Four powerful tips to make sure you enjoy Christmas to the full – without feeling guilty afterwards

Take some simple but powerful steps now to make sure you have the most fun for the least amount of regret this Christmas.

Apply these techniques so you can have a Happy Christmas and not a Chubby Christmas…

Christmas is here again – yay! But, are you one of the over 80% of Australians who confess to really overindulging at Christmas – and who regret their Christmas Blowout in the New Year when they go to put their work clothes back on? Do you feel a little bad that you’re likely to gain a few extra kilos and give your poor, hardworking liver a real hammering over the holiday season? Are you a little worried that if you put on weight it’s going to be hard to take it off again – and you’d like some healthy tips to make this Silly Season more enjoyable and less guilt ridden? If so, you’ve come to the right place…


Overindulging at Christmas is really, really common – we all know it. But did you know that there are many more heart attacks, accidents and illnesses over the Holiday Season than at any other time during the year?

This is because people place stress on their livers, their digestive systems and their hearts through eating and drinking way too much food – and food that is unhealthy.

To minimise your risk while still maximising your enjoyment, let’s look at some easy-to-apply strategies to get the most out of this Christmas without you getting sick or needing to buy the next size up in clothes!



We all know that you’re going to indulge – but just don’t do it too much. Rather, look at your social calendar and pick those special times that you’re planning to really enjoy yourself – and do so. If you choose just one event each week for which you’ll give yourself permission to enjoy yourself fully, you’ll probably cut your overindulgence by 70%!

TIP #TWO: PICK YOUR POISONchristmas-celebrate-healthy-tips-beyondgoodhealth

You don’t need to drink heavily and eat heavily at the same event – so where you know the food is going to be fantastic, give yourself permission to enjoy the food. Where the company is going to be better, then enjoy a drink or two. By carefully selecting what you’ll do at each event on your calendar, you’ll limit your overindulgence – and let’s face it – if Aunty Joan’s sausage rolls aren’t that flash, are you really gonna miss them if you don’t eat ‘em?


If for every ‘bad’ event you have, you deliberately incorporate a ‘super healthy’ day afterwards, some of the negative effects will be minimised. A friend of mine eats very carefully the day of a planned event (salads, veggie soups, etc.) as well as the day after – she swears that it makes all the difference to her health (and her waistline!). So, why not overindulge on ‘super healthy things’ the day of and the day after a big event – you’ll feel better, and your body will thank you for it.

TIP #FOUR: SUPERCHARGE YOUR HEALTHchristmas-healthy-tips-vegetables-beyondgoodhealth

Things you can do to supercharge your health over Christmas:

  • Eat salads the day of and the day after a big event
  • Start off each day of the holidays with a healthy smoothie
  • Eat veggie soups on your ‘health supercharge’ days
  • Take additional nutritional supplements: especially Vitamin C, magnesium, probiotics and liver supporting herbs
  • Drink extra water – dehydration is very common over the Christmas Holidays and contributes to a host of health issues

As you take my Top Four Tips for a successful and healthy Christmas Holiday period, you’ll notice a real difference in 2018 – you won’t be full of regret, and your clothes will fit so much better!

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