My Mum’s Broken Neck – A Year On…

Thank you to the dozens and dozens of my wonderful patients who have consistently asked how my mum is going after a terrible fall last year.  Thank you also for your thoughts, prayers and sending her healing energy.  It touches me deeply to know that you care about me and my family in a personal way.

Because so many of you have asked after her, I thought I’d give you an update on her condition.

A Broken Neck – A Year On

As many of you know, around a year ago, my mum, who is in her eighties, suffered a broken neck after falling off her ride-on mower at her property just west of Kenmore in Brisbane.

I shared her story then via a previous blog post.  To read that again, please click here.

I’m sure that some of you may wonder if I actually ‘walk the talk’ in my life – whether I actually apply the energetic and health principles I teach you in every appointment.

I assure you that I do – and my mum’s broken neck was an example of me doing just that.

After she had broken her neck, she wanted to have surgery to fix it.  Her age, the seriousness of the break, and the potential for complications all weighed heavily on the minds of the surgeons.  They advised against the surgery, but my mum, true to form as a tough and intelligent woman, decided the benefits outweighed the risks.

To minimise potential issues and maximise her opportunity for recovery – and despite her constant protests and reluctance, I treated my mum before and after surgery using powerful energetic principles.

As most of you would know, one of my principle beliefs is, ‘We are all energy – and energy can affect matter much more effectively than matter can affect matter’. 

Well – the surgery was an amazing success – the word ‘miraculous’ was used by one of the surgeons.  Instead of months of in-hospital rehabilitation and home-based support, in less than a week my mum was back at home and living life almost as she had done pre-surgery.  It was an amazing result – even to me!

A Torn Rotator Cuff

In the following weeks, my mum was back at work on her farm: mowing the grass using her ride-on mower, tending to her fruit trees, managing her organic veggie garden, and taking her two large dogs for daily walks. 

I kept treating her – weekly, then fortnightly, then monthly – just to consolidate her healing. 

And it worked…  Very little residual pain or loss of motion. 

I was very impressed with her and her determination to recover – and she reluctantly acknowledged the power of the energetic techniques I used on her (one small win for her – one massive win for me!!).

But, recently, while she was either gardening, picking fruit from her fruit trees, or walking the dogs, my mum tore her rotator cuff.  This shoulder injury can be a painful and debilitating one – and my mum had increased pain and loss of mobility.  She even struggled to pick anything up using her damaged arm.

Unsatisfied with her situation, she wanted to have surgery.  As expected, she faced resistance from the medical establishment.  Surgeons were worried about her age and whether the surgery would have any real benefit. 

They gave her a 50/50 chance of any improvement.

She thought and thought and thought about it – and decided to go ahead with the surgery.

Energetic Healing – Pre- and Post-Surgery 

But before she scheduled the surgery, she came to me for help.  She asked me to, ‘Do that energy stuff that you do…’ 

Smiling on the inside but not wanting to seem smug, I started her on a gentle energetic healing protocol.  Even with a small amount of healing support, she felt less pain and more movement – which inspired her to continue. 

She underwent the surgery…

It was a resounding success…

Whereas before surgery she had about 30% range of movement and could hardly lift anything, within two weeks of the surgery, her range of movement increased to over 80%, and her ability to lift was almost the same as it was pre-injury.

It was another remarkable medical success…

Or was it the power of energy healing…

I’ll leave you to make your own mind up…

Yours in health,

Dr Price
Integrative Holistic Doctor, Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist, Energy Healing Specialist

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