. I have been suffering from significant Adrenal Fatigue and post-operative problems due to gut surgery for some time. I have been taking multiple supplements, but I’m never quite sure if I’m absorbing everything. The HBOT is medically proven to increase the effectiveness of certain antibiotics, so I wondered if it could increase the absorption and effectiveness of my supplements – I know I’m not conducting a formal medical study – but I was still keen to find out. I also suffer from debilitating fatigue and was really excited to see how much of a difference the HBOT would make. Well, I can say that I’ve had some really great results. My fatigue and brain fog lift immediately once I’ve done a session, and I feel much more alert and physically well for many hours afterwards. And because I’ve done a few sessions, I think that my supplements are now working better – I say this because when I take my Adrenal support tablets, I feel better for longer than I used to. I know I’m just a study of one and so my experience won’t reflect everyone’s – but I believe it’s really made a difference in my life. Thanks Dr. Price – the HBOT investment was a very smart move.

How Can You Benefit from the Power of HBOT?

There you have it – everything you need to know about Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to make the decision now to include it as part of your healing journey. But I don’t want you to just take my word for it though – I also want you to test it out for yourself.

So, for every single Beyond Good Health patient – I’d like to offer 50% off (that’s half price!) the normal single-session price for your first ever HBOT treatment with us. That’s a massive saving – just so you can try this amazing technology out.

To book your half price session now, you’ll need to attend our Ashgrove Clinic, which is where our Beyond Good Health HBOT chamber is located. So, just call one of our great reception staff on (07) 3366 8955 to book your 60 minute or 90 minute half price session.

And if you feel healthier, more alert and more relaxed after just one session – imagine what amazing goodness it’s doing inside your body – and then think about how powerful regular sessions will be in getting you well. So, when you come in for your first session, remember to talk to our reception staff about completing a session program consisting of multiple treatments. You may remember that the real power of HBOT lies in multiple treatments. If you choose one of our multiple treatment programs, you’ll save money and receive the ongoing benefit of continually supersaturating your blood with the power of oxygen.

As you grasp the reigns of your own wellness, you’ll see that HBOT is an important tool for you to achieve the radiant health that you deserve. And once you supercharge your blood with high levels of oxygen, you’ll know what it feels like (in a small way) to be Superman!

I wish you all the best with your health journey and with your application of the HBOT.

All the best
Dr. Price

Learning more about HBOT

And if you’re interested in learning more about the power of supercharging your blood through oxygen, I can recommend the following book and articles:

  • The Oxygen Revolution by Dr Paul Harch.
  • Oxygen as an antibiotic: the effect of inspired oxygen on infection. Research paper by D.R. Knighton, 1984.
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy reduces length of hospitalisation in thermal burns. A research paper by P. Cianci, 1989.
  • Hyperbaric oxygen stimulates human skin reconstruction. A research paper by E. Kairuz, 2007.

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