Who is Really In Charge? You or Your Emotions?

How is your emotional health? Are you aware and do you remember everything you did yesterday? Who is running your life most of the time? How do you deal with stress? Well, if you’re like most people you probably remember some things but not all of them.

Why? Because most of the things we do in life come from habits and we just do them unconsciously. Take driving for example, most of us hop in the car, turn on the ignition and here we go. We do a lot of things on the background to be able to drive but we don’t pay attention to them. However, one thing you’ll remember is that if someone is tailgating you, for sure you’ll remember that. Why? Because you’ll have attached an emotion to that situation.

Emotions are what make us remember. I’m sure if you go back and look at your most vivid memories, I bet they are all associated with emotions. Some will be pleasant ones and other will be not so pleasant… or even painful memories.

Okay, you’ll say it’s not a big deal. Well, actually it’s quite important. Because suppose you’re starting your day and you’re driving to work as usual. Suddenly, someone just drives in front of you out of nowhere and cut you off. You have to jump on the break to avoid hitting him or her.

What is going to happen? Well, two things. First, you’ll get scared. Second, you’ll get angry and may even start swearing. Now, you arrive to work and you are still pretty miffed about the situation. How do you think your day is going to be? You and I both know that for the next few hours or so, you won’t be in an optimal state to work efficiently. You won’t be totally present and focused on your work. You may even go over these memories for a while in your head. Clearly, your emotions are running your life at that moment. That was just a quick example but every day we are mostly run by our emotions. Whether they are pleasant or unpleasant ones. So what can you do about it?

Emotions are here to tell us that we are out of balance and we need to pay more attention. For example in that case, you may be angry or upset, or still a bit in shock? I’m going to share with you a strategy to regain control of your emotions and avoid being run by them all day long. Here they are:

5 Steps to Regain Control of Emotions

Step 1. Acknowledge how you feel and not deny or pretend otherwise.

Step 2. Ask quality questions such as:
• How come I am feeling this way?
• What can I do about it?
• How is this serving me?
• Where is the blessing in this?

Step 3. Decide and act. Decide that YOU CAN do something about it. That you can breakthrough the emotional baggage and stress that is holding you back from achieving the magnificent life that you desire and deserve.

Step 4. Power of the Words. Pay attention to your thoughts and your words. Every thought that you have and every word that you speak out are suggestions to yourself. As Henry Ford wisely said once: “whether you think that you CAN or that you CANNOT, YOU ARE RIGHT”.

Step 5. Be kind to yourself. Love yourself. Discover and embrace the MAGNIFICENT YOU! If you would love to learn more about how these simple and practical principles can transform stress into success and help you live the empowered and amazing life that you deserve, I invite you to come along to my talk “Who’s really in charge, you or your emotions?”

If you have enough of reacting all the time and want to learn some simple tips to regain control of your emotions and life, and be the boss of you.

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