How to Beat Chronic Fatigue And Restore Joy And Energy!

Did you know that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) Is believed to affect around 150,000 Australians and women are two times more likely to develop CFS than men? While there is no exact cause of this, there are natural ways to regain your energy levels and bring joy back into your life!

To improve chronic fatigue does not only mean going to sleep the whole day and into the night and voila! You feel good, dandy and back to your old jolly self. Chronic fatigue is not just feeling tired. It refers to a condition of continuously feeling tired despite the amount of sleep you’ve had. It may or may not have a direct cause to any medical condition. This condition is complicated and may worsen with physical or mental activity. Some people assume that to treat chronic fatigue simply requires the person to rest, but fatigue in itself means loss of energy and desire to be motivated.

It can be quite a challenge to treat chronic fatigue since it is a complex condition with a range of possible causes. It is often a combination of physical, emotional and life-style related factors. It is imperative that once you suspect that you are suffering various symptoms like long-term exhaustion from physical or mental activities, chronic headaches, unexplained muscle pains, disturbed sleep, and loss of memory or concentration, sore throat and enlarged lymph nodes in your neck and armpits, it is time for you to seek ways to treat chronic fatigue.

Ways to improve Chronic Fatigue symptoms

Chronic fatigue is also due to allergies and viral infections. People suffering from immune system disorder can also experience the different symptoms of this condition. Both men and women undergoing hormonal imbalance can also show signs of fatigue. It is recommended that you visit a health professional to help you treat chronic fatigue based on the different symptoms that you are experiencing.

We are all aware of how destructive stress can play a big part on our physical and psychological health. In fact, a lot of people are suffering from chronic fatigue due to the ongoing stress they face every day in their lives.

There are natural ways to combat stress that will in most cases lead you to more energy . First, you have to look at your diet. If you’re not aware of what you consume daily, you may be lacking the nutritional value your body needs which can compensate your energy levels and leave you feeling depleted, tired, grumpy, and unhealthy. Change your diet to all-organic and all-natural — leave out the junk and you will feel a whole lot better.
You should also add certain supplements to your daily diet. Magnesium and potassium are minerals needed to protect your body from experiencing fatigue. This goes the same with sodium and zinc. Calcium is another mineral that you need because it helps the body relax naturally.

Yoga, meditation and QiGong are great to improve or even cure chronic fatigue. Breathing exercises are being taught on how to relax the body and the mind. Engaging daily in light physical exercise helps to reduce muscle tension and will give way to healthy cell regeneration.

Here at Beyond Good Health, we have the best methods available on how to handle chronic fatigue. Because no person is the same, we at BGH offer highly personalized programs. Simply book for an initial consultation for chronic fatigue to find out all your options.

Are You Pushing Yourself Too Hard?

Have you ever asked yourself why chronic fatigue is so widespread in our time? One explanation is because we currently live in a fast-paced world with increasing demands. We are in a vicious cycle that requires us to push harder and harder, leading us to crash with exhaustion, feeling of unworthiness, then we continue to try harder again. Even when we are supposed to rest, we are constantly trying to look good and do the right thing.

So what drives us to push through life so hard? It is often the craving for approval and fearing disapproval, which creates a form of dependency on other people. This behaviour is based on beliefs on how you’re supposed to behave or not behave, which is certainly a conditioning coming from our childhood. You may ask at this point ‘What does this have to do with Chronic Fatigue?’

The less appreciation and love you give yourself, which has to do with the core belief about yourself, the more you depend on external energy sources such as others attention, food, nicotine or drugs. This is a source of ongoing stress. Often you are not able to say no to situations you don’t like, out of fear of not being loved. Or you are prone to manipulations of all sort, as you want to do it right for everyone. At the end of the day, you give away more energy as you get back, which keeps you in the cycle of chronic fatigue.

Becoming aware of these factors and releasing the subconscious programming from your childhood will reduce stress and conditional responses and increase your authenticity, self-appreciation and at the end your energies.

In my experience it very often boils down to lack of self-love and not following your heart, hence trying to turn up for one’s obligations and expectations. In case you feel your are constantly striving and driving, trying to please others, following others agendas and not your own, then I would like to invite you to my upcoming evening workshop called: “Unlock the Secret Powers of the Heart”

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