Bel Bowers

Bel Bowers is a Holistic Health Practitioner, with a mission to inspire and empower those she works with to transform through life’s challenges with more ease, and to find within themselves the courage to become their authentic selves.

After multiple, major stressors accumulating for more than a decade, stress began to take a toll on Bel’s own health. Severe hormonal imbalances, chronic body pain, migraines, digestive issues, bouts of deep depression and debilitating anxiety eventually led Bel to explore on a deeper level what was going on in her body.

Through Mind Body Medicine and Kinesiology, Bel discovered the imbalances and self-sabotaging beliefs underpinning her health issues.

 With new insight she was able to empower herself with positive, new, restorative beliefs and subsequently made values-aligned life choices that transformed her life.

With a passion for empowering others to transform their life, Bel excelled in her study of Mind Body Medicine therapies and is now a practitioner and lecturer at the College of Complementary Medicine.

Bel holds a kind and supportive space, bringing her depth of life, professional experience and intuitive insight in guiding clients to understand their underlying patterns, so they may effectively unravel areas in life where there is a sense of being stuck and a feeling of stagnation.

Her expertise in holistically identifying and exploring the aspects of neurological, structural, emotional, psychological and spiritual influences related to clients’ presenting issues, gets quickly to the root cause so transformation can happen effectively and with ease.  

Bel’s aim is to empower her clients to discover more about themselves, and to help them to move through life with more of an understanding about who they are deep inside, so they may experience themselves with greater contentment, happiness and robust resilience.

There are many ways our bodies and minds fall into disharmony. It is always seeking and striving balance. Bel understands that everyone is individual and our healing systems are also individual. By helping her clients to find their unique way back to natural equilibrium, they are able to reach their best expression of self.

She works intricately with the connection between the mind and body in exploring imbalances, to unearth the underlying cause and improve their health and vitality by:

• identifying and releasing toxic emotions and limiting beliefs that cause overwhelm

• reducing stress

• improving sleep quality

• managing grief and loss

• easing anxiety and depression

• improving relationships

• improving postural issues

• reducing physical pain

• optimising gut-health


Kinesiologist and Mind Body Medicine Practitioner

Integrative Complimentary Medicine Practitioner

Lecturer at the College of Complementary Medicine

Advanced Diploma Integrative Complimentary Medicine – College of Complimentary Medicine

Diploma of Mind Body Medicine – College of Complimentary Medicine

Diploma of Kinesiology – College of Complimentary Medicine