Bike Riding Injuries Turned Beneficial? – Day 3

Bike Riding Injuries Didn’t Stop Me

Today there were some hills, sandy rough roads and headwinds to contend with.

Since my fall on the first day, I have had to nurse my bike riding injuries. I had an injured wrist, which has put pressure on the left side of my body as I have unconsciously tried to compensate to avoid pressure on my wrist during the rough rocky long tracks. My left knee subsequently is now painful to push down on the pedal forward and my shoulders and neck have been as tense and tight as a board. But, my faith is getting stronger that there’s hidden benefit to this. 

Instead of concentrating on keeping up with the faster riders, I was forced to slow down allowing me to enjoy the stunning Mekong river and the beautiful surroundings more deeply. I rode in a meditative trance on the times I found myself alone, enjoying the peaceful silence.

Today, we stopped by a Thai primary school for one of our water breaks. These kids were absolutely delightful, all smiles and welcoming sweetness. They even danced to our music with some of the riders. They were all healthy, gentle, so well behaved and stood in 2 rows without hesitation as photos were taken. There were no rowdiness, unruly behaviour or chaos. Just gentle responsive organization when instructed, not seen with the digitally wired up and stressed out kids in Australia today. I could tell that these kids eat healthy meals, are grounded and live in EMF free environments. The houses in the villages were very simple and basic, made out of wood and cement. Many kids ran around in bare feet. I can see why the Thai people in the country have little fertility issues or need for IVF here. They produce children like rabbits. There is little stress as they live simple lives and have limited access to EMF devices.

We did 110 km today. Tomorrow will be over 130km. I already have butt blisters and will wear double pants tomorrow:-(

My injuries had added spice to my journey. It also changed my perspective about my cycling experience and built my courage more to complete the 500km ride. And, my bike riding injuries might have slower down my pace but it also disclosed the beautiful scenery along my biking trail.

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