Slow Down… Pay Attention and Live a Rich Fulfilling Life

How was your Easter break?

I have just come back from a productive trip in the US feeling quite renewed and invigorated after attending 3 training workshops with newfound knowledge, skills, wisdom and amazing insights that will transform my practice of work and living.

This morning, I was meditating and practising Qi Gong at a beautiful park overlooking the Robina Lakes, and I was awestruck by a set of graceful, beautiful black swans taking effortless flight over the sparkling water in a flurry of delight. The lake was deep incandescent blue and tranquil studded by a row of bushes and trees.

One magnificent swan came up and hopped to where I was practising and started to preen herself luxuriantly whilst staring at me with watchful black eyes. We gazed at each other transfixed by the moment of silent cosmic communication. I could hear the leaves in the trees rustling in the background as tiny, light brown-feathered friends darted among the branches looking for their breakfast.

swanIt was like watching a playful storybook come alive. My heart felt so light, so grateful and delighted by this visit.

I love these magical black swans. I wanted to share this moment with you.

Living a rich, fulfilling life means slowing down to notice your surroundings and the moments. Paying attention to what moves your heart and gives you pure delight.

YES, I’ll have more of that.

Knowing what you deeply, truly and authentically love. That you can allow yourself to receive. Allowing yourself to have more of that.

I believe that finding inspiration is actually a form of self-care and self-love. We need to be aware of what simple practices light us up and nourish us in delicious, sustaining ways…especially in times when life isn’t going so well….(which may be most of the time).

It is why sometimes I travel overseas to different countries to do seek new creative ways to access more miracles, more flow, fun, freedom, more out-of the-box wisdom and creativity. It is why I am drawn to courses and experiences that push my edge of growth, stretch my intuitive capacities and expand my ideas and boundaries of what is possible. Invite more magic and miracles into your life and you can hold the space for more.

I found that I absolutely LOVE learning everything I can about energy, health and consciousness technologies. In this day of relentless stress and overwhelm, finding sources of joyful inspiration that you love and lights you up is so important to transcend the stress of the daily grind and survival. It is vital to self-care and self-love.

dr bartlettHere is a picture of me with Dr. Richard Bartlett at my last recent training course called: Holo-Synchronous Energetic Technology Systems in LA. This was a total paradigm changer for my healing work… working deeper with the powerful holographic field of the heart. I have had such fun practising my newfound tools on my family, friends, and even animals.

Amongst the chaos, the noise, the clamour; being able to pause, replenish your own well, and find what truly delights you, inspires and moves you, is what I love about living a rich fulfilling life. 

I learnt early in my career that time spent doing those things that I love; painting, hiking, bush walking, visiting creeks, sitting quietly in the garden and watching the dance of jubilant parrots was imperative to my soul and my work. They didn’t feel like work, but without them, my work didn’t work.

In recent times, my priorities in life have changed from always having to be ‘on’ and producing, to acknowledging and prioritising the receptive stage of the process as much as the giving. I needed to nurture my inspiration in order to create.

Finding inspiration is about being kind to yourself.

In some ways, inspiration as another word for giving yourself permission to receive gifts (gifts of beauty, delight, wonder, colour, curiosity) from things you love, and then doing more of those things!

zung price inspirationThrough life I’ve noticed that we focus on expands. It tends to fill our awareness and take on larger and larger proportions. Seeing the world through the lens of inspiration means we can focus on what we do want, rather than what we don’t want.

Living a joyful, soulfully satisfying creative life is great training for becoming present, practicing gratitude, prioritising doing more of what you love, and focusing on what delights and moves you.

Rather than battling with the ‘shoulds’ of life, or resisting undesirable circumstances until everything is ‘all under control’, take time to surrender to and connect with your breath. Be grateful for the glass half full, find simple practices that inspire you, put the focus back on what you love, and brings the juice back into your life.  There is lush beauty all around you should you choose to see. Through the lens of inspiration, weeds can be transformed into a lush storybook garden of delight.

Hoping you had a great Easter break with your loved ones. I have much to share from my travels abroad that is to come.

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