Four powerful ways to bring the true essence of Christmas into your life, and the lives of others

When we ‘pay love forward’ we benefit, others benefit and the World benefits in ways that we can’t even imagine

Four Effective Tips To ‘Pay Love Forward’ This Christmas…

Some of you may have seen the news article about the homeless American military veteran and fire fighter who gave his last $20.00 to purchase petrol for a woman who had broken down by the side of the road.

In return, because both her and her husband were so touched by this man’s generosity, this woman set up a fundraising campaign for him to help him out. Little did she or this homeless man think that the result would be so incredible… At last count, people had donated over $500,000 to help this caring man. While the woman (Kate) who had been helped had gone to great lengths to ‘pay back’ this man (Johnny Bobbitt Jnr) for his help, Bobbitt has said that he has more money than he’ll ever need, and he’s now ‘paying it forward’ to others who are in need.

‘I felt incredibly fortunate to have Kate help me out this way – but I feel even better knowing that I can use a lot of this money to help others who have fallen on bad times too’, Bobbitt said in a recent interview.

By reaching out with love to someone who needed it, Bobbit not only received himself – BUT – he’s now also in a position to reach out and help others too. By applying the principle of ‘paying it forward’ Kate benefitted from Bobbitt’s generosity, he benefitted from her efforts to help him – and everyone who learned of this story benefitted, as we felt touched by his selfless generosity in the face of difficulty and contributed to the ‘gofundme’ page.

I think that Johnny Bobbitt Jnr epitomises the true essence of Christmas – giving with love


I wonder if we could apply Bobbitt’s strategy to help ourselves heal, help others around us heal – and even heal the world. If we did, maybe this Christmas would be the one where you have the most profound shift in your health – maybe…

Let’s look at some practical ways to ‘pay love forward’ to others so that we can all heal a little more this year:

Tip # One: Pay Love Forward to a Family Member or Friendpayitforward-family-beyondgoodhealth

There’s someone we all know in our circle of family and friends who’s in need of a little extra love right now. Maybe they’ve recently lost a loved one; maybe they’ve been sick; or maybe they’re lonely. What can you do – something simple – that will ‘pay love forward’ to them and make a difference in their life? When you do, watch how that love energy comes right back to you – just as it did for Johnny Bobbitt Jnr…

Tip # Two: Help a Stranger

Taking a note out of Bobbitt’s Christmas playbook, why not do some random act of kindness for someone whom you don’t know (or don’t know well). Last Christmas, I was standing in line at the shops and the person in front of me just up and paid the grocery bill for the young mum in front of her who was struggling with three kids. She just said, ‘You look like you’re having a tough day, let me make it a little easier for you’. The young mum had tears rolling down her cheeks as she left, and all of us in line felt touched. ‘Paying love forward’ helped not only that young mum but all of us in the store.

Tip # Three: Do Something for the Worldpayitforward-planting-beyondgoodhealth

As you ‘pay love forward’ look for something you can do to contribute to the world – however and whatever you want. Pick up some rubbish, plant a tree, help out with the neighbourhood community group – whatever you feel you can do to contribute to making the world a better place in some small way.

Tip # Four – Do Something for Yourself

You are just as important as everyone else in the world (and much more important than anyone else to your family) – so you need love too! I know that you’re super busy caring for everyone around you at Christmas time, and it’s hectic, stressful and very busy. But, I’d like you to take just a few moments – an hour or so – and do something for yourself. Soak in a bath, lie down and listen to music, read a book – and love yourself as much as you can for that one hour. I promise you that it will make a difference to how much love you have to give to others.

As you do these four simple but powerful techniques for ‘paying love forward’ you’ll find a richer, sweeter and more meaningful time over the holidays – and you will heal, those around you will heal – and the World will heal too. Just because of you…


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