New Year’s Guide: Which Word Will Guide You Through 2014?

Wow, it’s January 2014 already, huh?!

What were the absolute highlights of 2013 for you?

Take a moment to jot down 3 – 5 of your best memories from the past year before reading on…

Now, here’s the next question:

How many of the things on your goals or new year resolution list were the result of careful planning and hard work, and how many of them either came up unexpectedly or by “happy accident”?

When I’ve asked these questions to my patients, the ratio is generally 2 is to 1 in favour of serendipity and synchronicity, which raises an interesting third question:

How do we design our best year yet when 2 out of every 3 things we’re going to love about it can’t be planned for?

This is a question I’m actively reflecting on at the moment, so rather than share any kind of definitive strategy, I’d like to explore a few possibilities with you…

How Does One Word Theme Work as an Efficient Life Guide?

First of all, if you’ve been hanging out with me for a while, you would find out that I am a big believer of choose a “One Word Theme” for your life each year.

It is way more simpler and to-the-point than goals or intentions.

One carefully chosen and inspired word will easily steer your life into whatever direction you want to go.
In fact, I’d go so far as to say that choosing a One Word Theme could be the most life changing thing you do all year!

Sticking out with this One Word Theme is going to take COURAGE to keep redefining and reshaping your life into a pleasing new form before your very eyes. Courage to water the seeds we each possess and to shape our lives in magical ways. Courage to bring your dreams, your gift into existence. Even if doing so is risky, unfamiliar or even unacceptable.

And, choosing a One Word Theme will help. Any word you choose will work, as long as it captures your imagination and excites you. I’ve heard broad themes like “Abundance”, “Peace”, “Fun” and “Freedom”. Other words have been more specific, such as “Friendship”, “Breathe”,“Give” “Me” (meaning more self love, self nurture etc.).

Last year, the One Word theme I personally chose was “Ease”. To keep that theme in my awareness all year, I did one simple thing. I stuck a post-it note with the word “EASE” on my laptop. And each day, seeing “Ease” reminded me to take things less seriously, open up for miracles, do way less and achieve more. And, that is exactly what happened!

12 months later, I found that I meditated more than I ever had in my life previously, tuning more into the Present Moment and got way more results with less stress.

And without the usual pushing, striving and doing I was previously renowned for, I was able to let go more (with ease) and step into trust and gratitude, observing and witnessing the ebb and flow of life (versus getting sucked into the drama of the content of my life).

Being in ease and gratitude is the state of appreciation, allowing and grace from which all realized intentions spring.

So, is there a word that makes you feel all lit up and excited? Such as Travel, Risk, Play, Adventure. Fun?

Or, perhaps this year, you’d prefer to be more calmer and at peace. Such as Forgive, Relax, Slow, Presence.

If one word could guide your decisions for this coming year, what word would best fit right now?

It may just be an acknowledgement of a direction your life has been calling you towards anyway. Perhaps by choosing a word, you are simply declaring a movement already underway and simply giving it a name.

This year, my One Word Theme is “Self”. For me, this will stand for Self-Mastery, Self-discovery, Self-love, Self-realization, Self-nurture. It’s about giving myself space inside and out.

Having played a caretaker role all my life since childhood as the eldest of 3 siblings in a new country, I have carried this pattern into adult life “caretaking” of my company, my family and friends… working hard, looking after everyone else and leaving myself dry.

Well, it is time for me to let go and focus on self. 2014 is my year to reinvent and take care of myself in brand new ways I’ve never considered before.

So…now it’s your turn.

What One Word Captures the Essence of How You Want to be and Feel in 2014?

Claim the word that speaks to you as your theme for 2014. And, doing this could be the most pivotal decision you make all year!

Write your word on a note and stick it somewhere where you will be reminded regularly throughout the day. This could be on your bathroom mirror, or use your word on a screen saver on your phone or computer.

When you’ve decided, double the commitment by declaring it as a comment below. Doing so will inspire you… and others. I can’t wait to see what you’ll be up to this year!

Much love for a fabulous 2014
Dr Dzung

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