Celebrate ‘Wellness Wednesday’ each month with me and get a special supplement discount

As your doctor, it’s really important to me that I work closely with you to get you healthy and well.  The prospect of you being more energetic and healthy is what gets me up in the morning – and everything I do is geared towards this one end.

In fact, my motto is: ‘get people better, faster’.

One way that I can help you ‘get better, faster’ is by joining with you to increase your healthy life choices – even if it’s only on one day a month.

This is why I’d like to dedicate the first Wednesday of each month to our collective ‘wellness’.  I’d like to call it ‘Wellness Wednesday’.  We’ve all heard about ‘Meatless Monday’ – where people don’t eat animal products to enhance their health and save the planet.

Well, I’d like to do the same on ‘Wellness Wednesdays’.  It’s just one day a month – a day where we all focus exclusively on getting and being ‘well’.  This means that for one day each month, you’ll eat only wholesome, healthy foods; you’ll only involve yourself in wholesome, healthy habits; and you’ll treat others and yourself in a wholesome and healthy manner.  You’ll:

  • Eat well,
  • Do well and
  • Love well.

That’s what ‘Wellness Wednesdays’ is all about.

I promise you right now that I’ll put in extra effort to making that one special day a month a day when I devote all my efforts to enhancing my health.  Will you join with me in celebrating ‘Wellness Wednesday’ on the first Wednesday of each month?

Our first Wellness Wednesday will be 5 July 2017. 

If you’d like to join with me and the rest of the BGH Tribe in doing Wellness Wednesday each month, please ‘like’ our upcoming ‘Wellness Wednesdays’ post on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/BeyondGoodHealth/).

A health bonus and a reward on Wellness Wednesdays

As part of taking into your body only wholesome and healthy items on Wellness Wednesdays, in my opinion, one essential aspect of good physical health is the use of targeted nutritional supplements.  They work powerfully to help the body detoxify, address nutritional deficiencies and enhance metabolic function.

So, on our Wellness Wednesday each month, I’d like you to stock up on the vitamins, minerals and other supplements that you’ll need to help you get – and stay – well throughout the rest of the month.

To encourage and reward you on Wellness Wednesdays, I want to give you a special 10% discount on all nutritional supplements and Bio-energetic treatments you purchase from BGH on each special Wellness Wednesday.  You don’t even need to pick them up from our clinics – we can post them directly to you – Simply contact our friendly Reception staff on (07) 5522 8902 or email your order to: orders@beyondgoodhealth.com. This makes getting and staying healthy (and keeping to the principles of Wellness Wednesdays) even easier!

I hope that you’ll join with me on the first Wednesday of each month to celebrate Wellness Wednesday – and get 10% off your supplements and treatments as a reward for your great work!

Yours in health,

Dr Price (Holistic Doctor, Naturopath, Nutritionist)