Decluttering Your Home – Where to Start?

Nutritional Detox Program Charity Bike Ride

In just over a week, I will be embarking on my 500km charity bike ride in Thailand for the orphaned kids. So far, our combined fund raising efforts have raised over $8500 towards building a new orphanage! I want to personally thank each and everyone who gave generously and helped me in this fund raising. I learnt so much, stretching myself way beyond my comfort zone for a cause greater than myself. It has been a huge effort but very rewarding! I will be giving you updates, insights and pics from the journey 🙂 

Because it has been sooo hectic preparing for this ride, I have decided not to facilitate the Nutritional Detox Program this February. I will conduct a live facilitation of the detox program in April. If you wish to take yourself through your own detox program retreat with the recorded calls from the last event, then go to Nutritional Detox Program site to register. There are hours of audios, videos and manuals within the membership site. All participation fees will go to the Thailand charity project.

We will draw out the raffle prizes tomorrow for the fund raising. Winners will be notified by phone and profiled in our next newsletter. Well done!

Importance of Decluttering Your Home

In my last email, I explained about how choosing a one-word theme can really powerfully set up the intention and focus for your 2014. And as a natural extension of this, I want to look at how upgrading our environments (home, workspace etc.) such as decluttering your home can also bring out the BEST in us.

In practice, I am always looking at ways on how to detox or de-burden the physical body to free ourselves from damaging toxins and habits that hold us back from getting well and achieving our natural vibrancy that is our birthright. Physical toxins such as junk food, heavy metals, candida, parasites, chemicals and plastics can take a huge toll on your health. At the same time, decluttering our inner world and freeing ourselves of useless emotions and inner patterns that hold us back in life can be so liberating.

However, if you haven’t felt like you had the capacity to embark in this personal detox program, digging deep into your past and doing the work of releasing all those negative traumas and emotions, don’t fret.

A good place to start is to look at your environment. You’ll discover that upgrading and detoxifying your surroundings such as decluttering your home, is a great starting place to embark on the path to a better life, and a happier, more content you.

Decluttering your home can actually help make your life a lot better. I found that I actually began improving my life by learning how to deal with the clutter in my home. My journey of personal transformation began in my overstuffed wardrobe.

About 5 years ago, the heavy perfectionistic demands I put on myself as a working doctor staying on the cutting edge kept me in a relentless state of overwhelm and exhaustion. No matter how much I achieved or learnt, it was never enough. I was totally driven and orientated towards the future, hardly ever enjoying the present moment or appreciating where I was. I was blind to beauty and magnificence of the present. I didn’t really know how to savour my life or enjoy the moments… so the years and life just seem to rush by.

One day, I had an epiphany (which I may describe in a future post one day), in which I realized it was up to me to change my life.

It seems obvious now, but at a time when I blamed everyone else and the external situations for my stress, being responsible for my own happiness and results in my life seemed like a radical concept.

Feeling overwhelmed, I decided to tackle something hands-on and tangible. I chose to tackle my overstuffed wardrobe, where I had accumulated so many old clothes I never wore but didn’t want to throw away. I also had sheets, towels and toiletries in the same wardrobe.

With 2 big boxes beside me for the local op store and the rubbish tip, I eventually culled that wardrobe to half its original contents. Over the next 12 hours, making decisions about what to keep and what to throw away, taught me what I needed to know about un-cluttering my entire home… my mind, my heart and the rest of my life too.

Many spiritual gurus say that attachment to people, places and things is the basis of much of our suffering. How true! Freedom is ALL about having less. Less is more.

Less is simplicity. Less is beautiful, spacious, inviting, clear.

Reducing that wardrobe’s contents down to only what was useful and beautiful taught me how to LET GO. It left me feeling buoyed with a new found feeling of optimism, satisfaction and hope. A neat wardrobe with space between each item represented the possibility of allowing new items to come in, and that the rest of my house and perhaps my life, could one day look and feel joyous, free and peaceful.

And as I started letting go of my attachment to “stuff” and my unused belongings, it eventually taught me how to gradually clear out my overstuffed and overburdened schedule, mind, heart and soul too. I embarked on a spiritual path to discover more of my inner true self. I practised extensive ‘inner house cleaning’. I reduced my working hours. I sold my house. The peace, stillness and tranquil contentment that comes from having a clean, clear inner world is indescribable. And for me, addressing the physical environment I live and work in has been an important part of that evolution.

Super Easy Decluttering Tips

So, I encourage you to start with ruthlessly simplifying your environment. Decluttering your home can be done easily with these decluttering tips:

Get up, grab a $5 box that will serve as your “Outbox” this week. Put it somewhere prominent, where you’ll actually trip over it. As your act of commitment TODAY, put one item you no longer want or need in it.

Repeat with one more item. Every day. All week.

A shirt you haven’t worn in years. Unread books or magazines. The gadgets you thought may one day be useful but never been used. This is a no-brainer system for continually removing unwanted items OUT of the house.

Doing this can determine how much your home or environment reflects the best in you by the end of the year. Aren’t you excited by the prospect of letting your home, your environment reflect the evolution of your inner world?

As your declaration to yourself that you’re ready to commit, I recommend you take that one simple action today. The $5 box to start decluttering your home, your life.

I give you a lot more steps and decluttering tips to simplify your kitchen and your home within my Nutritional Detox program, so leave me a comment to let me know if you did it, and what items you placed in your Outbox.

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