Dr Dan’s Emotion Program


Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.

 Mahatma Gandhi

Why is addressing emotions important?

At Wellness Sanctuary we believe that the body has incredible self healing capacity and we support the process by identifying the obstacles and guide you on how to remove the obstacle on your journey to good health.

As well as addressing the physical symptoms it is important to go upstream to look at the source; and often an unrecognized cause is our mindset which is expressed through our emotions. This is where the mind and body connection is very important.
Who we are now, what we like, and how we perceive the world around us is affected by:
1. Our self talk – it can be suppotrtive and can also be very judgmental, critical and unsupportive ( the biggest cause for most of our issues because of our noisy brain and over thinking). Dr Dan describe it as our “Story making machine”

2. Our childhood programming that occurs during our developmental phase; up to the age of 9 years old. The neural networks formed during this period is the beginning of developing our habits.

3. “Emotional splinters” – a term used by Dr Dan to describe past emotional events that when triggered continue to cause the individual to relive the emotional trauma. Time does not necessary heal the pain.

To check if you have emotional splinters you can perform the following quick test:
“Go back to a specific time in the past where you experienced a significant emotional event For example when you were emotionally hurt ( rejection, betrayal, feeling un loved) or a time when lost some one you cared about (grief) and if you still feel the pain of the event in your physical body then you have emotional splinters”.

Who would benefit from
Dr Dan’s emotion program?

Dr Dan’s Emotion Program essentially benefits everyone who would like to become
the very best version of themselves and to learn the tools to last a lifetime.

We have successfully helped people who struggle with:

There are many modalities that can assist people in addressing the above issues.

This encompasses traditional psychological counselling/ cognitive behavioural therapy/ psychotherapy.

Supportive therapies include kinesiology/ reiki/ acupuncture/ EMDR/ EFT (emotional freedom technique).

People will feel improvements and certainly assist in providing tools to build on resilience and coping strategies. There is no single therapy that will completely fix the problem but each will build on the person’s skillset like a jigsaw puzzle with more and more completed pieces.

If despite the above treatments the individual remains aware that they still have emotional splinters then it is worth contacting Wellness Sanctuary to discuss further how Dr Dan’s Emotion Program can help.

What makes Dr Dan’s Emotion Program different ?

A lot of treatment modalities provide the individual with knowledge and tools. However, knowledge is not enough because it requires implementation and practice.

What makes Dr Dan’s Emotion Program different is that you are not given more knowledge but will be shown HOW TO CHANGE. The outcome is that there is no homework necessary to implement the changes because once you have the HOW the mind and body will make the changes.

What to expect from Dr Dan’s Emotion Program.

Over the 12 sessions you will learn:

What are the expected benefits from Dr Dan’s Emotion Program ?

You can expect to rapidly change both physically and emotionally during the process and to continue over the next 6 months. ( We recommend you take a picture before and after treatment to see the difference).

You will still remember the events of the past but will find that they are no longer charged or trigger your emotions negatively.

People who have struggled with fatigue or to lose weight can also see improvement in their energy and weight loss.

People report that friends and families will remark or express surprise on how much the individual has changed.

What the
is not :

Frequently Asked Questions

Dr Dan is a medical doctor trained in Australia with specialty training in General Practice. He has a special interest in psychological therapies and integrated medicine and have undertaken further training and is recognized for focused psychological strategies under the mental health care plan.

If after reading the above materials and you believe it is something that can help you, please contact Wellness Sanctuary and set up a 30 minute consultation with Dr Dan to discuss and assess suitability (charges apply for consultation)

You are not committed to completing the entire program although it is highly recommended because of the results experienced by past patients that Dr Dan is certain you will achieve the results. You will only be charged for the consultations already conducted.

Dr Dan’ emotion program does utilise the science of neuroscience but it is more designed as a life coaching program.

It does not strictly meet the criteria to qualify for Medicare rebates  or Private health insurance rebates.

The methods used by Dr Dan has been designed to avoid retriggering past traumas and individual clients are not asked to share any past traumatic events unless they choose to do so. Should a client be triggered and experience any trauma, Dr Dan is very experienced and is able to support and guide the individual through the process.

The consultations can be conducted face to face/ via telemedicine or even over a phone call. The results are not affected by the modality and it is dependent on the invidual’s preference and convenience.