Empowering Health Tips for the Month July 2016

Being healthy, becoming healthy and staying healthy is a choice. You choose your way of living, you choose what you eat, you choose how often you exercise, you choose how many hours you sleep, you choose your beliefs and practices…

Being in control of your health empowers you, but there are some choices that are doing you more harm than being beneficial. Sometimes, you need guidance to keep you on the right track of your health journey. So, we want you to know that our health experts got your back!

In fact, the Beyond Good Health team compiled empowering health tips to guide you in your health journey. We will update this post regularly to give you access to the latest health tips from our health experts. It’s also best if you LIKE our Facebook Page to stay updated, and share your thoughts and experiences with other health advocates.empowering health tip #44

EMPOWERING HEALTH TIP #44 – Eat 2 portions of fish per week, 1 portion must be oily fish

Eat at least 2 portions of fish every week, and make sure that 1 portion is an oily fish. Oily fish is rich in omega-3 fats that are proven to be good for the heart; it helps prevent heart diseases. Likewise, fish is a good protein source and it’s packed with vitamins and minerals. Salmon, mackerel, trout, herring, fresh tuna, sardines, pilchards are good options. However, avoid canned and smoked fish as much as possible because they are high in salt content.


empowering health tip #43

EMPOWERING HEALTH TIP #43 – Eat 1 carrot a day

How does carrots reduce your bad cholesterol level? Carrots are high in calcium pectate that helps in lowering the levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) in the body. What calcium pectate do is it binds with your bile acids consist of cholesterol, then the body facilitates its excretion. Aside from lowering your bad cholesterol, carrots are also rich in beta carotene (precursor of vitamin A), that boosts your immune function, maintains good eyesight, and has antioxidant properties.



empowering health tip #42

EMPOWERING HEALTH TIP #42 – Stop dieting

You don’t have to follow all dietary fads to stay fit because not all these fads conform with your specific nutritional needs. Determining the correct diet regimen for you must be according to your age, genetic heritage, activity level, health condition,  personal preferences and many other factors. But overall, always keep in mind to eat in moderation, which means eating what your body needs. Have a balanced intake of carbohydrates, protein, fats, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Don’t deprive yourself of a specific nutrient just because it’s the new dietary trend.



empowering health tip #41

EMPOWERING HEALTH TIP #41 – Pick red cabbage over green ones

Red cabbage is richer in beta-carotene than green cabbage. Beta-carotene is the primary dietary source of vitamin A, which is essential for immune function, potent antioxidant that protects against cancer, prevents fat deposition in your blood vessels, reduces your risk of heart attack and stroke, and it keeps your eyes healthy!



empowering health tip #40

EMPOWERING HEALTH TIP #40 – Choose gut-friendly foods

Many people complain why fresh and organic foods are expensive, but they didn’t wonder why processed, boxed and canned foods are cheap! The truth is processed foods hurt your gut. They are packed with sugar, preservatives, and additives. Likewise, they are synthetic and genetically modified. On the other hand, fresh and organic foods are chemical-free and definitely are safe and healthy for your digestive health.

To maximize the benefits of food to your gut, choose fish, chicken and lean meat over fatty red meats because the latter is often associated with colon cancer. Eat more whole grains too, which are good sources of long-lasting energy, reduces cholesterol levels and rich in fiber that improves proper digestion. Fruits that are colored yellow, light and dark green are also high in fiber content, carotene, folate, vitamins C and E, which have protective property against cancer. And don’t forget to eat fermented foods and probiotics!



empowering health tip #39

EMPOWERING HEALTH TIP #39 –  Chew your food more

Don’t swallow your food immediately after chewing it a few times. You have to chew your food properly, chew it more to make sure it turns into the smallest pieces it could get. By doing so, your stomach and intestine will require lesser effort and time to digest the food completely. Likewise, chewing more will make you eat less because after 15-20 minutes, your brain will send a signal that you’re no longer hungry.



empowering health tip #38

EMPOWERING HEALTH TIP #38 – Eat less salt

Too much salt in your diet increases your blood pressure, which is a contributing factor to heart disease and stroke. Always check food labels and watch out for foods that contain more than 1.5 gram of salt per 100 grams- it means high salt content. Keep your salt intake less than 6 grams (1 teaspoon) per day.



empowering health tip #37

EMPOWERING HEALTH TIP #37 – Drink water first

It is a normal response to eat when feeling hungry, right? However, do not conclude immediately that you really need to eat. Drink a glass of water first. If it relieves your hunger, then you really are not hungry at all, but it’s thirst disguising as hunger!



empowering health tip #17

EMPOWERING HEALTH TIP #36 – Avoid empty calorie foods

Foods with empty calories means they are high in calorie but has little to no nutrient content like vitamins and minerals. Chips, sodas and packaged snacks are examples of foods with empty calories. These empty calorie foods are the primary sources of extra calories that are stored as fat in your body. So it is better to choose nutrient-rich foods like fruits and vegetables as daily snack.



health guide #1

EMPOWERING HEALTH TIP #35 – Walk 10,000 steps a day

Walking is definitely the easiest form of exercise. Whether you’re trying to lose weight or not, you still need to walk and walk and walk every day… because people who walks longer distance and walks at faster pace has lower risk of developing heart diseases!



empowering health tip 2

EMPOWERING HEALTH TIP #34 – Skip energy drinks

Energy drinks provide temporary energy boost only that will crash down soon and will leave you sluggish. Irritability, nervousness, and rapid heartbeat are just a few of its unpleasant side effects. Eat some protein-rich and high fiber snacks instead for a long-lasting energy source.



empowering health tip #3

EMPOWERING HEALTH TIP #33 – Include bananas in daily fruit intake

Did you know that bananas are rich in fiber and resistant starch that feed the good bacteria in your gut? The good bacteria keeps your gut healthy and protects you from microbes that cause bowel infection and inflammatory disease.



empowering health tip #4

EMPOWERING HEALTH TIP #32 – Use bath salts and essential oil

It’s winter! Did you know that adding Magnesium bath salts and essential oils in your warm bath can enhance the relaxing effect of warm water? It also relieves stress, reduces pain and soreness, and detoxifies your skin! Check Tip #5 in this article, click here



empowering health tip #5

EMPOWERING HEALTH TIP #31 – Add Spinach to your diet

Aside from being rich in vitamin C, which is the number one vitamin that boosts immune function, Spinach is also packed with antioxidants and beta carotene that are significant in the infection-fighting capability of our immune system. You may add spinach to your smoothie ingredients or just lightly cook it when use in other dishes to retain its nutrients.



empowering health tip #6

EMPOWERING HEALTH TIP #30 – Practice deep breathing exercise

This deep breathing technique is known as coherent breathing. The primary goal is to take 5 breath cycles every minute. Coherent breathing can maximize your heart rate variability, which optimizes your stress response as well as heart function.



empowering health tip #7

EMPOWERING HEALTH TIP #29 – Relieve stress with Basil

You may add Basil Pesto or even dried or fresh Basil leaves in your food to enjoy its health benefits. Some herb lovers add 2 cups of Basil leaf tea into their warm bath to reduce stress and facilitate relaxation. As an adaptogen, Basil boosts your body’s natural protective response to physical and emotional stress. It also helps your body function optimally during times of stress.



empowering health tip #8

EMPOWERING HEALTH TIP #28 – Apply refrigerated tea bags on your eyes

When you get home, place the refrigerated tea bags on your eyes for few minutes while relaxing. This soothes tired eyes and reduces puffiness.



empowering health tip #9

EMPOWERING HEALTH TIP #27 – Add coconut oil to your meal

Coconut oil is a top energy-boosting food. In its purest state, it is considered a healthy fat. It’s the cheapest and simplest way to enhance your physical performance.



empowering health tip #10

EMPOWERING HEALTH TIP #26 – Have a daily dose of sunshine

If you have an autoimmune disease (i.e. arthritis, Lupus, Crohn’s disease), it is best to have sufficient exposure to sunlight every day. It helps your body in producing vitamin D that is necessary to regulate and restore your immune balance. A 20-25 minute daily exposure to sunlight without sunscreen is helpful. But do this before 10AM. Otherwise, the optimal time for sun exposure to produce vitamin D is between 10AM- 2PM but only for shortest exposure time- just enough to turn your skin into the lightest shade of pink.



empowering health tip #11

EMPOWERING HEALTH TIP #25 – Eat an apple every day

In fact, eating an apple a day can keep your dentist away. It is one of the surprising ways to keep your gums healthy! Read the full article here



empowering health tip #12

EMPOWERING HEALTH TIP #24 – Breath some fresh air

Fresh hair is full of feel-good negative ions, which improves oxygen flow to the brain.



empowering health tip #13

EMPOWERING HEALTH TIP #23 – Limit the volume of your headphone

Your MP3 can produce a sound up to 120 decibels, just enough to cause hearing loss over time.



empowering health tip #14

EMPOWERING HEALTH TIP #22 – Going commando overnight

Do you always wear your undergarments at night? You might consider dropping your underwear once in awhile, especially if you’re prone to UTIs (urinary tract infections). It allows your external genitals to dry and it reduces bacterial growth.



empowering health tip #15

EMPOWERING HEALTH TIP #21 – Silence your phone at night

An uninterrupted deep sleep helps your brain process memories, stress, and emotions. It boosts your mood and improves your memory. When you had a deep sleep at night, you will have more energy during the day. Likewise, deep sleep helps rejuvenate your body and repair damaged tissues.



empowering health tip #18

EMPOWERING HEALTH TIP #20 – Take vitamin C to detoxify

If you want to detoxify or eliminate body toxins, then taking vitamin C is one of the best options. But did you know that a medium size orange only contains around 60 mg of vitamin C while a small head of cauliflower has about 127 mg of vitamin C? In fact, there are more fruits and vegetables that contain more vitamin C than oranges!



empowering health tip #19

EMPOWERING HEALTH TIP #19 – Eat prebiotic foods

For sure you’ve heard many times about the good bacteria “probiotics” right? These are the microbes that mainly keep your gut healthy. However, consuming dietary probiotics is not the only way to boost the function of these pro-health microbes, nourishing them with the help of prebiotic foods is another efficient way! Makes sense?



empowering health tip #20

EMPOWERING HEALTH TIP #18 – Give up things that destroy you

Love yourself first so you can love others fully, without reservation. Giving up things that destroy you would be a good start for self-love. What do you want to give up right now?



empowering health tip #21

EMPOWERING HEALTH TIP #17 – Set yourself free from stress

Stress is part of our daily life. However, there are times when stress overwhelms you resulting in health problems. So manage your stress accordingly and find healthier ways to cope with it. Overall, it’s a matter of taking care of yourself.



empowering health tip #22

EMPOWERING HEALTH TIP #16 – Drink a glass of carrot juice

If you want a sweeter carrot juice, add apple or orange. Enjoy the benefits of Carrot Juice! Have you tried this at home?



empowering health tips #23


EMPOWERING HEALTH TIP #15 – Practice healthy eating habits

You need to practice these five healthy eating habits to prevent obesity, cardiovascular disease and other health problems.



empowering health tip #24


So better find ways to laugh more! Take note, it should be a genuine laugh. This was according to a Vanderbilt University study. In fact, researchers pointed out that laughing increases heart rate and oxygen consumption, which boost calorie burn. You may read the study finding here 



empowering health tip #25

EMPOWERING HEALTH TIP #13 – Use paper bag for hyperventilation

Why should you have a paper bag come in handy? Hyperventilation commonly results from anxiety, panic, nervousness and stress. Its primary symptom is rapid, deep breathing- a sense of not catching your breath. You may also feel lightheadedness and numbness or tingling sensation in the hands, feet or mouth.



empowering health tip #26

EMPOWERING HEALTH TIP #12 – Drink warm lemon water every morning

Squeeze 1/2 fresh lemon to a glass of lukewarm water and drink it first thing in the morning before you eat or workout.



empowering health tip #27

EMPOWERING HEALTH TIP #11 – Cook some pumpkin seeds

With the many healthy benefits that pumpkin seeds can offer, you might be thinking of pumpkin seed recipes right now, aren’t you? You can actually roast it, toast it, add honey, cinnamon or make it taste sweet and spicy! Click here for recipes.



empowering health tip #28

EMPOWERING HEALTH TIP #10 – Keep your heart healthy

The heart pumps blood 24/7 for the rest of your life. It doesn’t stop functioning even when you’re asleep. So protect your heart.



empowering health tips #29


Isn’t it feeling great when someone special welcomes you home with a hug or just cuddle with you at the sofa after a long tiresome day? Now you have lots of reasons to cuddle more!



empowering health tip #30

EMPOWERING HEALTH TIP #8 – Limit your alcohol intake

Are you a fanatic of alcoholic beverages or have you been asking why alcohol consumption make you gain weight?  The sugar and fat from food, which are the main sources of energy, will become useless at the moment that you are intoxicated with alcohol. Your body will use the calories from alcohol first as source of energy because it can’t store alcohol. Hence, both sugar and fat will be converted into fat deposits. So over eating and alcohol intake is NOT a good combination!



empowering health tip #31

EMPOWERING HEALTH TIP #7 – Use natural/pure honey

Almost everything is becoming artificial these days, particularly food. So it’s a bit helpful to know how to determine what’s natural/pure and what’s artificial/fake. After doing any of these tests, you will realise that some packed honey in the supermarket shelves labeled with “organic or pure” are deceiving!



empowering health tip #32

EMPOWERING HEALTH TIP #6 – First aid for heat stroke

Summer is fast approaching! Watch out for one of the heat-related medical emergencies called heat stroke!

Heat stroke occurs when your body’s temperature control system fails due to prolonged exposure to high temperature (heat of the sun or poorly ventilated and hot environment) accompanied by dehydration.

Heat stroke is considered a medical emergency because it can cause damage to your internal organs, particularly your brain. Your symptoms may start with mild heat-related symptoms such as heat cramps, nausea, dizziness, throbbing headache, nausea, vomiting and exhaustion. Then it will progress to more severe symptoms such as a body temperature of more than 40 degrees Celsius (skin is red, hot and dry), disorientation or confusion, seizure, loss of consciousness and even coma. Rapid heartbeat and rapid, shallow breathing are also evident.

Here are the steps to provide FIRST AID for heat stroke:
1. Call 000 and request for an ambulance.
2. Keep the person under the shade and lay them down.
3. Cool down. If the person is conscious, let them sip some cool fluids. Sponge them with cool water or put cool packs on their groin, armpit and back of the neck.
4. If the person is unconscious, lay them on their side and check for signs of life (pulse and breathing). Perform CPR if required (no breathing, no pulse).

WARNING: Do not give aspirin or paracetamol. Heat stroke is not the typical fever.



empowering health tip #33

EMPOWERING HEALTH TIP #5 – Avoid headache triggers

Menopause women often have increased episodes of a headache. These are triggered by dehydration, stress, low blood sugar level and certain food chemicals such as MSG, nitrites, aspartame and tyramine.

So, keep yourself hydrated, find stress relief, eat small frequent meals and avoid eating too much processed meats, nuts, soy, cheese, soda, and other food triggers. Read TIP#4 here



empowering health tip #34

EMPOWERING HEALTH TIP #4 – Start sleeping before midnight

You don’t need to force yourself to sleep very early. However, make sure that you sleep before midnight. As much as possible, set a regular sleeping hour and waking up time ensuring you have at least 8 hours of sleep each night. Make this your habit, and you’ll never wake up tired anymore.



empowering health tip #35

EMPOWERING HEALTH TIP #3 – Practice Kegel Exercise

When you reach menopause, your urinary bladder and muscles around it (pelvic floor muscles) may weaken resulting in urinary incontinence and urgency. Doctors would recommend Kegel Exercise to keep you from these urinary problems.

4 Easy Steps to Do Kegel Exercise:
Step 1: Find your pelvic floor muscles. When you urinate, stop your urine flow in midstream. The muscles that tighten when you do that are your pelvic floor muscles. Empty your bladder completely before proceeding to the next step.

Step 2: Lie on your back with your legs flexed and feet are flat on the floor to relax your abdominal, buttocks and legs muscles. Your position would look like as if you are going to do sit ups but with your arms at the side of your body.

Step 3: Tighten your pelvic muscles just like when you try to hold your urine for five seconds, then let go or relax your muscles for five seconds. Do this for five times in a row. Then, increase the duration of muscle contraction (tightening) the next time to 10 seconds with 10 seconds relaxation as the interval between contractions; ten times in a row.

Step 4: Repeat the procedure three times a day.

Warning: Don’t do Kegel exercise while you are urinating, as this will worsen the weakening of your urinary bladder that may aggravate urinary incontinence and urgency. Do it with an empty bladder.



empowering health tip #36

EMPOWERING HEALTH TIP #2 – Stop what you are doing

ESTROGEN is a FEMALE hormone. It decreases when you reach the menopausal period. If you are persistently experiencing headaches every time you have hot flashes, such headache has something to do with your low estrogen level.

The first thing you should do to relieve a headache related to menopause is STOP what you are doing. Try to relax- a nap would help. Take herbs and foods that may boost estrogen levels such as ginseng, sesame seeds, flax seeds, fermented soy, apples, cherries, garlic, carrots, barley, beets, oats, wild yam and black & Black Cohosh.



empowering health tip #37

EMPOWERING HEALTH TIP #1 – Use garlic and onion to remedy bee sting

Just slice an onion or crush a clove of garlic. Extract the juice and then, apply it to the affected site. The juice from garlic or onion will help reduce the pain and swelling.