How Feelings Can Affect Your Health

Watch the video below to learn how feelings can affect your health

Hi there – today I’d like to talk you to about what I call ‘The Biology of Emotions’ – or how your feelings impact your physical health.

We’ll look at how your body responds to messages from your brain and nervous system – and how these are influenced by how you feel and what you think.

You may be starting to realise the powerful link between your emotions — along their associated thoughts and beliefs — and your symptoms – BUT – I want you to know that your pain, your symptoms, and your health issues are 100% physical.

Your pain and symptoms aren’t ‘all in your mind’ – you are really feeling the pain, and you are really experiencing your symptoms.

No one thinks that you are making anything up — your health condition is real.

I really want you to know that.

It’s just that, if we track backwards, it’s your emotions and your thoughts and your beliefs that lie at the heart of your health issues, and they impact on your physical health in very real and direct ways.

If you recall my earlier story about a friend of mine who was working in the Amazon where the villagers were suffering from dirty, dangerous and unclean water.

No one thought for a moment that the villagers were making up the story – anyone could easily see the effects of the unclean water on the villagers, the local animals and the plant life.

It’s just that the source of the problem lay many kilometres up the river at a mining complex.

So, while your pain and symptoms are 100% real and physical – their origins lie in your repressed emotions and their associated thoughts and beliefs.

Repressed emotions are a factor in most, if not all, health conditions.  Let me give you a couple of practical examples:

  • many thousands of people with back and neck pain, who had seen multiple orthopaedic specialists and even undergone spinal surgery with no success, were treated by Dr John Sarno and his associates. He achieved remarkable success with his patients – just by having them write or discuss about their emotions.  That’s a lot of suffering and pain that is no more – just because these people connected their emotions with their health…
  • a group of nearly 400 women who had tried unsuccessfully to get pregnant – on average they had been trying for five years – were broken into two groups. One group was told to meet weekly and just discuss what they did during the week.  This was the control group.  The other group met weekly and all they were allowed to talk about was their feelings – that’s it…  After six months, no one in the control group had fallen pregnant – but in the other group – the one that discussed their feelings – 40% had fallen pregnant… A miraculous result…

These are just two examples – and there are many, many more – studies of people with autoimmune conditions, skin conditions, bowel diseases, depression and other health conditions like chronic pain – and all these studies showed that when people connected to their emotions – and then connected them to their health conditions – they improved – often achieving remarkable results.

I’m sure you’re wondering what happens to cause your feelings to create physical health problems.

I know that this idea can be hard to believe at first…

I get it – it can take a little time to get your head around the whole issue – so let me explain…

If it’s ok with you, I’ll work backwards – from your symptoms to their cause…

Let’s use the example of chronic pain…

Firstly, in this example, you’ve got pain – and it’s all over your body – and doctors may call it fibromyalgia…

But — what’s happening, physiologically, to cause the pain in your muscles and joints?

Well, it’s inflammation…

But — what’s causing the inflammation?

A reduction in oxygen and nutrients leading to impaired cellular health….

It’s also the production of localised inflammatory molecules in your muscles and joints that’s not able to be removed quickly enough.

But — why is there this reduction in oxygen and nutrient flow and reduced removal of inflammatory molecules?

It’s because localised muscle tension is reducing blood and nutrient flow…

But — what’s causing this localised muscle tension?

Messages from your brain – through your nervous system telling your muscles to tense up.

But — what’s causing the messages from your brain to tell your muscles to tense up?

Your emotions and your thoughts and your beliefs…  It’s that simple…

Let me explain further — imagine for a moment that you’re about to do something scary, stressful, or emotionally challenging — like jumping out of an aircraft, or doing a speech in front of an audience, or going for a job interview…

What do you feel?  Nervous? Scared? Worried? Stressed?

What do these emotions do to your body?

Do they cause your tummy to get queasy?

Your heart to race?

Your face to flush?

Your heart rate to increase?

Your body to get tense?

Well – guess what – that’s the biology of emotions…

That’s how emotions create a brain and nervous system response which, in turn, affects your blood flow, hormone production, heart rate and other physiological processes.

And why do you get nervous to speak in front of people when your friend doesn’t, and why do you get scared to jump out of an aeroplane when someone else doesn’t — and why does speaking to your boss fill you with fear when another person can ask for a raise easily?

It’s because your emotional response to certain experiences has been set differently from another person – and this happened during your early childhood and throughout your life.

That’s why your definitions of fear, excitement and nervousness differ from others…

BUT – there’s more…

We all associate certain experiences with other experiences – lumping similar things together in ways that mean something to us as individuals.

So, when we were young, we may have ‘decided’ that something was scary — and throughout our life, we have ‘associated’ other events with this initial scary one.

So, even though one thing may not be as scary as another thing, we can run the same emotional program in response to the less scary experience.

The result is that we can end up with lots of things that are associated together into groups – all of which cause the same emotional, neurological and physical reaction.

THEN — to be really, super efficient, your mind created a special program — a set of pre-determined neurological and physiological responses — so that whenever you came across something that was similar to a certain event, that particular program would be activated.

Then to be even more efficient, your mind stored this program in your subconscious so that it could be activated quickly and automatically.

And because the program has been stored in your subconscious mind – it’s completely outside your conscious awareness – so you don’t even know when it’s being activated.

And the vast majority of these subconscious programs were installed when you were very young, so you have been automatically and silently activating them your whole life…

BUT WAIT — there’s even more…

Now imagine that you experience some of these less scary things on an ongoing basis — maybe you feel a little scared in busy traffic as you drive to work, or maybe chatting to the boss makes you just a little scared too.

Because these have been associated with a much scarier event from your early childhood — you end up running the very same subconscious program — with the same neurological and physiological responses…

And if these emotional responses create muscle tension — and you’re experiencing them over and over and over again — each and every day — then you can see that your body would be in a constant state of tension…

That’s how the pain condition builds each day and eventually becomes chronic…

And with reduced nerve flow, reduced blood flow, reduced nutrients and reduced ability to remove the inflammatory molecules, your muscles, then your joints, then your organs, then your organ systems – and finally your whole body feels the chronic pain.

All because of your emotions and their associated thoughts and beliefs being stored and activated as subconscious programs that operate silently, automatically, and outside your conscious awareness…

The great news is that if you address the subconscious programs that are linked to the emotions, thoughts and beliefs that lie at the heart of your health conditions — you can heal yourself and become free of your pain and sickness.

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