8 Things You Should Know About Your Urine

Urine isn’t something that usually comes up in discussions, but it’s important. It’s a quick and easy way to monitor your health and an excellent indicator to detect early symptoms when something’s amiss. If you’ve never given urine much thought, read on and discover the 8 things your urine call tell you and when there’s reason for concern.

This article is not intended to replace medical advice. It provides indicators of possible problems related to some of our organs, for example your liver or kidneys, so you recognize symptoms quickly. This gives you a huge advantage, because treatments in an early stage are far more effective.

Urine is usually watery and slightly yellowish, but does not have much smell. That’s because it consists of 91% to 96% of water. The remaining ingredients depend on what you ate, drank, breathed, and exposures to other substances throughout the day. Common substances in urine include urea, uric acid, ammonia, carbohydrates, proteins, salts and minerals.

Every person urinates up to two litres of urine a day in around eight sessions. Urine production not only dumps excess water from your body, it also eliminates chemicals, dead blood cells and other waste.Any kind of changes in urine can be signs of various health problems. The following 8 things indicate potential issues you should pay attention to:

1. Visible blood in the urine

Red streaks in your urine can indicate pronounced inflammation. If it hurts when you urinate, it can be a sign of a bladder infection.
Renal infections, kidney infections, and kidney stones can also lead to blood in the urine. In rare cases, this symptom can also indicate kidney or prostate cancer, so a visit to your health practitioner is in order.


2. Brown discoloration

This is usually caused by old blood. Common causes are cystitis, poor kidney function, or liver or pancreas dysfunction.

3. Intense yellow color

This is very common in bladder infections and a symptom of kidney problems.

4. Foam

When urine foams, it usually indicates too much protein in the urine or one of your kidneys is not working properly. Kidney dysfunction can be issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and kidney tumors too.
You may also have foamy urine after a heavy workout, but this is not cause for concern. This symptom dissipates after a few hours.

5. Bubbles

The most common cause of bubbles is quick, forced urination, because it introduces air into the urine stream. This isn’t cause for concern.
Bubbles can also be a sign of dehydration, easily resolved by drinking more water. More serious causes of bubbles include a urinary tract infection, kidney or liver disease, high blood pressure, chemical poisoning, diabetes, or sarcoidosis.

6. Cloudy urine

It not unusual to have cloudy urine, and it’s usually not a problem. However, it can indicate underlying health conditions such as a urinary tract infection (UTI), the second most frequent infection in humans.
Cloudy urine can also be a symptom of a sexually transmitted disease or dehydration.

7. Bad or strange odor

This is a harmless symptom when you are dehydrated or when you have eaten a food like asparagus that affects the urine. However, if you are hydrated and haven’t eaten anything unusual, smelly urine is usually indicative of bacterial urinary tract infection.

8. Sweet, fruity odor

This can indicate diabetes, because the body tries to eliminate excess sugar through the urine.

Your urine changes slightly quite often, but blood, brown urine and strong odors are warning signs. Investigate them as soon as possible.

urine-symptom-colour-beyondgoodhealthThe following changes are mostly harmless:

Clear urine with no yellow – you have probably drank plenty of water, which dilutes your urine.

Mostly yellow urine – you need to drink more water. Your urine is usually a little darker in the morning if you did not go to the bathroom at night. It takes on a yellower color, because the urine’s more concentrated. Once you flush to kidneys and bladder throughout the day, the stronger yellow color will disappear.

Bright yellow color – often caused by vitamins, especially B vitamins.

Don’t flush one of the simplest health markers away without looking at it first. Urine can help you access your state of health and provides an easy way to stop small issues before they become major concerns. If a problem persists, don’t ignore it. Visit your health care professional – it could be an indicator of an underlying more serious condition.

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