Four Simple Hacks To De-Stress Before Christmas

Stress is a killer – especially over Christmas – de-stress now to reduce your risk


Four quick and easy ‘Hacks’ to reduce your stress and get you ready for the Silly Season…

heart-christmas-beyondgoodhealthThe University of Melbourne Medical Research team recently conducted an analysis of heart attack risk in Australia. And out of the nearly 45,000 people who die from heart attacks in Australia each year (that’s one person every 12 minutes!) nearly 3,000 die over the Christmas holidays. That’s a massive spike in deaths.

While there are a number of factors involved, stress has been identified as a key one. Increased worry over finances, stress involved in figuring out and buying presents (and especially car parking!) as well as added emotional issues involving loved ones are some of the issues that raise our stress levels over the Silly Season.

But, by preparing for the holidays now, we can reduce our stress levels and stand a much better chance of making it through the Christmas holidays unscathed.

And to help you out, here are some of our favourite De-Stress Hacks for the Holidays…

HACK # 1: Buy Presents In Advance. presents-christmas-beyondgoodhealth

I can almost see your eyes rolling as you read this – but – many people just don’t prepare in advance for Christmas. Make a list in July of the presents you want to buy and get them over the next few months. This reduces your financial and mental stress over Christmas presents (and saves your sanity trying to find that elusive car park at your favourite shopping centre!).

food-christmas-beyondgoodhealthHACK #2: Go Simple, Go Cheap.

I’m not sure if you’re like me, but when I do a Christmas spread – I really do a Christmas spread! I seem to bake and cook and prepare mountains of food, always worried that there won’t be enough. I always spend too much, waste too much time preparing and cooking, and then we end up eating ‘Christmas’ for weeks afterwards – each day promising myself I won’t make the same mistake next year… So, my Hack Number Two is to work out a simple but effective menu and refine, refine, refine it until it is ‘bang-on’ and just right. Don’t buy too much and don’t go for food that’s really expensive. I find that the vast majority of people really just enjoy simple food over Christmas because we all over-indulge. So keep it simple – and reduce your stress and time in the kitchen.

HACK #3: Go Light.

Commit yourself now to going light – on both food and drink. You can still enjoy yourself, but don’t always choose the really heavy, creamy food and don’t eat too much. One key heart attack element over Christmas is over-indulgence in food. And make sure you keep an eye on your alcohol intake – there’s an awful lot of stress involved when you get pulled over by the police and you thought you only had two red wines, but it turned out to be six!

HACK #4: De-Stress Now To Prepare for Chrissy.

Does Christmas sometimes fill you with the same sort of dread that running a marathon would? Do you sometimes feel like a footy player who has to ‘back-up’ every few days for yet another match? Well, did you know that you can get yourself ready now for the stress to come over Christmas by ‘de-stressing’ beforehand?

At BGH, we care a lot about our patients – and we want you to get through Christmas healthy, well and with the minimum of stress. That’s why we’ve included a range of Bioenergetic treatments and products in our Christmas specials to help you destress and prepare for what’s to come. Some of the products you might be interested in include:

CHI Clay Bath – comes in 750g/1kg. Normally $37/$69, NOW $26/$48 – Indulging in a warm bath filled with nature’s pure ingredients and specific healing CHI vibrational energetic programs will calm, restore and rejuvenate your nervous system, body and soul. Soaking every few days over Christmas will help detoxify and reduce stress – helping you to keep up with everything over the Silly Season.


Bliss Emotional Power Oil. Normally $45.00 NOW $32 – This calming essential oil can be conveniently placed in your bag and used whenever you feel stressed. As soon as you smell the fragrance and feel the effect of the calming vibrational frequencies on your skin, you’ll feel more relaxed and ‘blissed’. An absolute must for anyone shopping over Christmas!


Click here to see more products currently on special.

And if you think you need de-stressing, what about your family and friends? Why not buy 1 Bioenergetic treatment and receive a FREE treatment. What a cool pre-Christmas present this would make! You and a friend could do the healing machine sessions together and both feel amazing! Some Treatments to choose Christmasfrom include:

30 minute Frequency Specific Micro-current (Brain and Body Balance) $60. The Frequency Specific Micro-current has powerful, yet gentle, healing and relaxing frequencies that calm the nervous system and bring balance again to your brain processing. Clearer thinking, less overwhelm and a sense of mental calm are the results.

30 minute QCR session (de-stress) $75. Why not find yourself in BGH’s ‘healing cocoon’ on a soft, leather recliner with gentle music playing and de-stress vibrational frequencies being gently sent through your nervous system and body. 30 minutes later, you’ll feel more relaxed, calm and able to get out and make Christmas what you want it to be. A great option on the way to, or on the way home from, a serious shopping trip!

If you are interested in our Silly Season Christmas specials, just call BGH on 1300 853 006 and we’ll take care of you.

Let’s make this Christmas season the best of your life by starting it off as relaxed and stress-free as possible!



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