Are you an Empath?

As you may be aware, I do a lot of energetic testing and treatment – examining the impact of the ‘hidden’ influences of health in our lives.

In recent years – and especially over the past year – I’ve been uncovering something really interesting that I’d like to share with you…

It’s about being an Empath…

Many people are drawn to BGH for treatment because they have sought for answers to their health problems in many areas unsuccessfully – and they are open to considering things that are not conventional.

Out of these people, a large percentage are female.

And out of this group, a large percentage tell me about experiences where they:

  • can feel the ‘energies’ of people around them
  • they can sense the emotions of others just by looking at them or being near them
  • they are affected by the emotions of others – even if they try not to be

Some patients even tell me that they feel sick when they step into a room with sick people – and they can feel the aches and pains and illnesses of those they come in contact with.

Are you an Empath?

Do you feel the emotions, energies, feelings and even get a sense of relationships and people’s thoughts – just by looking at them or being around them?

If so – Congratulations – you’re an Empath!!

This is an incredible gift…

What is an Empath?

An Empath is someone who has a natural psychic/spiritual/energetic gift which enables them to ‘sense’ the energetic influences around them.  This means that they can ‘feel’ whether a place they’re in is good or bad, whether a person has bad feelings towards them, whether two people are secretly in a relationship, and what another person is feeling – just by being around them.

What are the Challenges of being an Empath?

Having Empathic Abilities is an incredible gift.  It provides you with a set of information that many other people don’t have – and this can help you make decisions.

BUT – it’s not without its challenges…

The main challenge for Empaths is that they are so easily impacted by others’ energies (emotions, thoughts, attitudes, values and even illnesses) that they ‘take-on’ others’ issues and states.  This means that they too can feel sick when around a sick person, or unduly affected by a person who is in an emotional state.

I call this ‘surrogacy’ – when one person takes on the energies, emotions and issues of another person.

This surrogacy can lead the Empath to experience sickness for reasons which aren’t apparently clear to them.

How to Clear Empathic Surrogacy

When I ‘tune’ into a person and test them energetically, I assess whether they are taking on (surrogating) the energies of other people.  When this happens, I know that part of their symptoms arise from their surrogacy.

An interesting example of Surrogacy.  For example, one of my patients was providing nutritional supplements to a group of cancer patients.  Over time, he started to get increasingly serious symptoms and became very sick.  When I tested into him, I found he was surrogating for many, many people – and was experiencing their symptoms – in his own body!  I used energetic clearing techniques to clear him of his surrogacy issues – and as soon as he sat up from the treatment bed, he told me that he was feeling much, much better – in fact, he was amazed at how great he was feeling!

Such is the power of an Empath to be influenced by the energies around them…

How to Protect Yourself as an Empath

While I can clear your surrogacy issues when you visit me in clinic, I’d prefer you to learn how to do it yourself.

So, on Saturday 27 October 2018, I’ll be holding a full-day workshop called: Empower Your Intuition (2) – Survive and Thrive as an Empath.

In this workshop, I’ll be teaching you some amazing techniques to help you protect your personal energies from those around you.  This will help to keep your health much more stable.  I’ll also explain what it means to be an Empath, and how you can enhance your natural gifts to help yourself and others.

Until you join me at Empower Your Intuition (2), I’d like to give you a fun, easy and quick way to protect your Empathic Energies.  I call it the ‘Empath Zip’…

Protect Your Energies with the ‘Empath Zip’…

Step One – INTENT: immediately before you enter a room or location where you will be bombarded with people’s energies (e.g. work, train station, city centre, shops, home of a sick person, etc) set your intention to protect your energies.  Make an internal decision that you’ll protect your energies today.

Step Two – ZIP FRONT: then imagine that you have on a white zip-up suit (something similar to HAZMAT suit).  Either imagine in your mind, or motion your hands as you engage your imagination, that you zip up that suit from the front – right up your midline – from groin to the tip of your head.  As you do so, set your intention that you are energetically protecting yourself from others’ energies.

Step Three – ZIP REAR: then repeat this process, but this time move along your spine, from tailbone to the tip of your head.

There you go – completely energetically zipped up and protected!

Do this any time, wherever you want – and just see how different you feel as a result.

You may just be pleasantly surprised…

Learn These Techniques For Yourself

If you are feeling a little excited at the prospect of learning more about being an Empath, then I recommend you join me on Saturday 27 October for my ‘Empower Your Intuition (2) – Survive and Thrive as an Empath’ Workshop. 

I will be joined by another highly-experienced energy healing expert – Mr Helio Matahari – and together we’ll deliver a power-packed, practical, focussed and skill-enhancing workshop that will equip you with all you need to know and do as an Empath.

I’d love to see you there.

So, if you would like to learn more about this fantastic workshop, just CLICK HERE…

I hope that you will make the decision to put yourself and your health first by joining me on the 27th for a powerful day of learning, skill development and transformation.  It could be the best decision you’ve made in a long time…

Yours in health

dr. dzung price

Dr Zung Vu (Price)
Integrative Doctor, Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist

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