Courage, Fear And The Kidneys

Most of us may not be aware that once we are having difficulties in letting go of negative past emotions, our kidneys can be affected and may develop kidney disease symptoms. This is especially true if past emotions are not recognized and even suppressed. The main function of this organ is waste removal. The kidney is responsible in purifying the body to maintain balance and keep it functioning in harmony.

Physically, the kidney is the one responsible in taking out the unwanted elements from the blood. It has to be able to segregate the substances that are essential from the destructive ones.

It is difficult to determine the source of kidney disease symptoms on your own. This is because you may not know what needs to be released. The kidney is the organ that efficiently works hard to maintain the balance of opposite ends, which is symbolised by the two kidneys in the body. It works together and because of it, there is synchronisation between hot or cold, right or wrong, even the man or woman within us. Another important role of the kidney is in the production of the red blood cells, which relates to love and relationship in our life. This is the reason why our kidneys are in resonance with certain aspects in our lives. For example:

• Difficulties in relationships
• Emotional issues that create imbalance because of the suppression of anger or fear
• Problems of letting go of the past
• Not having a balanced life

Personal Conditions Related to Kidney Disease Symptoms

Kidney disease symptoms happen particularly due to issues related to fear, especially when it comes to relationships. This would include unexpressed grief or emotional insecurity or instability. Because the adrenal glands are located on top of the kidneys, it produces adrenaline in response to the fear being experienced by the person, which is then released to the blood stream. Eastern holistic healing refers to this as “seat of fear”.

Fear in a person can cause a person to be active or inactive. It gives them the ability to express something and move on. Thus, you can see there is an important connection between the kidney and the joints of the human body. Normally, the kidney excretes uric acid through the bladder but once it is not released, it can build up in the joint, which can cause gout. The swelling can be very painful and causes a person to be immobile. Interestingly, gout can be experienced in the toes which suggest that there are deeper and more specific fears the person is experiencing.

Understanding Kidney Disease Symptoms Related to Kidney Stones

Having kidney stones in the body can be very painful. They are formed when substances like uric acid and minerals separate from the urine passed by the body and begin to form into a ball or balls. These condensed substances represent the condensed thought patterns of a person, which is connected in particular with fear. It can also be the intense grief a person is undergoing. They are looked upon as tears that were unshed and instead solidified into balls. One of the kidney disease symptoms a person may show is an outward appearance of happiness and ease, but is suffering from sadness and insecurity inside. Whatever it is –sadness, grief or frustrations – it has built up and become excruciating pain. Because of this, it is important to identify and address the inner fear, pain or whatever reason for the negative thought pattern.

Healing should not only be geared towards the physical kidney disease symptoms and signs claimed by mainstream medicine. The cause of all disease originates with unconscious conflicting beliefs about the world and about you. For example, if you believe that you need to work hard in order to be loved by your parents, then your body responds to the way you think, feel and act. You need to understand that there is no real separation between your body and your emotions, as we are made of energy and information. For this reason, it is vital to recognize your beliefs and understand why you are having them.

Your body is never the cause of the problem; it is merely the barometer of your subconscious deepest beliefs and emotional pattern. AWARENESS of your beliefs, emotions and your body’s symptoms is therefore the first step of all healing. Now it makes probably more sense for you why you need to change your “inner world” of beliefs and emotional pattern in order to heal your physical kidney disease symptoms.

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