5 Life Lessons to a Meaningful Life

My Time in Tibet

Thank you to all my wonderful patients who took time out of their busy lives to email me or talk to me in person to express their well wishes after my trip to Tibet – and also to let me know how much insight they gained from my first article about my time there. I didn’t expect to touch so many hearts – but I’m glad it did…

Over the last month, I’ve been processing all that I learnt from my time in Nepal and Tibet – and I’d like to share with you another couple of really important lessons that I believe can have a powerful and lasting impact on all of our lives…
They’re about the Attitude of Gratitude and True Freedom… 

Nepal’s Success Equation: Love Life, Live Gratitude

I absolutely loved my Nepalese guides…

They were amazingly kind, funny, happy and appreciative of all they had around them.
Their love of life was totally infectious!

They would sing at a drop of a hat, laugh all day long while carrying 60 kg packs on their backs, drink deeply from fresh water streams as they tramped through valleys and hills, and breathe deeply the fresh mountain air.

And while they didn’t own very much at all – exceptionally poor by our standards – they never, ever thought of themselves as poor.
In fact, when I spoke to them about their poverty, did you know what they said to me?

 “We are Nepalese, and we live in this beautiful country – you may think of us as poor – but we think that we are rich because together we all own this breathtaking land! How could anyone think that they’re poor when they wake up to this view every day!”

I absolutely loved their attitude!

It was both empowering and inspiring to me… I couldn’t help but think that all my worries at home really were nothing… I actually felt ashamed and insignificant in their presence many times because they were such noble and inspirational people. When I was with them, I felt that I could (and needed to) do so much more to be worthy of all that I have. They were amazing examples to me of how we should all live – and how we should be as people of this Earth.

Another thing that inspired me about them was their total and complete sense of Gratitude…

They lived every second of every day in the ‘Attitude of Gratitude’…and doing so made all the difference.

They would often express to me how grateful they were that we had given them a job, how grateful they were to be able to show their land off to us, how grateful they were to spend time with us, how grateful they were for each other, etc, etc, etc…

They were literally grateful for everything around them!

I thought to myself what a powerfully-positive, health-enhancing and soul-transforming attitude, belief and state of being they had. I’m reminded of a saying by Dr Joe Dispenza, the famous health transformation expert:

“Gratitude is the Ultimate State of Receiving. When we are in a state of Gratitude, we are fully open to receiving all that the Universe has in store for us…” 

When my Nepalese guides expressed this attitude of gratitude – it wasn’t just ‘words’ – they expressed this powerfully positive state in thought, word, deed and feeling.

Gratitude was their default state of living – it was conditioned right into their very being – Gratitude was them…

Gratitude ‘coloured’ everything they did, everything they saw, and everything they said. 

Gratitude was the ‘glasses’ through which they saw the world and experienced life.

And because of this, they were always open to receive whatever wonderful gifts that life had to offer them – whether it was an open stream, a hot spring, or fresh mountain air – everything around them was a beautiful gift from life to them – and they received these ‘gifts’ with grace and appreciation.

They taught me a powerful lesson – I have so, so, so much to be grateful for: wonderfully amazing patients like you, fantastic staff members who are so thoughtful and kind, expert colleagues to share time with – and so much more…

After my time in Tibet, I promised myself that a day would never go by when I didn’t embrace ‘the attitude of gratitude’ for all that I have. 

So far, I’ve been true to my word…I hope it continues…

Freedom – a Personal Belief, not a Political Situation 

When we left free Nepal and entered Chinese-controlled Tibet, there was a palpable difference in the way that life was lived.  Police patrols were on every street.  Surveillance cameras dotted the landscape.  Oppression was visceral…

The whole energy of the place was one of control – it felt very strange to me coming from such a free land as Australia.

One day I discussed this issue of freedom with my Nepalese guides.  They wisely said to me, ‘The Chinese and Tibetans earn a lot more money than we do – much, much more.  But, we have a treasure more precious than money – we have freedom.’

They were right – freedom is probably the most valuable thing to ever have.

I pondered deeply on the issue of freedom as I walked the mountains and valleys on my trip and my heart quickly turned to you all.

I know that your health issues are like a prison at times – preventing you from having the freedom that you so dearly desire…

I’m really sorry that you’re suffering and that your freedom has been affected by your health problems.  I know it’s tough, and I feel for you all.

As I considered the deeper causes of our health problems, my thoughts again turned to Dr Joe Dispenza and his comment:

‘Germs don’t make us sick – we make us sick!’

What he means here is that our beliefs, our attitudes, our negative thoughts and our unhelpful feelings are those things that create a compromised environment in our bodies for opportunistic viruses, bacteria, parasites and other issues to develop.

And when this happens, like the Tibetans whose freedom is controlled by the Chinese Government, our negative thoughts and feelings about ourselves, our subconscious programming from when we were young – and the traumatic experiences in our lives – all control us and stop us from having the freedom that we so richly deserve… 

This idea came strongly to me as I wearily walked the paths and trails of Nepal and Tibet (and believe me – I had plenty of time to ponder because we walked six to eight hours a day, every day!).  It hit me in my heart, and it made me want to rush back to Australia to see you all…

I want you to have Health Freedom!

I want you to know that I’m going to re-double my efforts to support you to get your ‘Health Freedom’ back.  I will do all I can to support your healing, help identify those beliefs/thoughts/emotions that are holding you back – and I will do my very best to assist you to Empower Your Health Freedom…

I may not carry a 60 kg backpack, or sing to you – but I will be your ‘Health Nepalese Guide’ – and I will cheerily do all I can to be an example to you, carry your burdens with you, and let you know how grateful I am to be in your presence.

Together we’ll walk the slopes and valleys of your illness so that together we can see the beautiful vista of your total and complete wellness once we’ve ascended your mountain of health – I already have that vision in my mind – I hope you do too…

Thank you for being my inspiration and the reason I get up every day…

Yours in health,


Dr Price
Integrative Holistic Doctor, Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist, Energy Healing Specialist


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