Greg Sheehy is a renowned Psychic
Medium and Medical Intuitive

Who can connect to higher levels of consciousness when conducting his healing sessions involving the complete energy of his patients. He offers over twenty years of experience in Australia and Europe. From Spiritual Expos to live stage performances and extensive radio appearances, Greg has shared his remarkable abilities with audiences and clients world-wide.

Born with a profound and Divine gift, Greg possesses the unique ability to connect with individuals on a deep spiritual level. His intuitive insights have provided profound direction and prediction in various aspects of life, including career, relationships, finances, family dynamics, children, and health.

Greg's talents extend beyond traditional psychic methods.

He utilizes techniques such as reading Auras, Tarot, Photo Readings, Vibrational Palmistry, Scrying (crystal ball reading), and Psychometry (personal items) to offer accurate and often startling future predictions.

Having consulted with over 80,000 clients globally, Greg’s accuracy and foresight have earned him a reputation for delivering insights that are both daunting and awe-inspiring. Many attest to the life-changing impact of his readings, leading to a loyal client base that spans across continents.

Prior to his journey as a spiritual guide, Greg held leadership roles in the corporate arena, serving as a CEO and in other senior executive positions. With a background in policy, corporate direction, and marketing, he brings a unique perspective to his intuitive work.

Greg's academic achievements include tertiary qualifications
at the Master's degree level,

coupled with studies in various disciplines. His blend of corporate experience, academic rigor, and spiritual insight makes him a sought-after advisor for those seeking clarity and guidance.

Whether through in-person consultations or remote sessions via phone or Skype, Greg continues to touch lives and empower individuals to embrace their spiritual journey while navigating the complexities of life with confidence and clarity.



Love and Relationships brings happiness, security and most of all stability. Each and every relationship is unique and at times we find ourselves searching for deeper meaning. If you are looking for extra guidance, a love and relationship reading may help you find answers As your trusted and professional psychic I am here to provide you with “spiritual” power, to give to you necessary clarity, and the correct definitive guidance and direction with accuracy.



Money and Finance are one of the most popular as they give you an insight into your future. As a professional psychic I will take a look at your current financial situation and give information on how it has and will influence your lifestlye, whether it involves your career, business, home, assets or investments. My readings will prepare you for any setbacks, I will also advise on how to avoid a loss or better yet, how to attract more of what you want. My readings will help you take control of your financial future.



Career is a very important aspect of one’s life because it is the source of income for a certain person. It can make or break your life, Psychic readings can be a great help when it comes to career matters. If you are planning to change your career it is important to consider asking some advice, especially from those who have the gift and abilities to seek spiritual guidance. I look forward to giving you the most accurate insights and to discover your professional future and how to plan ahead for success.



Children also benefit from psychic readings. Sometimes you may need some extra guidance on how to get through a difficult experience or life phase, providing you both with comfort and advice during such time. Or you may be interested in how you can help them to shape their lives in the best way possible, with future reading predictions aimed at looking at their education options, career choices and personal relationships.


Psychic Medium

Senses used by mental mediums are sometimes defined differently in other paranormal fields. A medium is said to have psychic abilities. Not all psychics function as mediums. Mental mediums purportedly “tune in” to the spirit world by listening, sensing, or seeing spirits or symbols. Physical mediums are believed to produce materialization of spirits, movement of objects, and other effects such as knocking, rapping, bell-ringing, etc. by using “.


Psychic Reading

A Psychic Reading is a specific attempt to discern information through the use of extrasensory perception (ESP) which is naturally hidden from our normal sense such as sight, sound, touch and taste. Those who have the ability to perform such acts are apparently inexplicable by natural laws. A psychic uses their intuition to receive information about someone’s past, present and future in a way of offering guidance, inspiration, a fresh perspective or strategies for dealing with challenging events.


Medical Intuitive Healing

Medical Intuitive Reading will describe and specifically identify the source of your physical health issues and symptoms, pinpoint any specific health problems and how they started and what can be done to resolve them. This work is done by intuitively scanning the body for areas or imbalance that may need alignment or treatment. Often times the Medical Intuitive will be able to explain the connection of the energy to an emotion or an event causing the illness.

Psychic Readings

Medical Intuitive Reading & Healings

Greg was our healer when my Dad was sick and almost died.

My Dad is 77 and he got very ill with Covid-19. He was in ICU and was intubated for 5 weeks. The Doctors didn’t hold out much hope for his survival. He was in multi-organ failure. I contacted Greg, as I needed some hope and additional support – for Dad, as well as for My family and I. I actually felt like we needed a miracle. Greg did a healing session virtually on my Dad, with me by phone and the things he saw and knew really blew me away. We had two sessions with Greg and in the first one he asked did he have anything wrong with his bowels And I said No – just lungs, Kidney and Heart. After that first session Dad’s lungs improved to the point they were ready to bring him out of the coma. This was the first set of positive news we had had – straight after Greg’s first session. By Friday that week Dad was having emergency surgery on his bowels. I had already booked my next session with Greg – and it happened to be right when dad was in surgery- thank goodness! Dad sailed through surgery. Greg continued to work on him virtually and said he could see Dad in a Wheelchair with my Mum down the track. That was all the hope I needed to give me Faith to believe he was going to survive. That helped me support my extended family as well and give them faith.

Greg is very down to earth and humble, and went out of his way to continue to check in on Dad’s progress. It was a very difficult time and I am so grateful for the work that Greg did and have no doubt it helped in Dad surviving and being with us today. Thanks Greg!

Graham’s Daughter Alexie

What My Clients Say

It’s my birthday today and the truth is that if it wasn’t for Greg’s divine intervention to heal me I would not be here today. Words cannot express my sincere gratitude for Greg’s determination to save my life from a rare aggressive form of breast cancer that had riddled my organs and bones back in August but today my scan shows no sign of any cancer anywhere to be seen!

Greg’s astounding abilities and his unwavering support of me has given me so much to celebrate and be grateful for on my special day.

Greg has become a very special person to my soul sister Felicity and I, as we both have witnessed so many of Greg’s miracles during my battles. My sincere forever gratitude and blessings to Greg.

Sally A

I have been getting readings from Greg for about 20 years. His accuracy is amazing, and his psychic medium abilities will leave you feeling re-assured. I highly recommend him.


I just wanted to say thank you for absolutely blowing my mind with your gift and doing my reading. This was definitely an extremely profound moment in my life that I know I will remember and look back on it for many many years to come. I have most definitely recommended you to my friends and family.

Honestly, I hope to stay in contact and see you again in the future.

Kind regards,

Demii Maher-Smith

Greg is a very talented man. I can say from the get go he was spot on with a lot of things -he had me gobsmacked for a large part of the reading.

Greg's accuracy was impeccable - he picked up a lot about me, my father (who has passed), ailments I have (which I had been questioning the last couple of months), down to my travel plans. He knew I was off to the US and also NZ. Also he picked up my primary reasons for why I love acting and what it does for me on a spiritual level. Many of the things I have been ruminating on he addressed without me even opening my mouth.

There were other things mentioned which I will keep to myself until they come to fruition.

If you are thinking of doing a reading, this is the man to see.

I will definitely return for his guidance.

Greg is a gift on this earth.


I have had the pleasure of working with Greg in a professional setting as well as personally having the opportunity to benefit from his gift. As a psychologist I do my best to be holistic in my approach. We need to be client focussed and do whatever we can to help our clients reduce the emotional pain in their life. Working with Greg I feel I have been able to achieve positive results for many of my clients. If clients were grieving the loss of a loved one Greg’s medium abilities were just what my clients needed to move on in their grieving process. For clients who had suffered any type of abuse in their life and had stored these traumatic memories deep in their mind and their bodies, his energy healing sessions could unleash these negative memories and give their minds and their bodies some relief. Greg’s ability as a clairvoyant has helped my clients with future goal setting and planning in their lives. He has in many situations given them some hope that was not there before. I would recommend that everybody open up their minds and consider options such as sessions with Greg to remove stress and pain from their lives. I look forward to continuing to work with Greg in the future to achieve the best results and my clients and for myself.

Donna Hughes - Psychologist - The Couch Therapy Group

Frequently Asked Questions

Greg Sheehy is a highly respected Psychic Medium and Medical Intuitive with over twenty years of experience in Australia and Europe. His unique abilities have earned him a reputation for delivering accurate insights and profound guidance to clients worldwide.

Greg offers a range of services including psychic readings, mediumship sessions, and medical intuitive consultations. He utilizes various techniques such as reading Auras, Tarot, Psychometry, and more to provide clarity and direction in areas such as relationships, career, finances, and health.

Greg’s background in corporate leadership and his academic qualifications at the Master’s degree level bring a depth of understanding and insight to his work. Additionally, his focus on medical intuition sets him apart, allowing him to provide unique perspectives on health and well-being.

Many clients attest to the accuracy and impact of Greg’s readings, describing them as transformative. His intuitive insights have helped clients navigate life’s challenges with clarity and confidence.

Sessions with Greg can be booked through

Online at by phone 07 5522 8902.

He offers both in-person consultations and remote sessions via phone or Zoom, making his services accessible to clients worldwide.

Greg respects all belief systems and approaches his work with an open mind and heart. He aims to provide guidance and support to individuals from diverse backgrounds, regardless of their religious or spiritual beliefs.

While Greg offers insights into health and well-being as a medical intuitive, he does not replace the expertise of medical professionals. Clients are encouraged to seek medical advice from qualified healthcare professionals for any health concerns.

During a session with Greg, you can expect a compassionate and non-judgmental atmosphere. He will use his intuitive abilities to provide insights and guidance tailored to your specific questions and concerns, helping you gain clarity and perspective on your life’s journey.