Allow me to produce amazing accuracy, provide unfettered and profound direction and prediction with a private Reading today. Select half hour or one hour appointment, for an in-depth Reading, covering a wide range of topics like Career, Relationships, Finances, Family, Children, Health and other Core Life issues.


Psychic, Medium, Medical Intuitive and Healer, I have worked with clients throughout Australia and the rest of the world.

my name is

Greg Sheehy


I’m a Psychic/Medium with over 20 years of experience. I’ve appeared at Spiritual Expos, on stage, and on radio shows in Australia and Europe. With a Divine gift, I offer accurate insights and predictions on various life aspects like Career, Relationships, and Health. Using tools like Aura reading and Tarot, I’ve helped over 80,000 clients globally. Formerly, I held



As a Psychic Medium/Medical Intuitive I am able to assist you by providing spiritual guidance to questions that you may have, aswell as physical health issues and symptoms. I look forward to giving you the direct, accurate answers you need to help you decide your future whilst offering guidance, inspiration, a fresh perspective and strategies for dealing with challenging life events.



Love and Relationships brings happiness, security and most of all stability. Each and every relationship is unique and at times we find ourselves searching for deeper meaning. If you are looking for extra guidance, a love and relationship reading may help you find answers As your trusted and professional psychic I am here to provide you with “spiritual” power, to give to you necessary clarity, and the correct definitive guidance and direction with accuracy.



Money and Finance are one of the most popular as they give you an insight into your future. As a professional psychic I will take a look at your current financial situation and give information on how it has and will influence your lifestlye, whether it involves your career, business, home, assets or investments. My readings will prepare you for any setbacks, I will also advise on how to avoid a loss or better yet, how to attract more of what you want. My readings will help you take control of your financial future.



Career is a very important aspect of one’s life because it is the source of income for a certain person. It can make or break your life, Psychic readings can be a great help when it comes to career matters. If you are planning to change your career it is important to consider asking some advice, especially from those who have the gift and abilities to seek spiritual guidance. I look forward to giving you the most accurate insights and to discover your professional future and how to plan ahead for success.



Children also benefit from psychic readings. Sometimes you may need some extra guidance on how to get through a difficult experience or life phase, providing you both with comfort and advice during such time. Or you may be interested in how you can help them to shape their lives in the best way possible, with future reading predictions aimed at looking at their education options, career choices and personal relationships.


Psychic Medium

Senses used by mental mediums are sometimes defined differently in other paranormal fields. A medium is said to have psychic abilities. Not all psychics function as mediums. Mental mediums purportedly “tune in” to the spirit world by listening, sensing, or seeing spirits or symbols. Physical mediums are believed to produce materialization of spirits, movement of objects, and other effects such as knocking, rapping, bell-ringing, etc. by using “.


Psychic Reading

A Psychic Reading is a specific attempt to discern information through the use of extrasensory perception (ESP) which is naturally hidden from our normal sense such as sight, sound, touch and taste. Those who have the ability to perform such acts are apparently inexplicable by natural laws. A psychic uses their intuition to receive information about someone’s past, present and future in a way of offering guidance, inspiration, a fresh perspective or strategies for dealing with challenging events.


Medical Intuitive Healing

Medical Intuitive Reading will describe and specifically identify the source of your physical health issues and symptoms, pinpoint any specific health problems and how they started and what can be done to resolve them. This work is done by intuitively scanning the body for areas or imbalance that may need alignment or treatment. Often times the Medical Intuitive will be able to explain the connection of the energy to an emotion or an event causing the illness.

Greg was our healer when my Dad was sick and almost died.

My Dad is 77 and he got very ill with Covid-19. He was in ICU and was intubated for 5 weeks. The Doctors didn’t hold out much hope for his survival. He was in multi-organ failure. I contacted Greg, as I needed some hope and additional support – for Dad, as well as for My family and I. I actually felt like we needed a miracle. Greg did a healing session virtually on my Dad, with me by phone and the things he saw and knew really blew me away. We had two sessions with Greg and in the first one he asked did he have anything wrong with his bowels And I said No – just lungs, Kidney and Heart. After that first session Dad’s lungs improved to the point they were ready to bring him out of the coma. This was the first set of positive news we had had – straight after Greg’s first session. By Friday that week Dad was having emergency surgery on his bowels. I had already booked my next session with Greg – and it happened to be right when dad was in surgery- thank goodness! Dad sailed through surgery. Greg continued to work on him virtually and said he could see Dad in a Wheelchair with my Mum down the track. That was all the hope I needed to give me Faith to believe he was going to survive. That helped me support my extended family as well and give them faith.

Greg is very down to earth and humble, and went out of his way to continue to check in on Dad’s progress. It was a very difficult time and I am so grateful for the work that Greg did and have no doubt it helped in Dad surviving and being with us today. Thanks Greg!

Graham’s Daughter Alexie