How to Create a Healthy Relationship With Food

Did you know that carbohydrates set off a series of chemical reactions that lead to a higher level of brain serotonin? And because serotonin in the brain regulates your mood and happiness, it is linked to the vicious cycle of food and feelings. In this article you will learn an invaluable technique that allows you to disconnect your emotions from food and regain control over your diet.

Emotions = Food

You may not realise this, but your emotions are actually food – food for your soul!  Positive emotions empower us, make us feel confident, and cause us to feel love and joy.  When we experience these emotions, our souls are fed in powerful ways, and we grow healthier and happier as a result.  In this way, emotions are – in a very real way – food for our souls.

Food = Emotions

Did you know that the opposite is true also: that Food = Emotions?  Don’t believe me?  Think about your favourite food – what happens when you do?  Do you get a memory of a lovely time with someone you care about?  Do you get a warm feeling inside?  If so, then this food triggers within you an emotional response, so Food really does Equal Emotions!

When Food Becomes Your Frenemy

We all know those teenage movies when a person pretends to be someone’s friend but they are all the while trying to undermine the person’s happiness.  A term was coined to describe this: ‘Frenemy’ (a person that acts like a friend but is in actual fact an enemy). 

Has food become your Frenemy?  Is it something that you treat like a friend, but deep inside you feel that it’s out to destroy you?

If so, then your relationship with food has become unbalanced, and you need help to turn food from ‘frenemy’ to fun again!

Why We Struggle To Control Our Eating

Why does food turn from comfort to frenemy?  It’s all to do with emotions…

You see, in our lives we experience pain, sadness, stress, loss, loneliness and unhappiness.  Perhaps we have an unhappy relationship with our spouse and we feel angry.  Maybe our boss places too much work on our shoulders and we feel stressed.  Perhaps we feel unfulfilled in life and maybe even disregarded and disrespected by family members. 

When this happens, we experience emotional pain – and we just want it to stop…

Like some burning flame, the pain in our heart, our mind and our souls cries out to us to be extinguished.

But how do we do that?

We look for emotions that offer the opposite of what we’re feeling…

So, if we’re feeling depressed, we want something to make us feel happy.

If we’re lonely, we want to have feelings of connection.

And if we are feeling angry, we want to feel calm again.

Food, Memories, Connection, Emotions

Remember that Food = Emotions.  This is because when we had a particular food we usually ate it during a positive experience.  One patient of mine, when she was young, would go to the ice cream parlour every Sunday with her dad – so for her, ice cream gives her the feelings of connection, love, and belonging.  Then, whenever she felt sad, disconnected or lonely – she’d eat ice cream, unconsciously re-connecting with the emotions she felt when she was young and with her dad.

This is why we turn to food when we feel stressed, angry, sad, depressed, lonely, etc – Food = Happy Emotions that change our state of being…

Dr Mercola, famous health researcher and proponent of nutritional living, examined the science behind food addiction and wrote about it – explaining the impact of emotions on our food choices.  To read what he said about this important topic, please click here:

A Radical and ‘Almost Fun’ Activity to Rewrite Your Relationship with Food

A friend of mine had a lifelong obsession with crisps – plain, salt and vinegar, BBQ, Kettle, Smiths, etc – if it was a chip, she’d eat it with great gusto.  And, as you can imagine, eating all that fat and carbohydrate together impacted on her weight.  She wanted to change, but she just couldn’t do it, so I helped her out with this activity.

I warn you now that it’s only ‘kinda’ fun – it works really well with most people, but it takes a bit of determination to apply it.  But, if you’re keen to make a difference to your eating choices I offer it to you…  I call it the ‘Mind Masher’, and this is how you do it…

The Mind Masher

  1. Think of your addicted food – really imagine it, taste it in your mind, smell it and feel it in your mouth.  Really get into it…
  2. Think of something really, really gross.  My friend imagined a bucket of vomit.  Others have imagined rotting carcasses, or public toilets…  Whatever is gross to you will work.  Really imagine it – until you physically gag or feel sick.
  3. Mash the two experiences together in your mind.  Imagine the delicious food that you crave and mix it with the thing that makes you sick.  Really mix them together in your mind until whenever you think of your craved food, the image and experience of the gross item comes to mind. 
  4. Repeat this every day and every time you think of your craved food.

My friend did this for one week straight – and she didn’t eat crisps for over two years!  Then, one day she ate them at a party and the good feelings came back.  She binged on them for a week but then started using the Mind Masher and stopped eating them that day.

If you decide to try the Mind Masher, let me know how you go – I’m interested!

Sometimes You Need More Help

For many of us, we have emotions that are really deeply entrenched in our souls – and it’s hard for us to overcome their effect easily.  When this happens, we need more powerful tools to clear the blocked emotions.  Once they are properly cleared, then we are free to establish a more healthy relationship with food.  I use some powerful ‘energy healing’ tools to identify and then clear the deep-seated emotions that are sabotaging your weight loss.

‘Burn Belly Fat’ Workshop – 24 November

On Saturday 24 November, I’m running a full-day workshop that will do just that – clearly identify and then powerfully unblock the trapped emotions, beliefs and energies that underly people’s unhealthy relationships with food.

At our ‘Burn Belly Fat’ Workshop, we’ll:

  • teach you why you have an uncontrolled relationship with food
  • tell you where these beliefs, values and emotions that are sabotaging your eating and weight come from
  • use powerful energy releasing techniques and tools to ‘clear’ these blocked energies, emotions and beliefs so that you can ‘rewrite’ your relationship with food

When you come away from the workshop, you’ll:

  • have cleared the basic, underlying emotions, beliefs and values that are sabotaging your weight loss
  • be free to re-establish a new and empowering relationship with food
  • have tools to use on a daily basis to keep you progressing along your weight loss and healthy food path 
  • be more connected to your own emotions and energies, which will have a positive impact in all areas of your life

Is this Workshop Right for You?

If you are having trouble losing weight and controlling your eating – then our ‘Burn Belly Fat’ Workshop is important for you to attend.  To learn more about this life-changing event, please CLICK HERE…

I hope that you will make the decision to join me on the 24th for a life-changing workshop.  It could be the best decision you’ve made in a long time…

Yours in health

dr. dzung price

Dr Zung Vu (Price)
Integrative Doctor, Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist

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