Are Your Parents Making You Sick?

Learn what you need to do so you don’t become your mum or dad!

The parable of Michael Jordan – I believe I can fly…

Many of us know the song, inspired by famous American basketball player, Michael Jordan, ‘I Believe I Can Fly’.  In it he teaches us that he believes he can ‘fly’, that he can ‘touch the sky’.  In an interview on CNN shortly after the release of the song and an associated movie, Jordan explained that the belief he could achieve anything was installed in him by his father.  He explained that from an early age, his father would play basketball with him daily.  But, they didn’t just play; Jordan’s father would cut the height of the basketball stand so that Michael would always succeed.  Jordan’s father would constantly teach his son that he could achieve anything.  Michael Jordan is widely regarded as the world’s greatest ever basketball player.  He could literally ‘fly’ as he took to the air during games to score.

This is a powerful example of positive parental programming…

But not all of us are as fortunate as Michael Jordan when it comes to parental programming…

Parental programming – subconscious beliefs installed in us when we were young

Parental programming comprises all the beliefs, attitudes, values and teachings that our parents (and other key figures in our lives) installed in us when we were young – whether by word or actions.

Our parents did the best they could for us – but they were operating under the influence of their parental programming… 

That’s why some parental programming is positive – like Michael Jordan’s father’s teachings.

But some parental programming isn’t…

Some parental programming installs beliefs, attitudes and emotions that are based on fear or other similarly negative emotions.

Subconscious parental programming directs our lives now

subconscious-parental-programming-beyondgoodhealthBecause these parental programs were installed in us through example, experience, emotions and words when we were very young, they are outside our normal conscious awareness.

And because it’s our subconscious programming that directs our automatic response to the world around us (including our interaction with others – and our beliefs about health and sickness) we have no conscious control over how we react to what happens to us.

If these subconscious parental programs are fear-based, then our reactions to the world around us may be negative and stressful.  Over time, these stresses impact on our emotions and our physical health – and this can lead to sickness.

And interestingly, the organ most affected by the impact of subconscious parental programming is our hearts…

Modern research into the effect of parental programming

A very common response to an emotional loss to do with a loved one is a heart attack-like presentation.  So common, it is known medically as broken-heart syndrome.  This usually occurs as a result of severe emotional stress (such as the loss of a spouse).  It is recognised by national medical establishments in the US, Australia, Canada, England and many other countries.

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) are the subject of research by scientific journalist, Donna Jackson Nakazawa.  She documented thousands of cases of childhood physical, emotional and sexual abuse and the impact of these experiences on health later in life.  In her seminal book, ‘Childhood Disrupted’ she proved a clear link between negative parental programming and health conditions in adulthood (especially autoimmune conditions).

If you feel that you are becoming your mum or dad and you don’t like it, but you don’t know what to do about it, then at least you understand why – it’s the power of parental programming…

Famed psychologist and international researcher, Dr Mario Martinez, has studied, in depth, the power of our ‘cultural editors’ (parents and other key adults in our early childhood) to instil in us subconscious programs that direct us towards health or sickness.

Subconscious parental programming can cause illness

When these subconscious programs from our parents are fear-based, then our nervous systems are always looking out for threats.  This causes our bodies to remain in a constant state of preparation for fight/flight.  This tension creates stress through our nervous systems and our bodies in general.  Over time, this can reduce blood, nutrient and oxygen flow to muscles and organs – affecting their health.  This can lead to illness…

The energetic informs the physical – the key to clearing parental subconscious programming

It’s pretty clear from what we’ve looked at today that it’s the unseen things in your life – such as parental programming – that is creating the conditions of health or sickness for you.  I like to refer to this process as, ‘The Energetic Informs The Physical’.  This is because it’s the energetic aspects of your life (beliefs, emotions, thoughts, parental programming, etc) that are silently directing all you do.

When you clear the subconscious parental programming stress, then you’re free to consciously create a new future – one where you aren’t limited by what you were told to believe, feel and behave like when you were four years old.

Parental-programming-child-beyondgoodhealthPutting you back in the driver’s seat

Being held hostage to our parental programming is like letting a four year old drive your car – something bad’s gonna happen!

But clearing subconscious parental programming places you back in the driver’s seat – for the first time in your life – and you can freely take yourself to wherever you want to go – to a new, health destination…

Clearing parental programming at our ‘Heal Your Heart’ workshop

Because so many of my patients experience parental programming issues, I’ve decided to join forces with Mr Helio Matahari, energy healer and Conscious Health Inventor, to conduct a world-first subconscious parental programming clearing workshop.

At ‘Heal Your Heart’, we’ll teach you about the impact of parental programming on your health.  We’ll use powerful Conscious Health technology to target and disrupt key parental programs that are common to most of us.  And we’ll help you to emotionally address issues from your childhood so you can move from pain to healing.

And one amazing benefit of this type of energetic healing is that it will help your physical heart’s health too! 

‘Heal Your Heart’ Workshop – Saturday 30 June

If you’re alive, then you have parental programming issues – whether you’re consciously aware or not – and you could benefit from clearing them.


So, I invite you to join Helio and me on Saturday 30 June for 7 full hours of learning, transformation, healing and fun – as we work together to clear each others’ parental programming issues.

Heal Your Heart’ will have you feeling changed and healed – from the inside out.

If you think that this workshop could help you or a family member or friend, and you’d like to join me on the 30th, please contact BGH on (07) 5522 8902 to book your place.

To learn more about our Heal Your Heart Workshop, please click HERE.

I hope that you will make the decision to put yourself and your health first by joining Helio and me on the 30th for a powerful day of healing transformation.  It could be the best decision you’ve made in a long time…

Yours in health

dr. dzung price

Dr Zung Vu (Price)
Integrative Doctor, Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist

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