5 Tips to Detoxify Naturally

We live in a highly polluted world where we are exposed to a wide range of environmental toxins, an array of manmade drugs and chemicals, plus 5,000-10,000 naturally occurring chemicals that are ingested through the diet.

Some examples of toxins we are exposed to on a regular basis through our environment, food and pharmaceutical drugs include heavy metals, petrochemicals, solvents, pesticides, food additives, bacteria and fungi.

Toxins and how they affect the body

Most toxins are fat-soluble. After you ingest or absorb them through your skin or lungs, an excess of the toxins is deposited into your fat cells. By doing this, the body prevents toxins from moving around freely in your body and affecting your essential organs. In a way, your body is protecting your organs by locking the toxins away in fat cells.

As toxins accumulate in your body, they can cause or contribute to chronic fatigue, insomnia, allergies and body pains. In general, this process is hidden and runs throughout years. The symptoms only appear gradually, getting worse with time.

Because all toxins are foreign—mostly inorganic—substances, they cause an inflammatory response in your body. Also, a variety of symptoms such as heart disease, psoriasis, eczema, acne, and asthma are common.

Poor memory and a sluggish brain are also indicators of toxic overload. Some toxins, like synthetic agents, can even act similarly to estrogen in the body. These are called xenoestrogens, and they can cause hormone imbalances in both women and men.

How to alleviate your body from the harmful effects of fat-soluble toxins

Usually, toxins are neutralised by the white blood cells in the lymph nodes. However, after long-term exposure to toxins, the lymphatic and digestive system becomes tired, and its strategy of neutralising toxins is impaired. Once this happens, the toxins find their way back to the liver, which in turn puts a heavy burden on the liver. It becomes sluggish, creates ineffective bile, and begins to send the fat-soluble toxins into the bloodstream. From there the toxins end up being absorbed by and stored in the fat cells for many years. This causes all the health problems I mentioned earlier.

Successful detoxification of long-term stored toxins is a relatively complicated process and should be done with the help of an experienced practitioner.

However, to a certain extent, it is possible to support this process and help your body flush out toxins naturally.

Here are five tips to naturally flush out toxins from your body:

#1 Take the stress out of your life

Stress is one of the leading factors that weakens your body’s immune system and its ability to efficiently detoxify. Therefore, make sure to get sufficient rest by sleeping 7-8 hours a day, and balance your time in a way that works best for you between your work and life. Try to meditate, practice yoga, qigong or other mindful activities.


#2 Get fit

Be more active! Move your body on a regular base to support your detox process. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, go on a daily walk, sign up for a class at the gym or do regular garden work. Actively practising a sport is the most efficient way to detoxify, and, with this, to also lose weight.


#3 Eat more fibre

A high content of fibre in your meals helps to put the toxins where they belong…into the toilet bowl, and not in your system. This is not really a tip to detox stored toxins, but rather to avoid the build-up of new ones. Eating more fibre helps you to be leaner and to have more energy.

#4 Coffee enemas

Coffee enemas are useful and can help to detox your system rapidly. Coffee enemas stimulate the body into generating glutathione, a potent antioxidant that protects the body from heavy metal damage and supports liver enzymes to break down toxins. A coffee enema also activates the liver so it can detox more effectively, and it clears out toxic debris from the intestines.

#5 High-fat diet

A diet high in fat has long been known to upregulate the cytochrome P450 enzyme, which is beneficial for detoxification. However, the same diet will mobilise fat-soluble toxins—an acceptable outcome aslong as it does not overburden the mechanisms required to complete the biotransformation process. So you must be adequately prepared by a practitioner to handle the excess toxins. Without this preparation, a high-fat diet can cause numerous symptoms to flare up due to the build-up of intermediate chemical carcinogens.

Now it’s your turn to try some of these tips to detoxify your body. Also ask our experts at the Beyond Good Health Clinic to get more detailed information, including personalised and supervised strategies.

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