Empowering Health Tips for the Month November 2016

Being healthy, becoming healthy and staying healthy is a choice. You choose your way of living, you choose what you eat, you choose how often you exercise, you choose how many hours you sleep, you choose your beliefs and practices…

Being in control of your health empowers you, but there are some choices that are doing you more harm than being beneficial. Sometimes, you need guidance to keep you on the right track of your health journey. So, we want you to know that our health experts got your back!

In fact, the Beyond Good Health team compiled empowering health tips to guide you in your health journey. We will update this post regularly to give you access to the latest health tips from our health experts. It’s also best if you LIKE our Facebook Page to stay updated, and share your thoughts and experiences with other health advocates.


EMPOWERING HEALTH TIP #3 – Satisfy your late-night sugar craving by eating fruits

Are you often craving for sweets at late night but worries about pushing yourself over the calorie edge? What you need to do is always think about eating fruits first whenever you are craving for sugar. Instead of getting a slice of chocolate cake, have some sliced apple or any other fruits.


EMPOWERING HEALTH TIP #2 – Take care of your relationship

According to the 75 years longitudinal study of Harvard, having a good relationship makes people healthier, happier and even live longer. So take care of your relationship with your family, loved ones, relatives, friends, workmates, colleagues and with people in general. Yes, Harvard took 75 years to unveil the ultimate source of happiness, which is good relationship.


EMPOWERING HEALTH TIP #1 – Let kids eat a healthy snack before trick-or-treating

Post-halloween toothache is common among children. Eating too much sweets can sometimes cause bloating and stomach upset too. So let your kids eat a healthy snack before going out for trick-or-treat to keep them from eating too much candies along the way. Happy Halloween!