Are Your Dreams Big Enough For 2021?

It’s that time of the year when you’ve probably already starting to think about what you want to accomplish in the coming year, how you’re going to improve your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Are you confident though that your intentions for 2021 will get better results than the plans you had for 2020? Most of us have faced so many obstacles and disappointments due to the Covid-19 pandemic, that they become quite cynical with setting New Year’s intentions and dreams.

It is typically more comfortable and safe to stay in the familiar and known that to follow our dreams blazing a new path for a brighter future. The pain of the unknown, the risk and uncertainty can outweigh the drudgery, pain or struggle of the present situation.

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” – Tony Robbins

When dreams start to call to you, you may feel a bit vulnerable and start to experience fears and doubts that may stop you in your track. That’s ok. You are simply opening up to the unknown, charting new territories which can feel challenging but you have to move through the barriers to allow fresh new perspectives and possibilities to be available to you.

Here are seven ways you can invite your imagination to dream and give you courage to go beyond your fears:

1. Ask questions

What do you want more of? What does your heart call out to you? What inspires you? What would an ideal day for you look like in vivid detail? Many of us are stuck in mundane work or routines that reflect our obligations, our sense of responsibilities, our guilt patterns or our unconscious seeking of approval from others. We often do not allow ourselves to dream freely, imagine expansively without constraints or restrictions and thereby open ourselves up to new possibilities. Question your current reality and see if it is in alignment with what’s feels deeply right for you.

2. Design and write down your ideal bio in 100 words

Who will you be? What will people say about you? What will you be known for? Who will you empower or inspire through your work? What legacy will you be leaving behind? It is a fact that traits you admire in other people are already resident within you, only unacknowledged (otherwise you would not recognize them as a projection from you). Writing your bio down with your ideal traits with emotion and intent is one of the fastest ways to call in big dreams. It is activating the Be, Do and Have principle.

3. Make a bucket list

If you haven’t done so before, I suggest you make a bucket of list of all the things you wish to do, have, visit, experience, and savour in your life, without thinking about the HOW steps, the limitations or constraints….just the end pictures in mind. Start collecting pictures and create a vision board of what inspires you. A 2021 vision board gives us permission to dream, and imagine and can invoke powerful messages to our subconscious mind and the universe to help us create the reality we desire.

4. Decide that you are more than your small ego constraints and fears

Our ego often keeps us small and limited, holding us back from full participation and active engagement in life. We identify ourselves often by past, our fears and limitations, our vocation…who we are and what we do….eg. I can’t do this, I am not creative or knowledgeable enough, I am not good enough, etc. The truth is that small ego mind is only a very small part of who you really are……you are part of the great, divine, creative Intelligence, the limitless universe, source energy, infinite and bountiful expressing itself through you, to contribute your unique talents and gifts to the world in an authentic way….and there is nothing to stop you when you are a part of the Divine life force or God.

5. Concentrate on what you love increases your energy

There are only so many hours within a day. Where you put your attention and focus on expands. Doing what you love generates energy and passion that will help you overcome all obstacles in your path. If you could concentrate on doing what you love, how would your life look like? How would you feel waking up each day, inspired, motivated and excited about doing what you love? What would you be doing more of with your time? In what ways could you contribute to the world by doing the thing that you are uniquely qualified to do?

6. Apply the 80/20 principle

The Pareto principle states that 80% of our results come from the critical 20% of effort or initiative. Find the 20% of your time that is the most productive, joyful, expansive, happy part of your life that gives you the most satisfaction, and engineer your life to put more energy behind what feels good versus staying stuck in the constraints of routine or obligations which may be 80% of your days.

7. Consider all your options ahead of you and play out various life trajectories

In the movie “Sliding Door”, Gwyneth Paltrow goes through two completely different life experiences depending on whether she misses the subway door or enters the train at that moment. Let your imagination run wild and play out different life scenarios for yourself based on making different life choices right now. How could your life be different if you followed the threads of new possibilities for yourself? Like a parallel universe, take yourself there in your mind. What would change for you to create new dreams, new options, a new life?

You may discover aspects of yourself or receive insights about your current life you had not previously considered. Problem is, if you keep doing the same thing, you will continue to get what you’ve always gotten. Once you have a new dream or ideas that feel good, one that beckons you, do what you can with what you have from where you are now to actualize it.

Don’t wait for the perfect condition to arise or until you “feel” like it because that day will probably never come. It’s always easier to stay in the rut of today than to blaze the big path of tomorrow.

So just get started today and create fresh momentum….whether it be just journaling your ideas, dreaming up your plans….making one declaration, taking one action, one step….they all add up to create your new future based on your dreams.

Dream as big you can and enjoy the fruits of your new creation!

Until then be empowered

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