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Are your beliefs creating your disease?

Do you experience disease, struggle or ongoing challenges to health?
Does your life seem too hard or emotionally overwhelming?
Do you want to change but the old patterns never go away?
Are you subconsciously sabotaging what you really want in life?
Are you ready to learn how to change? 

How Beliefs Affect Your Health?

A belief is simply a thought that you have accepted as real. The beliefs in your mind have already created the situation that you are facing now. In essence, what you believe will be true for you. 

New science is finding that recreating your beliefs should be the very first crucial step to health. In this article, you will learn how beliefs create disease and a simple 3 steps to change them from the inside out.

Beliefs Create Your Reality

The beliefs held in your subconscious mind run over 96% of the situations in your life. The programs control how you see yourself and the world around you, how you walk and talk and even how much money you make. Your subconscious works 24 hours a day to create the story of your life.

As low as 1% of your thoughts are generated from the conscious mind.

Research shows that it is the beliefs embedded within the subconscious mind that determine your state of health. This means that if you believe you should be sick, then you will be. If you believe you are happy, or sad, then you will be. It is the beliefs in your mind that create your state of being.

A single belief has the power to create disease in your life.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, a leading cell biologist and medical doctor, has studied the impact of the mind over the body for over 20 years. In his popular lecture ‘The Biology of Belief’, Bruce says: “The mind is the primary cause of disease on the planet today… if we all knew how to take charge of changing our beliefs, 95% of the population should be living healthy, happy lives.”

“The mind is the primary cause of disease on the planet today… if we all knew how to take charge of changing our beliefs, 95% of the population should be living healthy, happy lives.”

Would it be fair to say that with the right training, you could change your mind and change your life?

The only way to truly take charge of your health is to change the beliefs that have caused the disease in the first place.

Where Do Beliefs Come From?

Many of the beliefs in the mind are preconditioned. From the moment of conception you are downloading beliefs about your environment, your identity and your role in life. These beliefs can come from:

  • The mother (through hormonal communication in the womb)
  • The genetic line (through the DNA)
  • Childhood experience
  • Ancestral beliefs

Up until the age of 6, children are in a trance-like state, learning new subconscious programs and absorbing information like a sponge. This is so that they can learn the best way to deal with life.

For example, let’s meet a boy named Tim, playing in the toy store. Tim is 6 years old, behaving noisily and demanding a toy.

limiting beliefs“I want this one!” he says. “Can I have it? Can I have it now?”
His mother, nearing the end of her tether, finally snaps. ”
“Tim, you don’t deserve a toy, carrying on like that!”
Tim learns an important lesson: “You don’t deserve”, and this becomes a program in his mind.”

This leads to an important point: unless you have changed your beliefs during life, much of the experience that you are having right now is likely defined by the same beliefs that you formed as a child.

Are they serving you? Is your life working the way you want it to?

How Do Beliefs Work?”

Beliefs only form when you take on something as being real. As a child, everything that mum or dad said probably appeared to be real. Behaviour and belief is strongly embedded by the time you learn how to independently discern which information is true. You are literally given an entire framework for how life works by the time you step into your own two shoes.

In this way, everyone sees life differently because everyone’s interpretation of life is different, based on beliefs. Unique beliefs mean unique interpretation.

To use Tim as an example, he went on to become the owner of a multi-million dollar international franchise, just to prove to his parents that he was worth something! Of course, none of this happened consciously. All Tim knew was an aching sensation of shame that reminded him daily that he needed to work harder, to be worth more.

Yet still, the belief plays in his mind. “You do not deserve that.”

Even with his entire business empire, Tim still FEELS unworthy. Forty years of stress and hard work have compounded and he has a heart attack on his 40th birthday.

Every belief drives a behaviour. If the beliefs that you have are not saying good things about you or about life, the behaviour that you create can lead to disease.

Our beliefs of life are the primary cause for our behaviour.

The Emotional Link

Basically, every belief that you have is an opinion about life that you have taken to be true. So which ones are right, and which ones are faulty? Which beliefs might be creating disease?

For every issue or disease there is a particular emotional pattern that links back to the corresponding belief. This emotional pattern could be called the “emotional response” or “trigger”. A trigger is an automatic biological behaviour based on the interpretation of life by the beliefs in the subconscious mind.

You will likely recognise a trigger as an emotional pattern that throws you off your centre. It may be anger, rage, fear or sadness. Usually a trigger will send you into a mode of protection, stress or some sort of reaction.

The common theme is that you don’t know why you are behaving like this, you don’t know why this is happening to you. Perhaps it even appears as normal, like you have never known any different. You don’t know why because all the reaction is happening in the subconscious, below your awareness.

The emotional patterns and triggers can serves as an entry point to access the programming that is running the show, so that you can see what is going on and change the beliefs that are no longer serving you.

How Beliefs Affect The Body?

Your body is an immense and amazing community of over 50 trillion cells.

Because your subconscious mind and beliefs talk directly with your cells, you can see that your mind is like a government system for your cells. Just like a government in the real world, if the mind is good, the cells are happy. If it is full of negative beliefs, the cells are stressed and unhappy.

Unhappy cells riot and cause disease. The type of beliefs creating the disturbance correlate directly with the type of disease the cells create.

For example:
“I am defeated” can lead to diabetes.
“I am not worthy of receiving love” can cause heart attack.
“I am unsupported” can cause lower back issues.

Can you imagine that a single negative thought could begin a spiral into disease? Yet the trick is not to go belief hunting, but to listen to your body talking and learn the beliefs that are creating the disharmony so that you can change them into something new.

With practice and a pure intent, you can tune in to your community of cells and ask them what they need and what they want you to change.

Tuning into your body is a process of quieting the mind and listening to your cellular intelligence. If you simply sit and bring the issue or disease to your mind and ask your cells what is going on, your cells will answer, directly into your mind or with a feeling or sensation in the body.

This process is best done in a quiet space where you will not be interrupted.

Diabetes As An Example

Diabetes is a chronic condition that affects the production of insulin in the body. Insulin is a hormone manufactured by the pancreas to convert sugars and starches into energy. Type 1 and type 2 diabetes have no recognised cure by the mainstream medical profession.

limiting beliefs diabetes

The current recognised treatment for diabetes is the medication and/or the injection of insulin into the body, along with blood sugar level monitoring, and a balanced and healthy lifestyle. This is a band aid treatment designed to cope with the disease, not heal it. Although it has saved many lives, this treatment does not consider looking at the possible belief behind the disease.

To get to the cause of the issue we can study the emotional link that presents itself. We can also look at the meaning in how this occurs as particular patterns of experience in the life of the patient.

The lack of ability to convert sugar into energy means that the patient will likely have trouble recognising and processing the sweetness of life. Good experiences may happen around them that seem unreachable. Therefore, there will be a feeling of missing out, lack and disconnection. They may need other people or situations to point out to them that they are actually having fun.

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