Is your Integrative Doctor truly integrative?

Understanding what your holistic practitioner actually does can really help you choose the right person for you.

‘Integrative Doctor’, ‘Holistic Practitioner’, ‘Nutrition-orientated physician’, ‘Energy Healer’, ‘Naturopath’, ‘Nutritionist’, etc., etc., etc. We’ve all heard these terms, but do we know what they exactly mean? And does everyone who practises holistic or integrative medicine truly and completely incorporate these principles in their work? And what difference could doing so make to your life?

What is an Integrative/Holistic Doctor?

‘Integrative’ is a term used by many doctors to highlight the fact that they use nutritional approaches (in addition to normal drugs) to treat their patients. Some doctors also refer to themselves as Integrative Nutritional physicians, highlighting the alternative strategies they use, with a focus on ‘nutrition’. Other commonly-used terms include ‘holistic’, ‘complementary’, ‘alternative’ and ‘natural healing’. The degree to which these practitioners apply these principles can range from simply prescribing some vitamins and minerals, through to a fully implemented clinic approach that embraces the entire range of treatment modalities.

The question is, ‘What really is best for you?

My Journey to True Integrative Medicine

Conventional Medical Doctor. I started off nearly three decades ago as a conventional doctor, but it was my experience that many of my chronically ill patients just weren’t getting better with the drug approach to treatment. I became disillusioned; I felt the pain, confusion and suffering of my patients – and so I sought out alternative strategies for dealing with their ongoing health issues.

Nutritionally Oriented Approach. I studied nutritional medicine both in Australia and overseas. I learnt about the roles and effectiveness of vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, hormones and herbs. I even became a Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist. I found increased success for my patients (and even for myself) when I used a combination of Western Medicine and Nutritional Strategies – but there was still a sizeable proportion of patients who did not improve.

Dealing with Emotions and Beliefs. One thing I noticed during consultations was that many of my long-term sick patients had beliefs and emotions that were negatively impacting on their health. So, I trained in a range of techniques (such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming) that helped addressed such issues – I got increased success, but still there were patients who remained unwell.

Energetic Healing. So, in an attempt to go deeper and wider, I have, for the past one and a half decades, studied Energy Healing Techniques. I learnt about how to address the negative impact of electromagnetic energy on the human body; and the importance of environment (physical, emotional, social, energetic) in achieving peak health states. I also studied techniques for treating health issues not at the physical level – but at the more subtle level of the Human Energy Field. I then started to see patients who were previously hopelessly unwell for long periods of time improve their health in all areas of their lives – emotionally, physically, mentally – and spiritually. I knew that I was onto something, so I continued my learning and skill development.

Spiritual Healing. In recent years, I have taken one step beyond the Human and Universal Energy Fields to examine Spiritual Healing. Such healing is not religious in nature; rather, its focus is on helping people discover who they are, why they are here, and what their passion is in life – it’s about finding true ‘joy’. When people uncover and connect with who they really are and what gives them deep meaning in their lives, wonderful things happen… They get better… faster…

With the combination of Western Medicine, Nutrition, Emotion/Belief techniques, Energetics, and Spiritual approaches – I have found a remarkably high success rate. As I looked back on the practical integration of all these approaches, I realised what it meant to be truly ‘holistic’ and ‘integrative’ as a doctor…

True Holistic Healing

I can’t speak for other holistic/integrative doctors and what such terms mean to them – but I can speak for what works in my clinic and how true holistic treatment practices can be integrated effectively. I now not only look at the physical; I also look at a person’s emotions, their self-beliefs, their environment, their relationships, their traumas, and their significant life events. All of these impact seriously on people’s

And I also work on re-aligning their Human Energy Field, and I guide them to heal at a spiritual level (life purpose and joy) so that they can, once again (and for some people it’s the first time in their lives) connect with who they really are.

I’ve found that the more I ‘chunk up’ in a person’s life – from physical, to mental, to emotional, to energetic, and then to spiritual – the more powerful, long-lasting and profound the changes they experience.

To me, this is what it means to be a True Holistic Integrative Doctor – one who meaningfully and actively addresses all aspects of a person to assist them to self-heal.

The Secret to My Success

I guess if pressed for the reason why so many people who have been struggling with serious, chronic health problems and who’ve ‘seen everybody’ find success at BGH – it is simply because I really do – with every patient, in every appointment, every single day – focus on treatment at every level of their existence: physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual.

I believe that it’s this that makes all the difference…

Why not try it out for yourself, or for someone you care about…

It could make all the difference to them as well…



Yours in health

dr. dzung price

Dr Price

(Integrative Doctor, Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist)


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