Breaking Free Of Family Expectations

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Are you repeatedly underestimating your potential and believing that whatever successes you’ve had were products of good luck and not really reflective of your talents?

Are you seeing yourself dependently and taking more care for others than your own needs?

Do you feel trapped in roles such as ‘mother’, ‘wife’, ‘worker’, ‘partner’ — and all the expectations and stress that go along with these?

Hi, my name is Dr Price and in todays video I want to talk about the topic of your family’s expectations and obligations and why it is important to break free from this weight that’s sitting on your shoulders.

For starters, most subconscious programing comes from our childhood, often based on decisions we made as a child to ideally adapt to a conditionally accepting family. After all, as a child we were highly depending on our parents, for food, security and love. And as there’s no other choice but to trust and rely on our parents, its normal, as a child, to form an ‘alliance’ with their believes, values and rules.

But today as an adult, you are able to function autonomously and also consciously grasp your family situation. However, subconsciously, you may still carry numerous parental programs with you.

If you’re not sure what this means, subconscious programs are automatic, silent, thought/emotion/belief structures that were installed in you when you were very young — by your parents and other authority figures in your life.

And just like computer programs operating in the background, they direct, dictate and lead your life — without you knowing about it, and without you even being aware of it!

As I mentioned already, these subconscious programs were installed in you when you were very young by your mum and dad through their words, their behaviour, their example and their emotional responses to life.

You see, when you were born — and for the first seven or more years of your life — you were just like a brand new iPad — with nothing loaded onto it.

You needed ‘programs’ or ‘apps’ installed so that you could operate and function properly — just like an iPad does.

You needed such programs so that you could work out how to live and survive in this world — and understand what was safe and what wasn’t.

And just like when you install an app on an iPad, it goes straight into the hard drive, so too, when your parents installed subconscious programs in you they went straight into your very own hard drive — known as your subconscious mind.

Your parents installed a whole bunch of subconscious programs — ones that would silently and automatically operate your life so that you stayed safe and free from harm.

These subconscious programs operate completely outside of your conscious awareness — so much so that you don’t even know that you have them.

But you can catch glimpses of them — in your personality, your behaviour, your beliefs, and your responses to life and its experiences.

Unfortunately, most of these subconscious ‘programs’ don’t serve you well now and are likely to go against what you really want out of life…

This is because the vast majority of subconscious programs are based on fear and were received and interpreted by a very small child with no real capacity for conscious discernment.

Over time, as we grow older, we want to move beyond fear and protection, and move towards challenge, experience, and exploration.

BUT — these automatic, subconscious programs silently block and sabotage our conscious efforts because they were based on fear.

And this causes a lot of stress — in your mind, in your emotions, and in your body…

It’s this nervous system and body stress that leads to sickness and disease — as well as unhappiness and lack of joy…

BUT — the great news is that we can change all of this — and help you self-heal and experience joy, happiness and fulfilment in your life!

As you think about this and open yourself up to a new way of looking at health and sickness, as well as sadness and joy, let me ask you two really important questions…

“What would it mean for you if you could step away from all the expectations, roles and obligations in your life — and become who you truly want to be — and who you were meant to be?”

“What would it mean for you to break through the blocks and barriers still lingering in your life, so you could achieve amazing wellness, discover your lifes purpose, and experience abundance and fulfilment in all areas of your life?”

If you would like these outcomes, then you’ll need to free yourself of the limiting subconscious programs that are automatically and silently driving your life.

When you do this, you’ll finally be able to step out of the Passenger’s seat — and move beyond being a VICTIM — and place yourself finally into the Driver’s seat of your own life.

To free yourself of the subconscious programing of your childhood, you need to start re-defining yourself. This process starts with AWARENESS and KNOWING about the subconscious bond with your childhood. This allows you to observe your feelings and behaviors in certain situations. Important here is not to judge your parents, nor yourself. Remember, everyone was exposed to a certain childhood programming. Keep a notebook with you and write down whatever you feel is related to your subconscious programing. This process is very effective, as you can only change what you are aware off.

Then the next step is to soften of even remove one program after another. This can be a tedious process, as there may be hundreds of programs running. If you do this process by your own, I recommend you to meditate, listening repeatedly to affirmations or you may try self-hypnosis.

If you don’t have the time of patience to work by your own for longer period of time, then I suggest you to be part of my upcoming evening workshop, where I teach you

  • powerful non confronting ways to put yourself first and create more space for yourself
  • strategies to fill up your energetic fuel tank, to enable you to experience more enthusiasm and joy
  • how to disconnect effectively from the roots of the behaviours that not longer serve you.

And I’ll introduce you to some powerful energetic healing technology and processes that will allow you to target and then clear the stress, anxiety and pain associated with these subconscious programs.

When we do this, you’ll feel very different — you’ll feel clear — and in control of your life once again…

You will move from Victim to Victor — from Passenger to Driver — and you will understand exactly what you’ve been missing all these years…

My upcoming Evening Workshop will focus specifically on the impact of your mum and dad in your life — and how the roles, obligations, responsibilities and behaviors that are ruling your life now were set up decades ago by them and others when you were very young.

Once we clear these subconscious programs that are no longer serving you — you’ll finally be free of mum and dad — free to be your own person and free to create the life and destiny that you really want.

Why not join me for this evening of fun, transformation and information — it could be the one thing that makes ALL the difference to your life…

So, CLICK HERE and I’ll see you inside…

Thanks for watching…
Dr Price

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