How Old Are You? Chronological vs. Biological Aging

A scientific team tested around a thousand 38-year-olds and found that some people are as fit as if they were 10 years younger while others seem to have body conditions of seniors. How can this be?

Wrinkles and grey hair are clear signs that a person is no longer young. But even then, many older people are still jogging while some are no longer able to do that. The biological age of a person varies, and this is surprisingly happening at a young age. “If we want to avoid specific age-related diseases, we need to study the aging process of young people”, says Dan Belsky of the Duke University.

Dan Belsky and his team calculated the biological age of 1000 38-year old people by using 18 different biomarkers. The results were astonishing. The biological age was between 28 and 61 years. The results were published in the “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences”.

The international research team used a total of 18 biomarkers of the liver and the immune system. Additionally, they tested cholesterol, heart condition, and the length of the telomeres. The study also incorporated the health of the teeth, and the blood capillaries behind the eye, which is an indicator for the blood vessels of the brain.

Chronologically one year older, biologically 3 years older

Based on these numbers, the scientists calculated the biological age of the 38-year-old human subjects in the research study. To be able to determine the individual aging processes, the researchers compared the data with the results of the subjects when they were 26 and 32 years old. And it showed that the average chronological aging process was parallel to the biological aging. But some aged biologically 3 times faster than chronologically while some did not age or had a lower biological age than in their passport.

biological age alternative medicine practitioner brisbane
The single telomere shorten with your age.

The research subjects that were biologically older than chronologically were also worse with balance and coordination exercises, as well as with cognitive tests.
Their look also confirmed these medically elaborated data. The ones who were biologically older apparently looked older on their pictures as well.

That’s the end of hiding behind your chronological age

The scientists are hoping that this method will help to understand and see the aging process as a whole, instead of treating age-related diseases separately.

“When we are getting older, our risk for many different diseases rises,” says Belsky. “In order to prevent a whole range of diseases, we need to stop closing our eyes and observe our real aging process, independent of our chronological age.”

I found this article in the German ‘Spiegel’ and found it very interesting since I was testing the biological age of hundreds of patients many years ago. My approach was quite simple, if a patient was biologically far older than their “real” age, then we need to work intensively on the basics like detoxification, immune system, nutritional and lifestyle changes until they were able to reverse that condition.

I also found a significant correlation between stress and aging. Clients who went through many difficult challenges in their lives, aged biologically much faster.

In this sense, slowing down your biological age is the real meaning of rejuvenation. It is possible to make powerful changes in your life and, as a result, get younger year after year.

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