My Mum’s Incredible Journey To Recovery…

After a tragic accident and very complicated surgery, my mum continues to get better and better…

Over the past few weeks, I have had many of you kindly following up with me regarding my mum and her health. Thanks for your thoughts, kind words and interest in my family – I find it very touching. It’s nice to know that in my time of need, I can turn to you for love and support, just as my BGH Team of Practitioners and I seek to do each day for you.

As most of you know, my mum suffered a very serious neck injury. In October this year, my mum shattered her C2 vertebra. This is an extremely serious and potentially life threatening injury – with loss of limb function an oft occurrence. So, you can imagine how we all felt – sick with worry…

But, fortunately for her (and my family), the surgery was a profound success. Apart from some minor blood loss, it was a successful operation. She had feeling in all limbs and could move all limbs as well.


Both prior to and following the surgery, while in hospital, I and others treated her with a range of energy-medicine related procedures and hooked her up as soon as we could to all the machines that you see being used daily at the clinic (I really must believe in their effectiveness to put my own family on them!). I also helped address the emotion-energetic impact of the trauma on her physical body and human energy field. I believe that all this effort, as well as my mum’s iron will, your kindness, and excellent surgical support – made a massive difference to both her speed of recovery, as well as the extent of her recovery.

She was to remain in hospital for some weeks – firstly in Intensive Care, then in the Ward, and then in Rehabilitation. But, my mum had other plans… and she was released from hospital many weeks ahead of schedule. She returned home to family and some professional assistance – but now, you’d almost not know that she had even had an accident!

recovery-mowing-beyondgoodhealthShe’s been off all forms of painkillers since shortly after arriving home, although she does still have some ongoing pain and some restriction of movement with her head and neck. She walks each day with the dogs, does gardening – and she’s even using the ride on mower to mow her sweeping rural property! My mum has always amazed me – with her spirit and determination – and this experience is no exception.

My family and I are very grateful that my mum’s experience was as amazing as it was – I know that this doesn’t often happen in similar circumstances. So, thank you all so much for your thoughts, prayers and for sending us healing energy – I really believe that you’ve made a tangible difference to her health!

For my family, while this experience was very worrying and difficult for us to go through, my mum’s recovery has been so miraculous that we all think of it as an early Christmas present!



Yours in health

dr. dzung price

Dr Price

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