Create Your Amazing New Year In 2013

The first few days of the 2013 has passed and already I love it…..

Staying here as visitors in the high mountains of Chiang Mai has certainly been a delight to the senses….fresh, clean mountain air that invigorates the lungs, fresh, aromatic, unprocessed Thai food to delight the taste buds and plenty of delicate, artistic craftsmanship to admire in beautiful silk, clothing and crafts.

In Thailand, the King, very beloved by his people, had long held a vision and implemented a series of planning and strategies for the benefit of his people –  a sign of a great leader.  He sought to make his people independent of the fluctuations of the world economies as much as possible by teaching his people how to be self sustaining and independent by growing fresh, local produce and creating innovative products from the fruits and plants harvested from their own land.

Over 35 years ago, as one of his many big vision Royal projects the King invested in research and development in natural gardening, agricultural and permaculture practices, leaving a legacy behind so that his people would never starve and could support themselves from the fruits of their own labour and their own land. In fact, Bangkok and Chiang Mai are one of the few big cities in the world that precludes the presence of big dominant chain food supermarkets that would squash out local competition, and thereby supporting the micro-economies and livelihood of the local people. This is why, you find a plethora of fresh, unprocessed, nutrient rich food and herbs in Thailand, grown, harvested and sold daily by the people. There are no big food companies coming in to commercial agricultural practices and promote long storage of food for the purpose of profits.

The King held a big vision for his people. He gave them land and taught them agricultural practices that allowed them to be self sustaining and independent, despite a lot of political backlash at the time.  He made sure that foreigners could not come in and buy up all the prime land in Thailand, so only Thai people can own land here, thereby preserving and safeguarding the country for his people.

What is your long range vision for your life? Are you aligned with this vision in 2013? What legacy will you be leaving behind for your loved ones or the planet?

Now is not the time to play small and safe.  With the recent planetary shifts and ascended energies,  It is time to embrace your talents and gifts and show up as a the embodiment of your true nature and soul purpose, to courageously express your full potential in this lifetime, whether that be as a parent, as a leader, an inspired worker, a communicator..etc.

Here are some questions that you may help you orientate and reflect upon to create your amazing New Year in 2013. I recommend that you take some time out, and reflect and meditate on what is truly most important to you so you minimize the distractions that take you off your path and purpose. I use these same question to help me align and prioritize my plans and projects for the new year.

  1. What is the most important thing in life?
  2. What is of ultimate significance?
  3. What do I need to do today to align with that and be an expression of this in the world?
  4. In what state of divine health will my body be during 2013 and beyond?
  5. What would my ideal gift of love and service to the world be?
  6. What beautiful places do I plan to visit in 2013?
  7. What would my ideal divine love relationship feel like?
  8. What would my ideal financial flow look like?
  9. What amazing experiences am I already choosing to have in 2013?
  10. How will I be an expression of abundance to the planet and a vehicle for love on Earth and beyond?

Begin dreaming bigger by looking at the dreams you’re already living. At one time, you had a dream about where you would be in the future and that future is already now. By acknowledging what you created through that dream, you empower your inner dreamer to intentionally activate now.

Now, set aside some quality dreaming time in your day. I recommend at least ten minutes but it can be while you are engaged in some mindfulness practices such as walking or meditative state….whatever feels most comfortable and conducive to you is the key.

The idea is to invite your vibrant imagination to dynamically play in possibilities and stretch beyond what you realistically think is achievable. Become a possibilitarian in that you don’t want to block anything that seems far fetched or ludicrous just because your current fears or limitations are holding you back. Forget the hows or the steps in between, just invite your imagination to dream and hold the end vision in mind.  Practice intentional receiving and allow the universe to assist you in realizing your purpose and goals.

Next time  I’ll suggest seven ways that you can invite your imagination to dream….

Until then,

Sawadi Kha….(greetings from Thailand)

With much love


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