5 Simple, Effective EMF Safety Tips for Your Home

The human body is more than flesh and blood; we are made up of a highly complex electromagnetic system. Because our body is a good conductor of electricity, we cannot prevent our body from interacting with external EMF radiation. Try turning off every single device or appliance you have at home – think about how dependent we are on these things. Unfortunately, it seems everyone is unaware on how dangerous these EMF radiation is to human health.

When working on a new computer, do you notice a warm burning sensation on your face, like being sunburnt? How about a feeling that your nose, eyes or throat has dried up? If so, then you may be experiencing electromagnetic hypersensitivity. In this article, you will learn the different types of EMF radiation, the health hazards of excessive EMF radiation, the signs and symptoms of electromagnetic hypersensitivity, importance of EMF safety and effective EMF safety tips to lower or even block exposure to EMF.

What is EMF?

EMF (electromagnetic field) is a type of radiation from invisible electrical and magnetic forces, which takes the form of waves. There are two types of EMF – the natural and the artificial EMF.

EMF safety
Natural EMF of the human body vs. Artificial EMF from electrical conductors

Natural EMF – the type of EMF produced by the earth’s surface and our bodies. Natural EMF is extremely low frequency EMF: for example, the earth resonates with the human body at almost 10 hertz. Scientific research has proven that every human cell produces its own EMF to regulate vital bodily functions.Artificial EMF – from simple hair dryers to cell phones and laptops, human technologies emit powerful EMFs.

Electromagnetic field consists of two parts – an electric field and a magnetic field.

Electric field is created by voltage or electric charges and is always present regardless of whether the appliance is turned on or off. The unit of measurement is hertz, and they can be blocked or shielded through a metal barrier.Magnetic field is created by electric current and is only present when the appliance is working (due to the moving of electric charges). Unlike electric fields, magnetic fields are difficult to shield because they can penetrate concrete, steel and the human bodies. The stronger the current, the stronger the magnetic field. The units of measurement are Gauss (G) or milliGauss (mG).

Both are invisible and silent. So if you are living in an area with cell phone service and electric power, you are surrounded with some level of artificial EMF. Using any sort of EMF safety devices would reduce or may even block EMF exposure.

In What Way Are EMFs Dangerous?

Scientific studies show that powerful artificial EMFs can pass through our bodies, causing disruption to our natural bioelectrical signals. This interference can mess up sleep cycles, immunity, stress levels and DNA.

You may not feel it, but your own body utilises EMF to function. In fact, our cells communicate with each other through electromagnetic fields and bioelectrical signals. Your natural EMF helps maintain vital biochemical processes. Keeping the balance of your cellular EMF is important to your health.

Unfortunately, our bodies can easily be affected by strong artificial EMFs. This is where the trouble begins. EMF radiation can mess up the body by changing the frequency of the body’s EMF through sympathetic resonance or entrainment. When this happens, it can overwhelm your own electrical fields, distorting your balance and communication systems. This results in mental, physical and emotional chaos.

Following EMF safety guidelines is important, because the more you use EMF-emitting devices and the closer your proximity to them, the higher your exposure to electromagnetic frequencies will be. When you plug in an electrical device, it is immediately surrounded by an electrical field, even when it is turned off. When it is turned on, it also becomes surrounded by a magnetic field.

Several epidemiological studies have shown that strong and multi-directional EMFs can disrupt normal cell polarity and blood functions. This is because our bodies are 70 % water, and our cells are 97 % water with 3 % salt; in other words, we can conduct electricity. If we couldn’t, we wouldn’t be alive! That’s why we can rub our feet on the carpet and shock each other.

All bodily functions and responses are controlled via electromagnetic frequencies from the brain; therefore, all our cells and tissues generate EMFs. Yet, our natural electromagnetic system functions and self-regulates most effectively in an environment that’s free from synthetic EMFs. Most epidemiological studies involving synthetic EMF explore the link to cancer. Persistent exposure to electromagnetic radiation may act as a continuous immune system stressor, which can instigate myriad health problems.

People with high electrical sensitivity and/or electromagnetic radiation hypersensitivity may experience the following:

  • irritability
  • fatigue
  • nausea & dizziness
  • headaches
  • depression or anxiety
  • slow or fast heartbeat
  • ringing ears
  • tooth pain & deteriorated fillings
  • impaired sense of smell
  • altered sugar metabolism
  • immune system abnormalities

Even low levels of electromagnetic radiation can increase the permeability of the blood brain barrier, allowing greater chemical uptake into the brain.

Why is EMF Safety Important for Kids?

EMF protection

Every day we learn more about the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation. Indeed, we may be paying a very high price for much of the technology we use every day to make life easier or more fun. Take the ordinary mobile or cell phone. It’s become such a useful tool that we think we just can’t live without it. Yet the plain truth is that some people, especially children, may live much shorter lives because of it.

Almost twenty years ago, Dr. Andrew Michrowski, President of the Planetary Association for Clean Energy Incorporated, said, “the world does not realize the seriousness of the electromagnetic radiation problem that exists today”.

But now scientists are beginning to take note, because recent studies have uncovered a pattern linking frequent use of mobile phones to increased risk of brain tumours. Faculty and staff of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute were warned to limit their use of cell phones because of the risk of cancer.

Children especially should be safeguarded, warned institute director Dr. Ronald Herberman. Toronto’s department of public health has already issued a statement advising young children to use mobile phones for emergencies only, and advising teens to limit their use to 10 minutes. However, cell or mobile phones are only the tip of the problem.

Microwave ovens, computers, televisions, satellites and power lines also emit EMFs at dangerous levels. A major study found out that children born within 200 meters of an overhead power line had a 70% increased risk of leukaemia. Those living 200 – 600 meters from power lines had a 20% increased risk (Reported in British Medical Journal, vol. 330, p 1290).

Cancer is not the only danger. According to Dr. Michroswki, “cancer, birth defects, decreased immunity to disease; even new sicknesses have been linked to extended exposure to EMF of specific frequencies and intensities”. So have allergies, which are still on the rise.

EMF Safety Tips for Creating Low-EMF Home Environment

EMF Safety Tip #1 Start inside your bedroom

EMF safety

It is during sleep that the body restores and detoxifies, so it makes sense to deal with EMF safety issues in your bedroom. Your body is exposed to different levels of EMF since you start the day so taking a time off from electromagnetic smog is very important.

  • While most beds contain metal frames and springs that can amplify and disrupt the natural magnetic field, use a non-metal bed frame and mattress if possible.
  • Keep your bed at a distance from all possible sources of EMF, such as electric and electronic devices.
  • Move electric devices, such as electric clocks and radios, at least 1 metre away from your bed; some experts recommend 3 metres.
  • Sit at least 1 metre from your television set. The larger the screen, the farther away you should sit.
  • Turn off or unplug all electrical devices in your bedroom, such as Wi-Fi, computer, cellphone and portable phones.
  • Avoid using electric heating pads and electric blankets. Electric blankets can penetrate about 6 to 7 inches into your body, and is often linked with miscarriages and childhood leukaemia. Even when turned off, these devices still emit EMFs. Always unplug them to delete EMF exposure.

EMF Safety Tip #2 Identify EMF Danger spots inside your home

EMF safety tip
Simple electric sockets like this can be a source of high EMF

If your home got high EMF reading, it is very important to learn the main sources of EMF in order to take remedial action as soon as possible. Here are some common EMF emitting devices found at home.

  • Home wiring – oftentimes, the source of high EMF is improper electrical wiring. If you think your home has incorrect wiring, look for the service of a licensed electrician. Never touch electric wires, even if the current is switched off.
  • Air conditioners – the older the unit, the more EMF radiation it emits.
  • Fluorescent Lighting -it emits higher level of EMF than incandescent bulb.
  • Electric sockets
  • Television
  • In-floor electrical heating
  • Electric razors and hair dryers – they can emit as high as 200 to 400 mG.
  • Electric clocks – place them 6 feet away from your bed.

EMF Safety Tip #3 Computer and Laptops


Computers are quite complicated to deal with because they emit EMF from all sides. Hence, you should not only be concerned if you are sitting in front of the monitor, but also sitting nearby a computer. Screens installed on monitors don’t block EMFs. Even lead screens cannot block both VLF and ELF magnetic fields. If you’re using a computer, it is important to measure your EMF exposure using a Gauss meter.

  • When using a laptop, the best EMF safety tip for reducing magnetic radiation is to use it on the battery rather than the main electrical supply.
  • Because most laptop and computers have WiFi functionality, it is best to replace WiFi installation with a wired connection to reduce radio frequency (RF) radiation. Also, don’t forget to disable your WiFi function because even if you are on a hard wired connection, your computer is still receiving RF radiation when in Wifi mode.
  • Don’t place your laptop on your lap. Studies show that using laptop on your lap may affect your sperm count. Use it away from your body.
  • Sit at least 3 feet away from the screen. EMF exposure decreases with distance.

EMF Safety Tip #4 Cordless Phones and Cell Phones

Cordless phones radiate a significant amount of toxic radiation – even twice as much as mobile phones. The EMF danger is found on the handset and the base station as it emits harmful radio waves over 1kHz every hour. Phones are a big problem because we always hold them close to our head. Here are some EMF safety tips when using phones:

    • Reduce cell phone use. Turn it off if possible and reserve calls for important matters or emergencies.
    • Use a corded landline at home and at work. While more and more people are carrying cellphones as their primary means of phone contact, it can be dangerous. Better switch to corded phone instead of the cordless version. Corded telephones have low EMF emissions.
    • Children must never use cell phones. Kids are far more vulnerable to cell phone radiation than adults. (See the image below on how electromagnetic radiation penetrates the brain by age).
EMF effect on kids
  • Utilise ‘hands-free’ calls if possible. Use speakerphone that you can attach to the phone, or use Skype through your computer or laptop on speaker mode.
  • Turn your cell phone off when not in use. Even if you are not making a call, it still emits cell phone radiation intermittently.

EMF Safety Tip #5 Use high-quality Bio-Energy devices or EMF protective devices.

These EMF safety devices emit a subtle energy frequency that can neutralise harmful energies and/or balance your personal energy field. They work by expanding and strengthening your bio-energy field, which in turn allows your body to ground and purify unbalanced and chaotic energies such as EMF more effectively. Below are some devices you can use:

  1. EMF PRO TAGS – an Australian product from CHI Health Innovations, the leader in CHI (Complex Homeovibrational Information) programmed health and environmental devices. This disc shaped device bio-energises and harmonises the unhealthy electromagnetic radiation that emanates from your mobile or wireless phone and strengthens at the same time your body’s natural defence system. I can be placed on all technology devices such as iPads, mobile phones, latops, computers, wireless modems etc.
    EMF Pro tags-beyondgoodhealthEMF pro tag

    – Single EMF Pro Tag – $27
    – 3 pack EMF Pro Tags – $60
    – 10 pack EMF Pro Tags – $160blushield-technology-beyondgoodhealth
  2. BLUSHIELD TESLA TECHNOLOGY – is the catalyst that neutralizes the hazardous EMF at the cellular level. It does not remove or modify EMF. The body resonates to the Blushield field because of coherent resonances that are familiar to our cells. The field produced by Blushield is the scalar energy which we have evolved with over eons. The body will always favour fields that act in accordance with Nature.
    – Blushield Home plug-in – $499
    – Blushield Portable (for your pocket or purse, when you are out) – $359

You can purchase the above products at Beyond Good Health Clinics. Call us now to place an order on 0755228902.

Another EMF safety tip: If you are living near high-voltage power lines or mobile towers, you may want to consult an experienced building biologist to ascertain environmental EMF, and find out about best ways to shield your home if necessary.


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